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Is Earth a Prison/Slave Planet ?

Earth Was Chosen To Be A Prison Planet

Science has proven that “hominids” have lived on this planet for a very long time. It has also proven that Homo Sapiens Sapiens (Cro-Magnon or Modern man) have not. Our ancestors were quarantined to Earth in order to stop, or at the very least isolate, the spread of mental illness, crime and murder. And, like our ancestors, we are prone to exhibiting the same criminal behavior and mental illness.

It is an inescapable part of our nature. It is not our fault, but rather it was caused by deviated genetic code. There is not a single human who is free of violent, lustful, vengeful, thieving and/or murderous thoughts. The unnatural horrors that humans experience on this planet are almost always caused by our species. Humans lie, steal, cheat, rape, murder and pollute. When we can no longer exert more dominion over air, water, land and animal, we victimize our own kind. We are a horrible menace to ourselves, to all the creatures of this planet, and to interstellar civilization.

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The treacherous and murderous ways of human beings remain a very real threat to peace in the universe.

Earth was chosen to become a prison planet because of its remote location, varied climates, and the ability to support hominid life forms. Our ancestors were placed on different continents, selected for similarities to their physical characteristics and former climatic environments. Even though our ancestors varied in language, size, shape and color, all were Cro-Magnon. But, before being placed on Earth, our ancestors were stripped of all memory of their former lives.

It was believed that if the prisoners survived, they would do so in a primal state, co-existing by building relationships and possibly even interbreeding, with Earth’s native hominid species. It was a belief that was proven very wrong. We immediately began to dominate everything that came into our path. And, the sudden terrestrial appearance of modern man was on a scale so large, that it allowed Cro-Magnoids to drive Neanderthals, who had been at the top of Earth’s food chain for well over 200,000 years, to near global extinction within just a few thousand years.


At first, it appeared as though the Cro-magnon exile was proceeding as planned, but within a thousand years it became obvious that very serious oversights and assumptions had been made. The concept of prisoners remaining in a primal state was shattered when our ancestors began creating a microcosm of interstellar civilization. Earth, for the first time in its history, became witness to art, architecture, animal husbandry, agriculture, written languages, advanced mathematics, technology, law, religion and government. It also became witness to the atrocities of modern man. And, instead of interbreeding with other species, we began the systematic manipulation and/or destruction of other life forms.

Testing revealed that the surprising intellectual and technological development of our ancestors was the result of genetic memory, which caused us to experience intellectual reversion, rather than progression. This set off a very heated debate. One group called for the immediate extermination of our ancestors before they genetically “remembered” to the point of achieving interstellar flight, and possible re-infection of intergalactic civilization. The others were firmly convinced that, if given enough time, we would self-destruct and sought to simply observe and curtail our development.

An impasse was eventually reached, and further direct contact was forbidden. Continued observation and assessment of the prison planet was agreed upon, under strict conditions. It is important to note that one of the most significant turning points in last ten million years of Earth’s history occurred when our ancestors arrived on Earth, and began neanderthal annihilation.

AtlantisOur incarceration on Earth was not agreed to by all. From the first days of our imprisonment on Earth, sympathizers in UFOs have slipped past ‘security’ and assisted select civilizations. These extraterrestrial visits always resulted in dramatic leaps of intellectual ability and technological accomplishment. Unfortunately, virtually all of those civilizations and their advanced technologies met with very sudden disaster, and in the majority of the cases, extinction. The true causes remain unknown.


Source www.ancestryofman.com


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  1. humans imprisoned us here since the prison planet theory involves genes and different species cant do this question is do we wait for our jailers to be kind and merciful and let us out or do we break out and get some pay back

  2. That can not be .we are the earth we are the stars we are the universe we are the nature not part if the nature but the nature itself .and we are strange hunan are strange .verry strange .

  3. Think about a perfect prison. You don’t know how you got here, who you are (not even your own name), don’t know where you came from, don’t know how long you are going to stay, do not get to choose where you’re gonna go(born), do not know what crime you commited to be here & if you are lucky you rarely get to see your prison guards (alien forms), but that is ok, ’cause VERY few people will believe you anyway. Think about that.

