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EXTRAORDINARY claims have been made that UFO investigators are being killed by so-called men in black have been made after the mysterious death of a 32-year-old newly married alien researcher.

Gaurav Tiwari was found at his Dwarka flat in northwestern India under what has been reported as “mysterious circumstances”.It has led to new claims that as many as “dozens” of other UFO investigators have died in suspicious circumstances over the years.The Times of India reported that Mr Tiwari’s death was treated as suicide.But relatives say as a newlywed he had no reason to end his life and that he seemed normal in the run up to his death.According to father, Uday Tiwari, he was drinking coffee with his wife when there was a loud thud from the bathroom.

They found him unresponsive on the floor and he could not be revived.

Police said a black line was found around his neck, leading to a conclusion of asphyxia.

Another theory was he fell hitting his head and inflicting a fatal wound.

An autopsy is due, with an inquest, also being awaited.

Mr Tiwari senior, did however, reveal that his son told his wife weeks before his death “a negative force was pulling him towards it.”

The grieving dad said: “We don’t believe in ghosts etc, but his death has left us shocked and puzzled.”

His son had founded the Indian Paranormal Society, and took part in regular TV shows.

It is claimed mysterious

It is claimed mysterious “men in black” are behind UFO expert deaths.

He also investigated thousands of haunted sites,Conspiracy theorists have already moved to connect the tragedy to a series of other deaths of UFO researchers both explained and unexplained.Professor G Cope Schellhorn has posted a list of allegedly suspicious deaths of UFO researchers at says more than five dozen UFO researchers, investigators, authors, alien contactees and military personnel have died of heart attacks, sudden onset of cancers, and supposed suicides.His list followed that of a special investigative piece on UFOs in Saga magazine in 1971 when author and comic legend Otto Binder chronicled the “suspicious” deaths of 137 UFO investigators in the previous 10 years.

Opinions are split within ufology on the substance of these claims, with only hardcore conspiracy theorists believing secret men in black working for government agencies like the CIA are actually bumping people off.

Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual, said these sorts of claims predated 1971.

He said: “Deaths related to UFOs go right back to when Kenneth Arnold first saw a fleet of UFOs in June 1947 and brought about a worldwide wave of ‘flying saucer’ sightings. A bizarre set of tragic circumstances surrounded the so-called Maury Island case.

“This involved the sighting of six doughnut shaped UFOs by Harold Dahl, that dropped hot slag like material onto his boat, burning his arm and killing his dog in the process. The next day his employer, Fred Lee Crisman, visited Maury Island where he found tons of debris and saw another UFO in the area.”

Kenneth Arnold was called in to investigate the sighting, and feeling out of his depth he invited two Air Force Intelligence agents, Captain Davidson and Lieutenant Brown to help him interview the witnesses.

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