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Alien Beings of Some Kind Really Did Genetically Engineer Mankind

Dr. Joseph P. Ferrell, author of “The Cosmic War” states, “There was once a very high paleo-ancient civilization long ago with science and technology far beyond our own. That civilization was inter-planetary by extent; it existed in our own celestial neighborhoods it fought a war and blew itself apart; and as it was doing so, realizing that it would lose all of its high science in initiated efforts to preserve it. The rise of the “mystery schools,” ancient religions, occult societies, and all such groups since then have been a long-term recovery process, and the people involved have been doing so covertly.”


Be careful not to let the specific words chosen by Dr. Farrell cause you to instantly dismiss what he suggests. Even the most devout Christian can find reference in the Holy Bible of the fallen angels in Genesis Chapter 6. They too came from the heavens and brought with them highly sophisticated technology. Terminology may vary a bit, but the stories throughout all ancient cultures are always the same. Modern “science” would have you believe humans evolved, however nothing in the ancient remains has been able to explain how modern man just popped up out of nowhere from cave dwellers to a highly advanced civilization with schools and their own writing in the first documented civilization in ancient Mesopotamia. Modern “science” cannot explain it, but the writings of that civilization surely do. In the following video, researcher Jim Nichols presents new evidence about how our modern world is in fact the dark resurrection of a super high-tech civilization that destroyed itself many thousands of years ago through unrestrained weapons science and occult corruption.

That theory is well in keeping with the idea that something other than man built many of the ancient megalithic structures found situated around the globe, and the secrets behind those structures are being held close to the chest by the global elite and secret societies of the planet. For what purpose? Do they know something? The ancient writings of that first civilization speak about the Ancient Anunnaki who were responsible for mankind’s ‘little push’ that accelerated the development of intelligent beings on Earth. Take a look at the evidence below and the links at the bottom and make your own decision. Before making any final conclusion, be sure to check out findings that are very recent in nature, and suggest mankind is approaching full disclosure of what our government’s really know. First, Russia Orders Obama: Tell World About Aliens, Or We Will, and then, President Obama Builds up to ‘Extraterrestrial Disclosure’

According to the Ancient Astronaut theory, in the distant past, before the dawn of civilizations, intelligent extraterrestrial beings tampered human DNA on Earth to create mankind as we know it.

According to numerous theories which seem ever more possible in recent years, ancient mankind was genetically manipulated in the past.

Without this genetic manipulation, which explains the abrupt rise in human intelligence and fast development, civilization as we know it would probably still not exist today. This is the missing link in the history of mankind.

According to many authors, the Ancient Anunnaki were responsible for mankind’s ‘little push’ that accelerated the development of intelligent beings on Earth.

One of the best pieces of evidence that supports the theory that mankind was genetically manipulated in the past by a species of intelligent Aliens is the blood type group Rh Negative.

Humans have four possible general blood types: A, B, AB and O; this classification is derived, according to scientists, from proteins which are found on the surface of cells which are designed to fight off bacteria and viruses in the human body.

The vast majority of humans beings on this planet have these proteins which means they are Rh positive.

But a minor group, the Rh Negative lacks these proteins. So how is this crucial difference explained scientifically? And why does it even exist?

Throughout the years, several scientific studies have searched for this answer.

Interestingly, the negative RH strain is characteristic, for example, of the British royal family, which has generated controversial theories about a possible extraterrestrial lineage.

Although this hypothesis has not been confirmed, the disturbing questions it generates floats in the air: how would we react to the fact that a small portion of the Earth’s population has a genetic code that has been altered in the distant past by highly advanced extraterrestrial beings?

Genesis 6:4 “God came into the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, and the same became mighty of old.”

From the King James Bible: “women children – men of Israel, male children of God, not children of man – Ex. 34:23.”

Ex. 34:7 states “The iniquity of the father will be unto the children unto the fourth generation.”