    • sad but true however its not perfect its has serious flaws like mixing light offenders with hardened criminals which should never happen

  4. alot of people laugh at that thought but i beleived that since i was 12 and got thrown out of r.e at school we cant get off this planet because were not meant to ! we were dumped here along time ago threw out our torrid history on this planet no one can get on with anyone , wars death religon ,were were a bad seed abandoned

  5. Earth is just another incubator in the void giving us enough time to figure out how the void works well enough to get the fuck off of here and join the Universal community amongs the stars,the so called prison is a man made one…………

  6. I thought one day when i was having a smoke what if we are like this but maybe they use us for meat? Like what we do with cows, sheep, ect.. but.. we, are the sheep :/ and with us humans we survive on our own, dont need looking after we multiply at an enormous rate… really we are the best food supply all they have to do is come back then take us but leave a few to multiply again… hence adam and eve… but hey im not a bible basher

    • Exactly bro👍 quite scary shit if you think abit too much into it 😂its abit strange how we basically “supposedly” came from monkeys and evolved into humans but why arnt some monkeys at a half stage? inbetween monkey and human hmmm. I dont believe we came from monkeys, or atleast didnt evolve from them, i believe we was put here either for meat or just some sort of science experiment 👍

  7. Interesting hypothesis, it would explain the violence and crime. The flying saucers could be full of alien greys who are acting as wardens. So this is hell and up there with the aliens is heaven ???

  8. I had a very same dream about the other day ,& it felt so real , but in my dream is like if we were just living an illusion , & slowly the people controlling is were taking our energy from us while we were asleep living an illusion . What if earth is just a human farm..

  9. Earth is a transitional planet when a human is born on this planet we have a certain.time period to improve our physical self to achieve our higher calling. When we are reborn we are supposed to get better as we get older and move on from there

  10. I was smoking refer the other day and thought what if earth was a host planet to slaves thousands of years ago, and what if the slave colonies rebelled and the hosts eventually abandoned the planet for a period of time…
    What if

  11. life on earth is an amino asid crystal … you are a crystal that grows like a computer program… but it eats the other crystals to grow itself … eating is the crime you point a finger at … you do not understand the words you use or the concepts involved …. there is no conceptual diffrence between a computer program and what you call life… with two fundimental diffrences… photosynthisis , and what that sugar makes …. it makes asid …. as an engin componeint , light would be converted into asid to charge a battery… to make an electrical feild to pull the space ship foreward…. when the engin compoeint fails , or goes criticaly unstable…. it is dumped as a highly dangerious industral waste … with a biproduct in the waste cycle of oxygen. that can mix with the most any elements , the most common of all atoms… hydrogen… making the universal solvent . frankly speaking… because you do not know how to think , you see water and oxygen as a good thing …. even as it desolves mountains to sand , and is the sourse of a open plasma (fire) that oxydizes nearly every thing it comes in contact with ….
    to visit this planet , a ship normaly burns up when it comes to close because of the heat and oxygen…. pay attention here… UFO’s are natives to a 20% oxygen atmosphere … heads up … this is a big clue to what your seeing … DNA is an engineered device , only those who do not look , can fail to see this… so … draw your own conclusions . ufo’s are very real , and they are native to a 20% oxygen atmosphere .

  12. What if there is a race of beings out there who see the human race as “food” ?
    All the Planetary Civilizations in the this Galaxy use Earth as their “Playground” We are here to do what ever they want. Some come here to run experiments. Others use Earth as a Pleasure Planet. Some actually call Earth “The Party Planet”
    They even use us like we use “Computer War Games” parts of Earth are like a “Chess board”
    When you tell humans the truth about this, they go into a state of denial.

    • Actually there is no wholesale gathering of humans being captured and hulled away like cattle for consumption on other worlds, by now photos of such would have been taken.

      But what about the big news story about “Barney and Betty Hill” those two reported taken on a UFO and experimented on.

  13. I think that this question has merit, since we we were supposed to be created by the Anunnaki in ancient Sumeria to mine gold for the “Gods” and now days it seems that our freedom is more of an illusion to us as free will and free thinking, but can we not be slaves and not realize it?

  14. I question this conspiracy theory. Find it negative,stil have the free will to choose what is best for humankind.Don’t see aliens taking human slaves .And as for being a prison…Earth is beautiful, does not look like a prison, besides soon we’ll be able to go to other planets.

    • All energy is “recycled ” as Einstein pointed out , u cannot dispose of energy ,all energy just changes form,,we r energy n lots of it ,soo we must change form like the rest of the nature ,soo thats soughta recycled or re incarnated in our terms.

  15. To me it’s home when feelings of depression takes hold on you everything feels gray prison and even worse but nothing lasts sun will shine once more in its full glory giving hope for better days

  16. Wow,,i i know cro magnon obliterated neanderthal because even that was taught in school.,,to a degree ,, they made out magnon was just stronger but i dont think so ,look at our track record genocide everywhere ,just an old pattern..

