10 images that prove Puma Punku was built by an extremely advanced ancient Civilization

Here we have 10 mind-boggling images of Puma Punku which prove that this ancient site was built by an extremely advanced ancient Civilization.

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  1. Yes; I’ve often wondered about all this. What if the Egyptians didn’t build the pyramids nor was Machu Pichu built by the Incas. Or the Druids Stonehenge? I think they already existed and they were discovered and subsequently made use of by local indigenous races. They just moved in! We’ll never know for certain, of course.

  2. The structures at Puma Punku were built by the Annaki from planet Nibiru. They will come back to visit earth when Nibiru’s orbit comes close to earth again in the 2900’s. Many people feel that this will be the Apocolypse as foretold by the bible.

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