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  1. Well I believe in evolution and not a God. We are the aliens, this is what we become in a billion years. We know time is a measurement of moving objects and if moving fast enough objects around us go backwards. Just maybe these sightings are us humans from the future wanting to see what we evolved from, perhaps abducting a few people to see how we evolved.. It could be the reason they will never destroy us, because without us they don’t exist… I think it’s more likely even if there is other life in the universe maybe we are the most advanced and in thousands of year we will discover how to travel through time

  2. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence to support such claims… and to date any evidence anyone has been able to provide for independent testing for verification has been circumstantial at best (or an outright hoax at worst). In an age where almost any “official” document can be realistically forged… and even video evidence can be “modified” to look convincing, we have to be extra critical of anyone who claims to have the “truth”. Without absolute proof of one’s claims that can be tested and verified by independent researchers to come to the same conclusion… all that these claims amount to is little more than the same science fiction we see every day on TV. Most of the individuals who make these claims want us to blindly believe their claims… for reasons only they know. If you aren’t willing to blindly trust a Government that claims there are no aliens… why would you blindly trust someone with even less credibility (not that the Governments these days have much of that to begin with)?


  4. Well I hate plagiarism..so I must say that the Author of the book “Pillars of Fire the first book of Eli” has written about this very thing a couple years ago and no one is giving where it rightfully belongs..book is available at your local library and sold through out the globe.stop copying this authors theorys.give credit where due.

    • Ooooh……so its possible for a god to just pop up outta nowhere? That means than any other god can just appear outta nowhere or this ” god” is just the only lucky one to come out???

    • I’d say the word God was a replacement when the texts were edited way back when. But sounds good Pablo! I appreciate it.
      Do you happen to know where I could find any ancient texts translated to English ? Or any religious texts for decades ago even centuries ?

    • Honestly, if you disblieve in God. That’s a human choice.. But his real and Satan is real too… He likes making people believe it’s all fictional & unrealistic… Now think why would someone go to much trouble to make you disblieve?… Maybe, your onto something?…

    • 1 Corinthians 15.. Pg287 #39… All flesh is not the same flesh, but there is one kind flesh of man, another flesh of animals, another of fish, and another of birds. #40.. There are celestial bodies and terrestrial bodies, but the glory of the celestial is one, and the glory of the terrestrial is another… I’ll keep reading for more information!…

    • Honestly Pablo Rivas there is no logic in a god or the belife satan is also real. Think about this….. a god who is all mighty powerful, who knows everything and can see everything and hear everything and knows the past and future, according to the belife….. wasnt going to know before hand that his favorite angel was going to turn out to be his eternal archenemy and having the power to destroy him with a wink of an eye simply doesnt…..that his human creation would listen to a talking snake and eat the apple and in turn cause all the chaos that ensued to the point he had to drown them all, then send himself to earth to die for the original sin mankind already commited thousands of years ago is frankly absurd….now…if you told me that perhaps aliens have been visiting us for thousands of years and that mankind in their primitive state saw these beings as angels and gods….which would make more sense…..then I would complety agree that the bible is an ancient account of what could be alien intervention on earth……

    • Danny Soto, the problem with society is so many stories being created. To deny the existence of God… Those who live by Faith will see his Face & return to where meant to be… I can tell you all the things I know but what difference would it make?.. Alien’s are real and I know a story many can relate to about them and supposably God is a Alien… Before you drink the Kool-Aid… Think why so many lies?… So, many stories being created?… Jesus Christ said to be imitators of him, because he knew God’s ways… God is love & peace… I don’t know what God people are worshipping…

    • I see your full of questions like many of us… But seek & you shall find… I try to keep a open mind… But live your life by Faith!… That’s all we need to continue…