  17. YES, depending on One’s Ideologies, Humanity is either a FAILED experiment by the Annunaki when early/primitive humans were fused with their DNA to create a workforce to mine the earth and later upgraded from time to time to become modern man, OR, the results of the EVE eating from the Tree of Good and Evil in the Garden resulting in the FALL of Mankind! OR, perhaps under the heading of “shit-happens”. Clearly, Mankind is a Brutal, Murderous and War like entity and is now quarantined. We are WATCHED as an Experiment as we watch Lab Rats!

    • I could care less about the work, happiness is what I want. Whomever said life without pain has no meaning, bring them to me ~grabs a stick~ I’ll give their life meaning.

    • well you’re in for another one…happiness is not what we have been taught. i have memories of the ancient past…teh very air was gold in color, the atmosphere was this golden energy. This energy is love..we have no idea what love is here…everythign here is a bad copy of the original or real deal. This living love permeates everything and eveyone…..It is not bliss, it is not happiness..it is completeness, it is pure joy, elation. happiness a bad copy of this love and is a lie. If you want to leave so badly why bother with ths reality in what you call happiness? LET IT GO!

    • As a child i was tortured with massive amounts of electro shock to my brain to split my mind. Also waterboarding/drowning. I was 8 yrs old when this happened. It would land me in bed for a week at a time..no one knew what was wrong. They split my mind and programmed me with alters. Milab uses me almost nitely…i can’t stop them..but on my own nites it’s rogue ops. The mantids used me for their sacrifiicial priestess since i was a child. and i’m not even scratchign the surface on what they have done and are still doing to me..i have released…NOW i htink if i can…you can..ok?

    • Eevie Em Besides getting the good stuff, I also don’t wanna be used as a disposable shock trooper and be sent to fight another battle after one finished, understand? To me, I wanna pretty much do what ya hear Patrick Stewart say in the opening credits of Star Trek “explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations. to boldly go where no one has gone before’ I wanna explore the universe…..NOT fight in it.

    • it is what it is, Neil. You volunteered for this or you would not be here. I can’t change it and neither can you…too late for that. I intend to honorably finish my work here. Just being here, your presence changes everything. I know about the battles….i know about torture…milab blew me into particles over and over one nite…so horrific it would not erase from my memories….i kept pulling myself back together each time…instantly

    • Eevie Em More like drafted than volunteered. And like the world of this stupid planet….when one war ends, another starts. Like Obama said he’d pull the soldiers from Iraq/Iran….yea…now he’s shipping them to Afghanistan. As I said, think of me as Dr. Who…someone who wants to explore the universe and see the wonders of it……not fight some fucking war. And if one is versed in Dr. Who lore, he ended the time war between his own people, the time lords and the enemy, the Daleks, by taking out BOTH sides and ending the war. See, that’s MY solution. IF both sides, or how many sides are bickering….and won’t cease their hostilities and actually try to settle things in a sensible manner….I’ll be more than happy to go to that machine that both sides would be too afraid to use, enter the instructions into it, to take out all the sides involved, and hit the button, thus ending the stupid war and do the universe a big favor. I expect far more from advanced ET races than constant battling. And then I’ll turn off the machine and walk on my merry way….and I won’t hesitate to hit that red button, also, mind you.

    • The ones in control of earth keep us separated and fighting and it is to their benefit. As long as we are fighting we don’t discover the truth and rid this wold of the parasites they are..everything is this world is programmed for a specific reason. See it how it really is. Not from the victim’s point of view…don’t see or look…observe…become still and quiet within…and observe….everything will change for you and it won’t matter your circumstances because then you will know the truth….we can create what ever we want or need….and this is a construct/matrix…not real

    • Sylvia Briggs yes and we are helping them. Depending on what type of hybrids we determines which side we are fighting for. so i had my dna changed. 🙂 As milab i’m not sure exactly who i battle for…there are factions within milab..many factions. But, i do my own ops when i can get away from milab. I’m up there helping every chance i get.

    • Eevie Em I intend to leave the earth, whomever fighting’s over a useless lump of rock, let them…..don’t expect me to fight, or stay on the rock. And I’m of the school that there’s good ET’s more humane than any human could dream of being, and I intend to find and go with them. first chance I get to meet ET’s and go with ’em….I’m out, gone, one way trip and I intend to do so in THIS light time.

    • Sylvia Briggs It was offered…i had asked, but it doesn’t work that way i discovered. They used a pulsing encoded light and sound. Most beautiful experience….i “fell’ into that light…like entering a portal.

    • or die in the attempt. Also, I am not going into ANY light….ever seen what happens to insects when they approach a bright light….no. As for myself, I want my human elements purged from my genetic makeup in THIS life time. THIS life, not the next, has to be a good one. Got it? and contact and space travel will do just that for me

    • it’s not about a rock hanging in space….it’s about malevolent beings destroying all life as we know it and replacing it with their idea of life. They have wiped out entire species on many planets…destroyed the planets too in much the same way as earth. You forget…we did not come here for us, or for a personal experience. We came here to ensure teh earth continues and her life forms.

