Stephen Hawking warns humanity to find aliens before they find us

GENIUS scientist Stephen Hawking has warned that humanity must seek out intelligent life before it finds us — or we could be wiped out.

Hawking, alongside Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Russian entrepreneur Yuri Milner are funding an ambitious $US100 million ($130 million) project known as “Breakthrough Listen”, which will use the world’s most powerful telescopes to listen to messages from ET.

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Hawking, 74, says a technologically advanced alien race could send our vulnerable race the way of the dodo if we’re not careful, reports The Sun.

He made the chilling claim in the documentary Stephen Hawking’s Favourite Placeson CuriosityStream.

In the program he is seen orbiting the potentially life-supporting exoplanet Gliese 832c in the animated starship U.S.S. Hawking.

Stephen Hawking warns humanity to find aliens before they find us
Stephen Hawking: ‘Find aliens before they find us’. Picture: AFP.Source:AFP

“If intelligent life has evolved (on Gliese 832c), we should be able to hear it,” he says.

“One day we might receive a signal from a planet like this, but we should be wary of answering back.

“Meeting an advanced civilisation could be like Native Americans encountering Columbus. That didn’t turn out so well.”

Dr. Michio Kaku & Stephen Hawking on Extraterrestrial Life

The revered physicist has made other doom-and-gloom prophecies concerning the rampant rise of technology.

Hawking recently warned us that the human species could be brutally finished off by rogue robots which are too strong for us to defeat.

Stephen Hawking has warned that humanity must seek out intelligent life before it finds us. Picture: Getty.
Stephen Hawking has warned that humanity must seek out intelligent life before it finds us. Picture: Getty.Source:Getty Images

The legendary boffin is one of the most prominent critics of the unrestrained development of artificial intelligence, because he fears super-smart machines could end up turning on their human creators and sending us the way of the dodo.

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Stephen Hawking warns humanity to find aliens before they find us

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120 responses to “Stephen Hawking warns humanity to find aliens before they find us”

  1. They found us a long time ago in the future and came back to our past to change what we became.
    Envy and Jealously created an artificial universe we are stuck in for the duration of the event. However the natural flow of universal energy corrects itself, when it does, it’s like when you wake up from a very weird dream.
    So look at the world and the way it is, do you really believe it is real? The Beatles, Moody Blues and others knew this but all they dared preach was “Nothing is Real” Beatles, and “We are living in a World of Make Believe” Moody Blues


  3. It’s incredible how a scientist like him can´t understand this,unless he’s just another puppet of the System of Lies trying to control Humanity, Aliens are here now,and have been since the very beginning of the first life on Earth…In fact we’re not from here,we’re the Aliens…Wake Up Mr.Hawking,you’re an Alien like us !…

  4. I don’t think its logical to assume that all alien species are going to be evil or want to do man kind harm. Their is a species on earth that is far more destructive and bent on destroying itself. Humans.

    Humans, have shown time and time again that we care more about money than a planet to live on, and will kill one another for the most primitive things.

  5. Ancient builder races have been here billions of years ago…since then, hundreds of other ETs have been here…Earth is a hot spot between wormholes… Not to mention the reptilians (Dracos) are still here and have been controlling the Illuminati and other political heads…..

  6. When i was a kid i had a Poster in my room of Aliens and had no fear of them at all.
    Till one night i “Dreamt”or”Seen”them and have feared them ever since.
    I lived homeless in my teenage years for 2 years, spent nights under the stars or in the back of a Wagon on a matress, twice i had seen UFO’s (in the meaning they didnt look like regular Earthlike Air Equipment). for the past 15 years i have had a Reacuring dream. That when im 32 years old (Curently 23)i would be Witness to the First Full Force alien Invasion. They would have been Working for our Government to Advance our technology, they made it that TV’s became Portals for them to enter Households Unkowingly and easily Eradicate us.
    Due to me Learning of these Dreams they Slowly Change and i Live Longer in my Dream as i was Aware of the Plans and expecting them.

