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Hovering ‘UFO’ found in 16th Century painting in monastery

A strange disc pouring smoke and hovering over buildings has been found in a monastery wall painting thought to date from the 16th century – and UFO researchers claim it is just one of many old paintings which seem to show evidence of visitors from another world.

The image is painted on the wall on a 14th century church in Sighisoara – thought to the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler, the historical figure on whom the Dracula legend is based.

The photograph was taken by a tourist, Catalina Borta, and sent to UFO experts at the Israeli Extraterrestrials and UFOs Research Organization (EURA).

The caption on the painting says, ‘Israel, put your hope in the Lord,’ and the image is thought to date from just after 1523, when the Bible was first translated into German.

UFO experts have drawn a comparison with other well-known paintings which seem to depict flying saucers, such as the 1710 painting Baptism of Christ by Aert de Gelder.

Nigel Watson, author of the Haynes UFO Investigations Manual says, ‘Flying saucers, UFOs and other weird objects in the sky have been depicted throughout the history of humanity. ‘

‘What appear to be UFOs and aliens appear in the cave paintings of ancient man, the reigious paintings of the Renaissance period and in the works of chroniclers and storytellers.’

‘Some of the most striking UFO images appear in Renaissance art.  As an example, a painting titled The Crucifixion depicts two spherical flying craft that plainly have a pilot inside them. It is of 1350 vintage and hangs over the altar in the Visoki Decani Monestry, Yugoslavia.’

‘In the 15th Century, The Madonna with Saint Giovannio, the artist Domenico Ghirlandaio depicts a disc-like craft with rays shooting out of it over the left shoulder of Mary. A man with a dog behind Mary are shown looking at this aerial object.’

‘The Baptism of Christ painted by Aert De Gelder in 1710 is a stunning vision of a circular craft beaming rays of light that illuminate Jesus and John the Baptist. It can be viewed at the Fitzwiliam Museum Cambridge.’

‘An explanation for these Biblical paintings is that they are symbolic representations of angels and that the beams of light from them represent the Holy Spirit. These beams of light can also represent the miraculous impregnation of Mary that led to the birth of  Jesus. Ironically, people today are literally seeing objects like this in the sky and associate their activities with the concept of ancient astronauts that it is speculated, we worshipped as Gods in the past.’

Certainly, symbolism and artistic license is at work but whether they are based on ‘real’ sightings or belief in UFOs from other realms, or not, they still give us a sense of wonder and have a powerful impact on our psyche.

Source uk.news.yahoo.com


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  1. I was watching Aliens on the History Channel yesterday and well, the drawings of alien ships go way way back in time. China had paintings that reported multitudes of them in the area at one time.

  2. and when ww3 is booming, and creating trillions for the big boys at the top, the next step will be, to tell us, that we have another problem, bigger than ww3. they will tell us that there appears to be another faction involved, that is attacking all nations. they will then announce, that this unknown faction, is not of this world, and are powerful. and the only way we can fight them, is to stop warring nation against nation, and all militaries from all nations join together, and fight this common enemy. but wait, who will control a global military? aha, a global government of course. and we will win, and beat this enemy. and then the few people left alive, will all bow down to this global government, and sing their praises. oh, is that a new world order? and a decrease in population?


  4. When i was a child im about 9 yrs old, i remember it almost 11pm our dogs constantly barking with fear, my mom started to stop them for making up noise, i decided to see my dogs in the window, and suddenly i saw a blue and white laser in the sky towards the ground and i really saw two human like but the arms are very long so they can touch the ground even they can not bend, i saw that there wearing there helmets.. Then the light disappear the two human like were left that moment i am very scared for what i saw., the two human like were produce light and creates sparks in the ground with there hands and they were gone. My mom did not see that, i thought that is my nightmare, in the morning my wakes me and i remember those human like i go out in my house and i see the evidences left in the ground

    • I read that they used to use old stone that had already been carved. It’s uncanny but but most likely just a fluke that they look like something that we now recognise. Question is, in another thousand years, would we still think they look like helicopters, or will helicopters look completely different by then…..

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