    • lol it wasn’t the light at death. This was for dna alterations. I had some dna that needed to go. Removes me from the malevolent ones list of their hybrids.

    • Eevie Em I could care LESS about this BITCH GODDESS mother earth. It’s a prison planet, it’s the Detroit of the cosmos. It’s like Tatooine from Star Wars….a stinking, steaming pile of maggot infested feces. Let someone else fight it, if it even happens. See, to me, any species to master FASTER THAN LIGHT, interstellar/intergalactic/inter-dimensional travel would have to be enlightened….far more enlightened than an average slob human in any case. And, as a result, they’d have access to superior energy sources…so they’d not have bother plundering worlds for resources, they got something better. And they’d be above that of a barbarian. You need to give me concrete proof otherwise. And I don’t CARE about saving Earth or saving a species of STUPID APES who don’t WANT to be saved. See, I TRIED that during my teens and twenties, when I was both young and STUPID to think “hey, if I offer to help awaken humanity, they’ll be happy to do so and all will be good!” Fast foreword to me, now, age 37…..that idealistic kid….he’d dead. See, a species that ridicules me, calls me names, calls me crazy, treated me like a piece of garbage….I’m not going to bother anymore…DOUBLE that when they don’t care…..they think that “If we VOTE harder, things will get better!” Or they are too bust beating their chests, waving their flags with that mental masturbation of their superiority and the idea they are the center of the universe….no….not going to help them or the planet. I, like Dr. Who, RENOUNCE both earth and humanity. I never felt at home on this rock, nor am I going to lay down my life in the service of humanity and earth…..you’re gonna be in for a hell of a disappointment if you think I’m going to play the role of Luke Skywalker or Gandhi for these apes, nor am I going to solve problems caused by older generations long dead. Think of the lyrics from Black Sabbath’s “ironman” pay close attention to the words. All I care for is leaving earth, in this life time, meeting the ET’s getting my own genetics changed to be a superior being and explore the stars, and see the beauty it has to offer me. If not, If I am denied, as I said before, I’ll release my darkside and help tear apart humanity…both the elite inbred families AND the mainstream idiots……….for if I don’t leave this earth….my inner self, that fire that we all have in us, that passion….it will be gone….it’s only a few glowing embers, now as it is. That inner child, as it were…shall be DEAD. And being dead, not so much physically, but dead in spirit, i will no longer care about what’s good or not. Think of The Valyard from climax of Dr. Who’s “Trial of a Timelord” season. For if I am, denied that ONE thing I ask for, to explore the universe in this lifetime….then that’s it….EVERYTHING and EVERYONE shall be MY enemy. and I seen small glimpses of my darkside during my childhood and teen years (such as nearly turning a bully’s face into raw hamburger after I got picked on one times too many…..imagine what 30-40 seconds of constant punching to a kid’s face does…..or when I slammed a bully’s face into his own locker, leaving a BIG dent in it….and the scary part is….for a brief moment….I ENJOYED IT.) and those brief moments were scary. If I don’t get that one thing I asked for in life, my darkside’s coming out to party…FULL TIME…and the cage is being thrown away. And the worst enemy is a good person who gives up and has nothing left. Or in the very least, if there’s a big red button that can take out both sides of this conflict, I’ll push it to remove both you spoiled brat sides. So think about all I said….tell those folks you work for to pick me up and let me on my merry way to explore the universe….or they risk having a really nasty threat to deal with.

    • You are caught up in the bullshit and this means you are feeding them your loyosh, spirit energy in huge quantities. You have to let all this bullshit go….don’t focus on it…your focus is what manifests in your life. See yourself leaving this world and going home…but without any negative feelings. Yes we have a right to them, but….you are not in control of your thoughts and emotions…what multiverse calls a loose cannon with personal energy. Negative thoughts and feelings are never yours…they are imposed into our mind and it is up to you whether you entertain these lies or not.

    • are you too lazy to separate outside injected thoughts from your own? You are creating your own prison.If you do not help yourself then you are fucked. Hello? It is your choice. got me?

    • Eevie Em No, I want OFF planet…you know, to physically LEAVE earth and explore the stars…..got it? Oh, and HOW do you ‘help yourself’ when the bad guys got BIG GUNS, ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY (some of it being reverse engineered from fallen ET craft), a devious media and armies of high school flunkies in uniform pledged to fight and die for their masters? See, simply wanting something better is no enough, neither is willing it. Not when you got an evil empire enslaving yas. Not to mention when all the ET’s out there are zipping about the galaxy…what do we lowly humans got? NOTHING, that’s what we got.

