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EU Chief Junker Says He Talks to Aliens; Will Merkel Sack Him Over Brexit?

Was Jean-Claude Juncker drunk?

Was he sozzled?

Was he as sweaty and ruddy-faced as Ken Clarke swearing over Brexit and Michael Gove?

The deeply unpopular head of the EU Commission, unelected and anti-democratic, made a series of rambling speeches in Brussels in the wake of Brexit. Then he invited rich nations to Brussels, excluding poorer Eastern ones. But nothing can top Juncker’s amazing speech, in French, saying that he had spoken to “the leaders of other planets” [sic] about Brexit, and they disapproved.

That’s right – Jean-Claude Juncker apparently thinks he’s Jean-Luc Picard.

Watch the video below with English subtitles as Druncker says he’s talked to “les dirégeants d’autres planêtes’ literally “the leaders of other planets”.

We don’t know what planet the Lush from Luxembourg is on, but we’re glad the UK teleported off his vessel.

“You must know that those who observe us from afar are worried. I saw, heard and listened to several leaders of other planets who are worried as regards the path the EU is going to pursue”

Ohhh-kaaaayyyy then (have another beer)

No wonder Merkel wants to sack him!


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He is not the only one! President Eisenhower spoke to Benevolent ET’s who wanted us to disarm and bring in Peace but the Military Industial Complex is only interested in War because War creates lots of money!! So they worked with the Greys and the Reptilians for advanced technology in return for access to humans for experiments. Refer to Dulce Miltary Base where Greys and Scientists work together!!!


Something has got to give about all these different Aliens groups. I’m thinking that they all follow the Prime Directive maybe?
There is a possibility that those who follow Rael and his Elohim had the Elohim showed up, a majority of our world would blame them for all our troubles.


Whiskey n coke,,,lol.


He is an Alien……off course he is talking to them……


So what’s up with the red nose?


Photoshoped, I think.


So what ,,so do a hell of a lot of the peoples. About 5 billion,of us,,
Just waiting to meet 20 thousand generations of them,,,,,
DISCLOSURE is coming ,,,,,,


How red is his nose , he’s been hitting the booze to much . He would give Rudolph a run in who guides the sleigh