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Neil deGrasse Tyson Says Aliens Might Find Humans Too Stupid To Contact (VIDEO)

Are humans so dumb that aliens have written us off? Celebrated astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson seems to think that may be the case.

“I wonder if, in fact, we have been observed by aliens and upon close examination of human conduct and human behavior they have concluded that there is no sign of intelligent life on Earth,” Tyson said in a recent interview with Business Insider (see video above).

And then there’s the possibility that intelligent aliens might not simply ignore us but might harm us, just as humans sometimes harm what we consider lesser forms of life. As Tyson went on to say in the interview, “You don’t walk by the worm on the street and say, ‘Gee, I wonder what he’s thinking.’ No, you step on the worm.”


Tyson — director of the Hayden Planetarium in New York City and host of the radio program “Star Talk“ — has said previously that, given the size of the universe, it would be surprising if no other intelligent life forms existed. In his book Death By Black Hole, Tyson wrote, “to declare that Earth must be the only planet with life in the universe would be inexcusably bigheaded of us.”

Some scientists, including Stephen Hawking, have said that humans would be smart to remain wary of extraterrestrial life. In 2010 Hawking opined that aliens might be “looking to conquer and colonize whatever planets they can reach.”

But Tyson has a different take.

“Hawking is all worried that aliens might suck our brains out,” Tyson said in the interview. “That concern comes from when any of us explored the world … and came upon a civilization less advanced, it was bad for the less-advanced civilization. They either were completely wiped out, or subjugated, or enslaved. … So I think his fear about aliens is a reflection of his actual knowledge about how humans treat each other, not real knowledge about how actual aliens would treat us.”

Another possibility is that aliens have already visited us and gone unnoticed. As Tyson joked in the interview, “Maybe they have visited us in Times Square but no one noticed, because everybody who hangs out in Times Square is a little crazy.”


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  1. It’s called the zoo effect. space aliens will not make contact with humans for the same reason humans don’t make contact with a lion at the zoo. You will go to the zoo and look at all the animals but you won’t get in the cage with them

  2. Based on the election results, they probably have the same impression the rest of the world does: That we’re nothing but a bunch of slack-jawed yokels, barely bright enough to chew our own food.

  3. Neil deGrasse Tyson is terribly book smart. Brilliant, even. But he’s incredibly closed minded, and seems to forget what science is really about…exploration; questioning the answers; deeper study. He’s so wrapped up in his “facts”, that he forgets that skepticism is the basis of his field.

    • If it was a predator, it would have struck by now. If it was after natural resources, it would have taken them long ago, before we started to destroy things. If we are ever “attacked” by higher conscious beings, I would have to presume it’s a manufactured “false flag” attack. I trust them more than I trust our so-called leaders.

    • Thought provoking. Google search or YouTube search Dr. Steven M. Greer, and his work concerning disclosure projects. By the way your mind works, I can tell you would find it both fascinating and enlightening.

    • We copied that tech. They didn’t give it to us. And the tech that would be truly beneficial to us, that can’t be used as a weapon, is locked away by black government operations. At least a good half of UFO sightings are anti-gravity and propulsion technologies our own governments are keeping to themselves. But don’t get me wrong…I don’t disagree with your point!

  4. Mixed reactions on this one but I rather think he’s right and wrong. We’d speak to a cockroach, if we could make communication. Whether we’d stop sending out the exterminator is another thing. Given that aliens would be more evolved and maybe evolved technologically, if they can travel through space, I imagine they would have both the means and the knowhow to communicate with us and any other species on the planet. We might not get a good CV off many animals on this mudball so I wouldn’t be surprised if aliens took more of an interest in, say, dolphins or elephants. Now, that would be funny. Snubbed by aliens.

  5. So, I guess people like Ret. Army Sgt. Maj. Bob Dean talking of how the Vatican is probably hosting them and giving lectures showing photos of UFOs miles long in space is wrong. Duncan Cameron, Al Bielek and Preston Nichols from the Philadelphia Project talk of how Nicholas Tesla admitted that he received some of his information off-world. I suppose that’s all a lie too? How about Wehrner Von Braun who also said that they got some of their help from “them” while he pointed up and I suppose David Adair lied when he said he was taken to Area 51 and told to look at a partially damaged alien engine that would have ran something the size of a football field.