    • Pablo Rivas I can respect your belifes even thou they are not based on any fisical evidence or facts except for a manipulated and adulturated old book….what you call lies are questions and answers and investigations and discoveries made everyday that seem to contradict the bible itself……the story of Noahs flood in fact have been discovered in many much older texts found in tablets and other artifacts of other much more ancient civilizations that predate the bible thousands of years such as the story of Ziusudra found in ancient tablets of the Sumerian civikization suggesting that tbe Noah story was copied from other much older texts…..the egiptian Book of the Dead also contains what appears to be a version of the 10 commandments in a different form …..so they are not lies my friend…..science continues to search for proof of our origins and with that you have arqueologists and antropoligists and historians searching the globe for bones, fossils, ancient cities, piramids, and even in space, and soon enough they may find the truth as to us and why we are here…. to me, the lack of any proof of a gods existance simply is not a scientific probability and you cannot mix the 2……

    • Like I said I try to keep a open mind about everything. But I’ll live my life by Faith that’s all I need to accomplish God’s mission… There has always been positive & negative energy… It’s the balance of life… We have the free will to choose our path & I don’t want to make you think like me… But I’ll plant the seed about God… For man can judge for themselves… I believe saving people is the goal… We go back to good & bad…

    • You are not actually a nswering or disproving my comments with sustainable facts except that you will stick to your faith in your belifes….which is ok to me……I rather keep on searching for facts and the real truth……have a great day……..

  5. Don’t be afraid to think out-of-the-box forget the past we ware create it by Them and this is Not The First Time . Who is that here in a lot about vibrations it’s an awareness of your abilities to communicate and rise above and there is no Going BACK .

  6. Ok I sad it before you will Not lose you sole that lives for ever In the News and in Mexico all the UFO a ease of ET’s genetically modified our DNA AND GIVE US GOD TO Simplify the explanation of man ….. and one more thing that is real name is not coming back to the physical body I can live forever in a different form a different dimension .

  7. All articles that I have read believe that aliens arrived on a mission to obtain resources, possibly gold. When they began to mine the gold insufficient gold was the result, their manpower was too small and so they hybridised the human hominids and eventually got a species that became the slave workforce that has continued to be enslaved until the present.

  8. If all humans were fully awake and studied mind control techniques, I believe that we could get out of the enslavement that is the only life we have known, in spite of everything there are still many that refuse to give in, what does this say about us? It says that we are special, fully informed we will not surrender to tyranny any longer.

  9. They screwed up making the human race. The aliens probably left because humans are parasites. We use and abuse this planet. One guy will fuck over another guy to get a step up in the world, rape and murder with no thought or repercussions and absolutely everything is about money.

    • Darwins fake bro. Why is there still apes.. And monkeys species evolve as one.. Not ten here and those ones stay the same. Seeying as theres hunans and still apes seperare darein wouldnt.make sence

  10. Something wiped out a full planet of dinosaurs to make room for mammals. Then jumped one type of mammal(monkeys)thousands of years in front of all other animals.why has no other animal ever learned anything except us? This theory is the only way to explain it.

  11. THey tried they failed because of Hybrid intervention,known as Lucifer,not a devil but atroubled source came into the chain….that,s why the human race is bog standard and falling fast.

  12. The so called aliens we call were the only ones that lived on earth before humans.they engineered the humans for their experience to create something beautiful but failed in their project

  13. I always thought that humans were sent to this planet by aliens after a resource crunch on their own or in search of some metals minerals or oxygen. They sent them after due testing first by sending premitive creatures. They might have modified genes to make us survive here. Besides they must be descending from above in varioys parts of planet thats why every civilization has a concept of God that comes down from skies. It can not be just a coincidence that every civilization talks of the same or similar types of Gods

  14. Yes this whole World and all the History in it is just an experiment. Human beings own only like a scratch of a fraction of the Worlds time.
    Now think about it….
    Out of all humans have accomplished all our inventions have been done with 15% of the mind. Trying to evolve to a higher consciousness is proving to be impossible because of a system gives us no time to ourselves. Anything more than 15% would be undeserving right now.
    Who knows?!, Maybe 100% of the mind might be a scary thing and if it were to fall in the wrong hands. We are in the age of the Common Sense Starter pack if you will.
    But we are headed nowhere for a long time if we continue to invite the brainwashing, worshipping politics, and its money. Everything around you are clues, and you should start with accepting that you have a percentage of the gods in your bloods dna…

  15. Well when you look at RH negative blood types you do have to wonder why they are so different why they lack the monkey gene, why they can end up with extra ribs and vertebrae. And why they cannot hold a baby unless they have a special injection. Their blood is universal but can’t have other blood in return unless its RH negative.