    • It was one afternoon i was whit my mother in the kitchen my father was not around at the time him and my mom where not together at the time. She comes back from the kitchen window and told me that there is something in the sky that looks like a cigar shape so she takes me to the window and shows it to me. At the time me and my mother didn’t know what a ufo was. So i saw it and i said mommy what’s that an airplane she said no airplanes don’t stand still we went back and forth to the window and it was all way there. Later on that night i use to sleep with my mother she was asleep i was awake.we use to live in a 4 room apartment in Brooklyn the kitchen was to the left of the room we was Sleeping in another bed room to the right then the living room. So am laying in bed on my back my mother is to the left of me when i see something moving in the room to the right my mother use to live the kitchen lite that how i saw them coming in from the room on the right they where sneaking in looking side to side up and down and all around but when they notice i was watching them they started walking normal at first i thought they where little kids sneaking in but when they came closer i noticed they didn’t look like us they where little whit big heads big eyes long arms for such small bodys and they where gray and they where dress all in black. I didn’t no what an alien was at that time so i thought they where cartoons i said to myself cartoons are real so the to of them came to the front of the bed but before the one in the front stops it looks at the one in the back then they both look at me am looking at them eye to eye they in front of the bed but close to the wall in front of the bed and am thinking to myself these are cartoons remember am 5years old and they where not human they didn’t look scary i was never afraid but i use to be a shy kid so i start to but the blanket over my head and that’s when they spoke to me but i heard them in my head i don’t remember THE first words that they spoke but i remember saying to myself i can here them in my mind clearly so now they really had my attention they spoke English they ask me if I was a boy or girl they ask me where my father they would ask me questions i wood think the answer and it friendly conversion .i got out of bed and i walked over to them and i hugged the one on the right and they both hug me back i look back at my mother and said to them mommy i got back in bed next thing I remember was awaken up again to see if they where still there and that’s when i could not believe my eyes i saw them in the walls they where walking threw the walls saw this whit my own eyes they have the technology to walk threw walls i but the blanket over my head and went back to sleep. In the morning i told my mother. That’s another story. But they came back there’s more but am gona stop here for now. I wood love to tell you more my friends.true story.

    • The next day when i woke up i told my mother that 2 people came in the room last night and stood in front of the bed but that they look different she said was i dreaming or was i lieing to her. I said no mommy 2 of them came in the room but they look different she said where they black i said no mommy they look different they look like cartoons they had big head big black eyes with skinny body and long arms and that they where gray and small she thought I saw a ghost or maybe a burglar i said mommy they look like cartoons they spoke to me and i even hug them they where friendly she sat me down at the kitchen table and got a blank paper and pencil and told me to draw what I saw and i drew a big head big black eyes and a skinny body she asked me if I was lieing to her in a loud voice. Thinking back now I no what she was doing she was using reverse psychology to see if I was lieing to her she called the police they came ask me questions my mom showed them wa i drew no body had a clue wa i saw the police told my mother that it would be a good idea to change the locks so when they where changing the locks the land lords wife had heard wa happened and came up stairs and said to me this is a private house nobody come in here she didn’t believe me. But my mother told her my son saw something i don’t no what but he saw something my mother told her that there was something strange in the sky the other day the lady looked at my mother whit a puzzled face and walked away. When me and my mother where alone i told her whit my hands on the wall mommy i saw them going in to the walls they can walk threw walls mommy. She said to me i think there something wrong whit your head and i might have to take you to see a doctor. I never mentioned it to her again because now she was scaring me i now wa i saw am not crazy. 8 years later before she past away we where living some where else and she brought it up and i said wow mommy you remember i wasn’t lieing to you remember we saw the ufo mommy they where aliens from another world. I was able to explain my self better i had 5 encounter with these aliens this was the first. I have 4 more amazing story for you guys let me know if you want to hear them and if you like them every thing am saying is true.

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