    • You aren’t getting anything i’ve shared with you. Yes, physically leave the earth. I’ve told you how. No one except a malevolent being will pick you up with your attitude and should that happen you will regret it. They like to torture ones like you….make you eat your words. No kidding. Be careful what you ask for…you may get it and it won’t be what you want. It takes spiritual maturity to be taken away from earth. Humans have a disease, a spiritual and mental disease that they want kept here and i don’t blame them. If you really want to off planet…then change yourself…work with yourself…develop your spirituality…quiet your mind…surrender to love/heart/ true self…these are precursors for leaving here.

    • you can’t just decide you want to go with the ETa and expect them to take you , unless ist the ones that will eat you , besides you are here to learn lessons , if you are having a bad time , you chose that life at birth ,,you can turn it around you know ,

    • Sylvia Briggs He won’t listen as he’s in panic mode. A quiet mind is beyond him. He does not control his thoughts or feelings and they are his undoing. He won’t even try. I can’t be in the presence of such people….their energy literally assaults you.

    • yes it seems he won’t listen , I do feel for him though , I have been in that mode and I see many in that mode , if only they realized they are not just a physical body ,,

    • Sylvia Briggs That is the whole problem right there…these avatars are not us. 🙂 Those who think they are their bodies have not moved from mind thoughts to heart thoughts.

    • Nope…I given up trying to ‘save’ prison planet earth, as well as homosapiens. Quit acting like EVERY non human alien is sooooo evil and wants to kill/eat/rape/enslave you….that’s the biggest pile of fear porn I’ve heard ever. I have better things to do than be Gandhi and hand hold humanity to ‘wake them up’…..tried that, they did not listen. Got better things to do than be be called names, laughed at and called crazy by the masses. and that ‘you chose this life’ is BULLSHIT. That’s like saying Steven Hawking CHOSE to become born as a man who’s eventually be a scientific genius, but trapped in vegetating body. Or those 3rd world kids CHOSE to be born in a life of poverty, starvation and with disease rampant. And my friend, a male to female trans girl, replying to similar statement did NOT chose to live alife of misery being born the wrong sex, and going through heartache, socially, mentally, physcially and so on. So SPARE the “i chose this life” bullshit. No one CHOOSES to be come the ghetto, it’s merely bad luck. And quit acting like humanity is soooooo special and so pure and noble…..because humanity is not, I’m merely stating the obvious. And look how many people DIED, as in MURDERED in finding the truth to alien life and UFOs’ at the hands of our governments and military, elitists HUMANS who think they are god. I’ll trust any alien over any human…..kinda like what Riply said on aliens “you don’t see THEM fucking each other over a god damned percentage” And trust me, Eevie…my mind is quite coherent, I just don’t go with the “HUMANS ARE SO GREAT!!!!!! EARTH IS SP GREAT!!!! LET’S ALL BAND TOGETHER TO HAVE THEM DROP THEIR HOSTILITY AND HOLD HANDS AND SING KUMBIYA!!!!” there’s a universe to explore and I intent to explore it, not be stuck on a useless lump of rock.

    • and considering how many people are looking for find alien life and the truth…from Steven Greer, David Wilcock, Giorgio Tsukalos, Eric Van Daniken, Richard Hoagland, Linda Howe, and so on…..i’m not the only one. And Sylvia…we may not just be physical bodies…but in THIS physical life time what happens in our current lives count…otherwise why bother living at all? And we don’t have super powers, we have short life spans, and so on…not like we got much going for us to begin with. So, forgive some of us if we seek to find what’s out there beyond this prison planet, and want something far, far more greater than making money and making babies.

    • Your attitude is your undoing. What you accuse me of is total bullshit. If you had innerstood anything that i said you would not have come back with this bullshit. I see a lot of your problem just by the names you listed…you just love disinfo don’t you because that is all you will get from the ones you named. ANYONE who has a following is compromised, mind controlled, replaced with clones. And why the fuck are you attacking me when i’m trying to help your dumb ass!!! No more.

    • Nope, I merely chose not to be DRAFTED into some chicken shit operation of fearing all aliens and reaching for a weapon anytime a non human show up. You wanna help me? Send ET’s to come pick me up. It’s no different than when I left that dank, urine soaked hellhole called Detroit, long ago….it’s the same idea…leaving the ghetto for something better. And earth, is a ghetto.

    • You are spiritually deaf and dumb. Spiritually deaf and dumb do not leave the earth. You have no idea how many i have helped on their way, but they looked within as you refuse to do. They have faced their dark memories and fears…they have released them all. Railing at me or anyone else for that matter will gain you anything. They see your words and your heart and you wonder why you are not going any where. Seriously?