  16. I dont think so….if we were genetically engineered by aliens then how come the human race is so repressed and “basic” in the functions of enlightement??. I believe the bible version of truth is the right answer.

    • we have been designed to evolve into a higher state of being. our history is the lessons we learn from,. before we learn not to burn ourselves, we must first stick our fingers in the fire…

    • Evolving into a higher state of being means we dont need to keep sticking our fingers in the fire …but history has shown us that the basic human behaviours havent learnt anything by the finger burning … therefore in my opinion aliens havnt had any impact at all and the suggestion that we have been genetically engineered is total bunk .

    • We weren’t designed at all, and if we did; the designer was probably dumb as shit as some of the structures within the human body could’ve been “designed” in a more efficient manner. Even at the microscopic level; some of our chromosomes don’t have a real purpose at all.

    • Because we have an elite that uses media to tell us what they want us to hear and see and make us believe. And with so many skeptics we have been dumbed down and made to believe that this is earth and we are humans and we wake up go to work come home and do it all over again. Basically there is no life after death there is no ghosts or aliens or Bigfoot nothing it’s all a bunch of jibberish!

    • It doesnt need politicians or brained up libetals or republicans or to be a rocket scientist to figure this out for ourselves…we got our own brain to work it out that if the aliens were that smart and gave us more enlightenment and genetically engineered our brain over time that we would see the dumbed down mind processes and behaviours we see today and actually has gotten worse over the last 100 years. Do the math people …at least thats something God gave us in the first place. It makes far more sense to me to think that God gave us a will and choices to work things out on our own .. i believe there is intelligent life but the enlightenment that we talk about from aliens is pure dumb arse shit .

  17. Humans, just like we are about to edit them again with synthetics,

    Anyone who doesn’t understand your all still talking about a stone age text that you think you evolved from,

    You didn’t your still in the stone age,

    I could teach a chimp faster then teaching humans.

  18. Hmmmm, well first off, the biblical quotations given at the end from Gen 6:4 and EX-34:23 are both incorrect and it appears that they are both intentionally incorrect. Gen 6:4 actually says the “the sons of God came into the daughters of men”, referring to angels (specifically to fallen angels) and their sexual relations with human women. EX 34:23 is also incorrect. The majority of ancient civilisations mention, record, depict, describe, reference or acknowledge the Annuniki or Nephilim but always as those who fell from above or who were thrown, cast down, flung, expelled, rejected from above. Commonly they have lost their bodies or access to their higher bodies, engage in sexual debauchery, depravity and perversion with male/female children and women, demand human sacrifices, enslave, subjugate, rule and control the local populace and demand the worship, offerings, status, title, respect and honour of a deity. Humanity has usually fought them, feared them, rebelled against them and viewed them as evil beings, intent on enslaving humanity and subjugating us. The majority of occult rites and arcane rituals involving blood sacrifice, death, rape, pedophilia, torture and demonic possession originally came from these fallen angels/Annuniki/aliens (according to myth, tradition, legend, religions, shared cultural memories and historical evidence) and are used by the majority, if not all, of the Illuminate/ Templar / NWO / global domination type secret societies that exist today (allegedly). There is nothing to suggest a spiritually enlightened, morally superior, caring, benevolent, tolerant, peaceful, generous or altruistic aspect to their characters. All evidence would seem to point to the contrary when viewed as a whole. In terms of modern UFOs, there have been 3 serious, major scientific research projects carried out, run by several of the worlds most respected researchers, top of their profession in their various fields and recognised for their excellence. Their findings and conclusions (rather surprisingly) are one and the same. They conclude that all UFO activity is extra dimensional, not extraterrestrial and that it is demonic in origin. Either way, regardless of whether one believes or accepts aliens, ufos, annuniki, God, religion, genetic manipulation and ancient alien civilisations, it is still difficult to see how he managed to draw these conclusions and arrive at this view point. The fact that the Quotations from Genesis and Exodus are both incorrect doesn’t bode well for the rest of the information that he gives. Either they are intentionally incorrect and misleading in an effort to prove his point, back up his statements and convince members of his audience, or, they are accidentally incorrect due to sloppy work, poor record keeping, bad proof reading, worse fact checking, unprofessional working practices and shoddy research. If the evidence that he hasn’t shown are of the same quality and reliability then his conclusions will be equally unreliable and erroneous.