  6. scientist learned few quadratic equations. They avoid real talent they’re attached to their position… but seriously people aren’t at their peak of being bright becAuse much society s been mis lead

    • He is a dumbass, he is a dumbass ,are you insane ? He’s only one of the most brilliant scientists there is. Just because he so far over your head , and mine but I recognize that he is genius and he does the best to explain things in terms that us dumbasses,us real dumb asses can understand.

  7. That’s funny. However true, we are actually getting dumber by the day. I give us humans some credit. I mean, we are relitavelly smart. Just make stupid discussions based on stupid ideas.

  8. I’ll be honest with you. Do you notice a real direct theme involving UFO sightings, abductions, etc.? What I find strange and revealing is, the Men in Black mystery. We call them that, because no one knew what else to call them. They are very strange, weird, beings made to look like men, dressed in black suits and derby’s. Almost like to ‘them”, that’s what human men look like. It’s like a doctor writing a prescription: Two authoritive human males. They must look professional and look like they mean business, hence the suit, hat and black car. It looks like a “check-list” operation. If it was “our” government, they would dress normal, maybe suit and tie. Like you see the F.B.I. dress, they do look normal. The MIB look foolish. Some even described with a powder face and lip stick. If you put all that basic information together, it appears to become startling and frightening. It seems/appears to be “one” thing. I don’t think the government is behind all the secrecy, although we are led to believe this, because “that” is the big secret.. I hate to sound like a “Nut”, but think about it. There is always high strangeness when people describe the, killing, threats, etc. I think that the human race has been “Hi-Jacked.” I think that there is an Alien Element in, “total control”. I think they set their sights on the Authorities’ of the world, surely the most powerful country, America. I think they are in control at the top and will do anything to keep the Masses from discovering this. If you put all the history of this topic together, I think it “Stinks” of a takeover from some species, not Human. Intelligence??? Well we are the example! What better way to take over a Planet, a Civilization? You just introduce yourself to the “Top”, then it begins. You make promises and deals, with the intent to taking over. The “Top” may have smelled a Rat in the beginning, but who do they call? They were not ready to yell, “run” to it’s citizens. They had to keep it a secret from the people, as they had no answers and could not promise a defense. Those Aliens hatched their plan and much to everyone’s “Chagrin”, pulled it off. We are no match if these beings use telepathy and the ability to control the mind. That is their weapon. They walk right in, make you trust them and there goes the store. Otherwise, what is so secret that you will kill another human being to keep the secret. Those military men, tossed out windows of tall buildings. Whoever did the tossing…don’t they have a conscience? How do you kill a comrade? They did. I don’t get it. But that secret has to be so big. The only thing that makes sense is Alien’s in power.

  9. There is much to explore on this planet. There are minerals, life of all kinds. I believe Aliens would love to discover this. Will they try and take over earth? Will they want to exterminate the Human Species, will they let us live and help us? This all remains to be seen. We are the species that mastered the earth for good or bad. We have technology and some, few, (The Elite), have succeeded to “DUPE” the masses with lies, deceit, murder, and oppression for years now. ie: with holding technology that would make the masses independent of energy. Scavenging all the technology that the “TOP” acquired from Alien Crashes. Keeping “Power” secrets from the masses. The entire conspiracy is, “Knowledge”. Knowledge is power. A certain few, those who are in-charge are keeping this knowledge just for themselves. As you are aware…….. There will never be voluntary disclosure. Their sins of the past and present are much too horrible to explain away.

  10. The Human Species as a whole, are bad creatures. The exception to the rule is: all the very good, loving people. These good people are what sustains the Human Race. Without the “Good People” the Human species would have become extinct thousands of years ago. The portion of evil, bad, people should thank the good people for causing the entire species to have Hope and Life.

  11. I can’t believe he thinks that. Although Humans are very dangerous and can be exceptionally evil, they are intelligent.

  12. I was watching few aliens video in YouTube, most of them are coming from civilians citizens… I noticed when the aliens step out from their ship, they stay just right there, they don’t walk long distance away, they are smallest, they can’t fly by it self, they don’t dress up like cosmonauts, for some reason they can’t breath or stay too long outside of their ship, they doesn’t looks different from one to another, etc

  13. When somebody like (UFO’s) visits us (earth) and they not even say…hello… more liked it …they don’t have any good plans for us…such as…friendship neither share with us their super advance technology, science, invention, etc

  14. If we are so stupid, then it is their fault since we are the result of their manipulation of our DNA. That does not seem to bother them much, contact was made millions of times since their grand experiment. The question is, whats next?