    • HOW is wanting off planet making me ‘deaf and dumb’ ? How is wanting out of the ghetto making me BAD? that I wanna explore the stars, not sitting on my butt going “ooooooom” I up and left Detroit….does that make me dead and dumb, for not staying behind, trying to make a difference and fight the gangs, the pimps, the drug lords, the crooked cops and city council? You’ll pretty much be calling ALL ufologists and so on deaf and dumb, because we’re cynical lot. And having lived in a ghetto, we are not rainbows and lollipops by nature. The ET’s got a great life, we don’t.

    • You are jumping from one extreme to another….stop it! You aren’t the only one who has had a shitty life, ok? Get over it…it’s temporary. I was beat into a gang when i turned 13….a gang i didn’t ‘even want to be in. The lovely et mantids have had me sacrificing little children for them since i was 8 yrs old. You’re preaching to the choir. I dn’t sit on my ass meditating. I work on myself with what little memories i have ….milab erases them constantly and they aren’t careful about what they erase….chunks of my personal life are lost forever. Teh memory erasure is a real trip too! Electro shock to the base of my skull…makes me sick as fuck..puking…head pain..not headache…head PAIN from hell. You aren’t the only one who wants out of here. Sometimes every nite….you have no idea what hell is. Stop with the damn pity party and do something besides bitching..coz right now you are worthless to all….even yourself.

    • All the MORE reason we NEED a DIRECT, PHYSICAL ET CONTACT. We’re not super heroes, we don’t have super strength or the ability to fly or life objects with our minds. So the ET’s need to realize this, and SHOW THE FUCK UP. Human intermediaries and channelers will NOT solve the problem, since the unwashed masses look upon them as lunatics, like Marshal Applewhite.

    • No, it’s called self preservation. Not to mention there’s a universe out there to explore, planets to set foot on, creatures to meet……this rock’s got nothing. I’m not going to stay here, and play Gandhi or Jesus, trying to ‘awaken’ a species of STUPID APES who don’t want to awaken, nor do they care. I got better things to do.

    • Graham Musguin No it’s not fair. You see, I did not cause the problems. All these problems were created long before I was born….by knuckle draggers , many years ago…many of which DIED years ago. I am NOT going to be punished for the crimes knuckle draggers committed. Nor am I going to fight some fool hearty, idealistic crusade, either. I’m not going to lay down my life for a species who treated ME like a piece of garbage when I TRIED to ‘wake them up’ years ago. I’m not going to be Gandhi, Jesus or Kennedy….I got no plans to die for humanity, especially at the hands of probably my own people, since those aforementioned folks were killed by their own kind. No thanks. Also, this is not the civil war era, when both sides had the same technology. Now it’s like a caveman, armed with a stick, trying to take on a WW2 tank. No thank you. I’ll stick to making contact with ET’s and leaving this rock.

    • Graham Musguin Nor am I going to simply sit down and accept that. you wanna go play super hero and save the planet, go right ahead, but do NOT conscript me to do so. I’m not that same idealistic teenager I was in the 1990’s, after being treated like garbage by the masses when I tried to ‘wake them up’, at 37, I say, no more. Either I get to leave the planet with the ET’s and live a REAL LIFE, or I, as a Romanian, take up the tradition of my ancestors and take on the name “Vlad Dracula the 2nd” (my family came from the actual Transylvania) and do what he did, and more so….and solve the problems of the world by unleashing my darkside, which I have been able to keep locked away (just) and make Vald look like a wimp compared to what I’d have in mind to solve the problems….Vlad’s bloody reputation is well known. If I get denied et contact and a peaceful, beautiful life among the stars…..than my darkside’s come out to party, since that’s the only way one can survive on any prison planet.

    • Neil Vidican 🙂 Someone who innerstands Thank you! it has taken and taken from us and given nothing in return. The conditions here are nothing as we were told they would be. Yes, i’m going home, too.

    • Eevie Em Yes. And as in my above post, IF I get denied this, because ‘man’s not ready yet’ or whatever, then I’m going “fuck it!” and letting my darkside out totally. Ask anyone who was in prison, and they’ll tell you that you’ll need to be made of iron to survive day to day in prison.

    • Humans aside….there is a war that is most ancient and earth is now the final battleground. It happens around us everyday but most do not see it for what it is. This gets a little complicated…bear with me please. First of all not all humans are the same. Far from it. 100% humans can’t have out of body experiences….or empathy,or telepathy, etc. Only hybrids can. There are 2 main factions of hybrids…. the vlash reps and the Maitre against us. This war between us is so ancient as to have been forgotten. The war is now overhead as well. They call it space debris from satellites, etc…they are lying…these are ships shot down in battle. This is the real reason we came here…to finish the war. but……..it won’t matter any longer….rather for much longer

    • Eevie Em HOW much longer? How much longer do I gotta fight someone else’s battles? and what’s my prize, what am I going to show for it, at the end of the day? And call me crazy, I’d rather fight a battle that I can see with my eyes in the open….you know, ships zipping around, death rays on directions, photon torpedoes the other, giant robots, etc….rather than one we can’t see.

    • we gave our word…..and that is everything…we hold down the fort for a short time longer…we are so near to zero point it’s not funny. The realities are all blending into one, sharing the same space..hence the sudden jump in chaos…we are all but home. 🙂

    • i was told to surrender to love and i would go home…love is the heart center, is the real you. The real you must take the lead over the mind.

    • i recently had my DNA altered for the better. It removed the vlash rep and what ever else they made me with…..i received pure DNA from a noble race of beings making me a hybrid of theirs. It was done with pulsating encoded light and sound. When the vlash adn maitre create their hybrids they are injected with it and it is most painful.

    • Eevie Em Love is difficult when all I gotten was hate, ridicule and hostility. And I need the good things, et contact and space travel in THIS current life…and to purge the human elements out. Won’t do me any good if I gotta die first, making THIS life totally pointless and miserable, you know.

  18. Interesting…..one must ask….why? The answer is becoming clear- competition and fear expedites the drive for technology, to gain an advantage over perceived enemies. This, along with genetically engineered diseases, will produce the fruit of the Cosmos- a technological Singularity. As Bramley stated in “The Gods of Eden,” we have friends and foes in this impending scenario.

  19. Apparently we were created as a slave race to mine the minerals within the planet. Gold to be specific coz apparently gold dust, when applied on the skin of these extraterrestrials, they somehow become stronger or healthier.

  20. the story of Jesus is a nice one with guidelines ,, but the Jesus the bible potrays does not exist, there was a man with the name of Jesus , who was a rebel against the laws of the Romans , a preacher of Gnostic believes , married at thirteen to Mary ,, there is more ,,,and yes I wait for feedback ,,,

  21. Our ancestors were quarantined to Earth in order to stop, or at the very least isolate, the spread of mental illness, crime and murder. And, like our ancestors, we are prone to exhibiting the same criminal behavior and mental illness.

  22. There is a reason we have not gone back to the Moon. We are in quarantine. A vicious virus infecting our own world. Why should we be allowed to roam freely in the universe if we can’t take care of our own planet or get along with each other? Yes this is a prison planet until we decide otherwise.

  23. it’s the intensity of the passion of the feeling that creates the reality that you experience , so if you feel that you are trying that that is what you will experience more trying , you are the creator of your own reality , but it’s the feeling that creates the reality , so if you feel that your in love with eveything and everything is so amzing then that will be your reality , it’a all about focus , that is what i do with people in hypnosis is get them to refocus . on all the love of all of creation ,

  24. there are 1000s of jesus alive right now , dolores cannons books the 3 waves of volunteers will explain , i am alot more awake than jesus ever was , creation is so big and vast , i try to explain , the density of the earth game make everyone for get who and what we really are , to be 5d all you have to do is be in love with everything and know that everything is so amazing , that way you can ascend out of the density of the 3d earth game

  25. Not lost, though, just taught to be untrue. That is exactly why Jesus said ” very few ” will enter the Gates of Heaven ! What is ‘ very few ‘ ? 3% ? 5% ?
    What did Jesus mean ? Well, Jesus meant that of all the people who have ever lived, that only a smaller number of them will truly follow the Teachings of the Bible, and truly be Christians. What do we have in the world ….today, & the way people have always been ? Non believers, hypocrites, false faiths, believers in other gods ? Yes, & that is why !

  26. Unfortunately. Alaina, and Gary, the Book of Revelation alludes to the banning of the Word of God in the End Times. So that the Son of Perdition can hold sway , for his season.

  27. we are all our own god , when i go 8 dimensional and higher i remember everything about creation , we all are the everything the all that is . we share and create the all that is , that is why we all create universes and all these games , earth is a game so we don’t get bored

  28. I do not think he is joking, but I know that it is not true…
    The Bible is Divinely Protected. Many people have tried to change it’s basic story, & have had terrible consequences, and also been unsuccessful. Little things the do not mess with it’s base are allowable, but nothing major can be changed. The Bible will be here as long as mankind is here. It was a Divinely Inspired Gift to us from God…& it will forever be Protected.

  29. True,Gary.The Bible is the only source that explains what happened before the Big Bang, and the events leading to the presence of so called aliens on earth.Not even the Mahabharata goes that far back. Because of its peculiar connections ,the Bible is under merciless attack and will one day, disappear off the face of the earth.