  15. What’s this “we” shit? I don’t make “war”. I’m not a violent person. I’d like to think of myself as intelligent, but not arrogant. I may have opinions, but that won’t make me murder anyone. I don’t consider myself stupid. Why should I? Saying “all humans” is like saying “all Italians”, or “all women”, or all “brown eyed persons”. We’re not manufactured in an Industrial Age assembly line last time I checked.

    Also, that guy is one of the most negative freakin scientists I’ve read about or heard talk. Damn. I don’t know if he’s just trying to “prove something” because he’s black or what, but, dude, take it down. You want to hear or read a much more “scientific” and optimistic scientist, check out Michio Kaku. Much more intelligent, of not wise.

    Science should be about maintaining certain parameters, I agree, but it’s also about having enough optimism, wonder and curiosity to EXPLORE, not only places but ideas and possibilities. Not like this deGrasse dude who likes to waste time being “mr. Pluto is not a planet”. (?) LoL

  16. Do a google search for ‘Apollo 20 CMDR William Rutledge interview with Luca Scantamburio You Tube correspondent. youtube’. Always suffix any URL with youtube, since the scammers like to put in their two bits to make it all look fake. Also ‘Apollo 20 Mona Lisa. YouTube’, which is of that lady pilot of the triangle craft found adjacent to the huge 2 mile long downed mother ship, holed by heavy beam weapons, it appears.

  17. Sorry about that one…….couldnt resist. Allot of the photos i have seen i have analysed with forensic software i have and they have failed…..fake…..clearly photoshop used

  18. Actually, they are not waiting. They have been visiting our planet in droves, fleets of their craft have been entering our solar system, photographed by people in the ISS (Internation Space Station), do google searchs on that. Allso, the web page ‘Latest UFO Sightings’ has a lot of information, videos and such on their web page, making deliveries twice a day to that site. I have dozens of photographs taken of them ‘hanging around’ our Los Angeles area. Another interested photographer with much more sophisticated equipment than I was also photographing them. Yesterday evening, I did a check and ‘our’ ‘guy’ was parked up there, several years later, not continous like it was a year ago. I showed some neighbors who were taking an evening walk and one thought that was the ISS, not realizing that the ISS is in orbit and moving quite fast. So it appears they are more comfortable with things as they are. LOL.

  19. Aliens found this planet to put you humans on it. you did come from some where else but you were killing the planet. we found that you disregard & displease/destructive to the other planet. so we found this one . we took you’re DNA and planted it .you think you come from monkeys. haha monkeys are better. at the moment we are just observing you and laughing at you until you find out why we put you on this planet we will just keep observing you. good bye for now beam me up.:::::::::”””””^^^^^^^****. love nature . time will run out for you. so we will do the same again take you’re DNA then wipe you out. we have found the next planet.

  20. What’s funny is they say if they contact us lol i know damn well he knows they been here for years but he also wouldn’t had a series on space on fox tv neither lol

  21. I believe that they have had contact with humans many times over the years. I believe they no longer want to because humans have always been warring animals, but now we have developed weapons that could hurt them.

  22. I see Donald Trump on TV and came to the conclusion I don’t want to meet the asshole! They watch people first before contact…. Most likely they come to the same conclusions!

  23. Jason So what your saying is that grade one school teacher with their greater knowledge and wisdom thinks that the grade one students are like little monkeys throwing shit? Maybe Aliens only contact people they know can handle it without freaking out or wanting to put them under lock and key in some lab for study!

  24. Its the old story of westerns invading more primitive civilisation s expect this time we are the primitive. We have only got to the moon……they cross galaxies……they would be hundreds if not thousands of years ahead of us. So sorry we would be like the monkies in the zoo throwing shit at each other to them

  25. no if aliens are super robots…..and they know that every life form….can destroy them…..seen that are to build to learn and survive…..and not to fight and exterminate……. ☠☼☾☄ ₪itibira₪ ✶☥✨⊀⋉☆▲▴◭

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