  30. Just like many people don’t believe in God either…..But, everyone has a right to believe what they want till the end, before they die…..or when they are about to die, and they call God for help….weird isn’t it? Always calling God for help even though some don’t even believe

  31. The bible is not inclusive and as with most histories is written to the favor of the victors…..the bible is no different. There is a whole and true history. 🙂

  32. That is what makes it all so funny….there is no other proof anywhere …..except the Bible, & of course, nobody wants to even consider the Bible. They think it is a fairy tale, yet it is the only source which actually tells us what these Aliens are, what they do, that they are real, & that they existed long before us. But nobody believes the Bible !

  33. It means for those who are not from earth, friends and family may now get thru to take them home. If you don’t believe it that is your problem. I don’t judge others with my mind….i discern thru the heart. So should you before you dismiss anyone so quickly.

  34. Truth..earth was a prison planet. You are now free to leave….you would know this if you would stop fighting over bs. The earth was disconnected from the universe for 2 hours last month and it changed everything. Funny thing…..you aren’t even on earth any more….this we are on is a construct….earth died. Hello?

  35. read dolores cannons books and her you tube , i do her kind of hypnosis and it’s so mazing what comes through people , an i have gone through extensive hypnotherapy and remember everything about creation .

  36. the truth is the universe is a holographic amusement park , and all of you wanted to go on the thrll ride call earth , i can prove this i am an awakened 8 dimensional being .

  37. Depends on how you look at it…..Does anybody really know? I mean, where is the proof? Yes, there are things written in history, some trinkets found and dug up, but I wanna see something real 😛 As far as slavery, yeah, we are all slaves to the all mighty dollar and the “stuff” it can buy us. So, I say yes! And, gold, let’s not forget the gold! What about diamonds? I want diamonds, don’t you? 🙂

  38. is very strange to say a baby it form in 9 months….this mean earth revolution….what …..if we add another revolutions…..what time it takes….to form a baby……. ☠☼☾☄ ₪itibira₪ ✶☥✨⊀⋉☆▲▴◭

  39. A friend found a 3 piece implant after taking photos of objects by accident two and a half years ago here at Burnett Hds Qld There is evidence of hybridizing in ancient texts and a hair anyllised from Peter Khourys sexual encounter show mixing of DNA

  40. We are a bi product of when the Earth was destroyed before. Look in the story of the Hopi Indians. The aggressors attacked the planet and some scientists probably had our ancestors protected underground and here we are. Destroying our only home because of greed.

  41. I don’t think homo sapiens were banned from going beyond Earth.It just happens that we are products of a peculiar planet , which, like a hen, shelters us from the absolute horrors of space,even in our neighbourhood.Let’s thank the gravitational prison walls for their restraining power over our impulsive,questing nature.

  42. Earth become a prison if you become enlightened. I see earth as a definite ace aliens frequent for it’s genetic bio diversity. They may have seeded earth or perhaps stumbled upon it but here they are…now if we can evolve far enough that we nolonger wage war or starve each other we as a species may clamor off this rock yet

  43. Probably back in prehistoric times with neandethal beings aliens were here and orchestrated all human activity to come, setting the stages of human history to come. While keeping the primitives living in certain orders, which in turn they were also given wisdom and knowledge. Which in later cultures allowed them to build pyramids, ancient ctites..supported by superior technologies to help them build the structures.

  44. Earth is a quarantined planet where humans have been banned from venturing anywhere to settle down elsewher outside of this environment, because of how eveil and vile humans are.

  45. We were created in the begining to work and obey. Through geneology, our mentality had been tampered with and made limited by et beings, and hence we were ‘imprisoned’. This affected our REASONING and SPIRITUAL connection to the source/one/force/creator (take your pick) and our true existance. Other selfish et factors played a part too. To break away from this imprisonment it usually takes the assistance of either (in)direct ‘interdimentional’ mental/geneoligical means or the souls’ natural self-corrective guidance system. It is by no means easy to overcome this entrapment, but IT IS POSSIBLE! Read and enlighten oneself with an open mind, afresh. Carefully discern. Nothing more! Your SOUL will naturally recognise TRUTH and LOVE. Peace be all :).

  46. yes slaving each other .slaving animals .plants .u dont let your prisoner build spaceshuttle.and space station and spy satlites and .powerful weapons hydrogen bombs.and let u travel outer space .what about that?

  47. There is nothing to prevent anyone from becoming what they want, that is to be educated in the kind of productive work they wish, and to have all the good things in life. Just a minor requirement to have their priorities set such that play comes secondary to achievement.

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