  19. Latest on genetics as they havr gone beyond the index DNA is a general code a lot think now that we were part a planet seeding mission and as they said frankly human dna is a bit of a hack job 237 non terrestrial genes found so far and octupus has 440.000 protein sequences way in advance of us and matches no other life here are they the true inhabitants of this planet

  20. Truth is we were genetically created to be slaves a very very long time ago..and for some reason they left us to evolve on our own…gone but neva reli gone clearly been watching us for thousands years. .Probs thinking what the fuck have we created…fukin evil racist ..vile people killing each other for what money religion. ..they probs laughing at how descrutive we are.and if they put us here and can see what we become why wud they help us in tech…? So we can spread our hatred to other world’s ND civilisations…create wars on distant planets…coz that’s the kind of species we are…I dnt blame them for no contact..we need to sort our world out first b4 finding other life forms ..end of rant lol


  22. Waiting and anticipating to see my biological father when I die. He sent me back the first time I died, but I was revived at the emergency department, only coming out of my clinical death telling the E.R. staff to let me go.

  23. In genesis in the holy bible if you are smart enough to understand what happen to Adam it was a surgery done to him while GOD took out his rib to make a woman and this is obviously a genetic research

    • Sure Ron, the creator of the Universe came to this insignificant speck of dust, picked up a handfull of insignificant dust, and made a man. That is a childrens fairytale, so we wouldn’t have to tell the kids about sex.

    • Salvatore Marsiano Well, the fact remains that man, the measure of all things and the only show in town, is here, which makes this “speck of dust” a long, long way from insignificant, now doesn’t it?

    • Wrong Ron. “Only show in town ?” That’s a joke, a bad joke. We are so insignificant here, we are pathetic. I am figuring there are some 200+ Alien civilizations here visiting us. Probably from a 2,000 light year radius. And those are the “closest stars.” For you folks who don’t know what a light year is. It is the distance light travels in a year. About 5.8 trillion miles. Our Galaxy is a 100,000 light year diameter, so you can see where 2,000 light years is “close.” There are 30 Galaxies in “the local group,” that’s what we call the group we are in. Groups of Galaxies are clustered together in “groups of groups.” We call those “Superclusters.” Are you starting to get the picture ?

    • Darren Cooney umm, if ‘god’ is so weak that we areall there is…I LAUGH at your so-called ‘god’. and look how GREAT we are….wars, killing, hate, greed…..way to go god….

    • Salvatore Marsiano “I am figuring”! So what?! Talk about fairy tales! “I am figuring” doesn’t even remotely amount to facts. Life-even primitive life-has never been observed anywhere else in the physical universe. That is the fact and not a fairy tale.

    • Neil Vidican And these supposed alien astronauts are so advanced they spend all their time visiting here probing anuses and harassing people on country roads at three o’clock in the morning?

    • Darren Cooney SPARE me the hollywood, fear porn propaganda regarding abduction….and you even believe that bit, yet keep saying there’s no proof…make up your mind. Also, you want proof, do the CE5 protocols….you’ll have your proof. And where do your ‘facts’ com from? Government? NASA? NASA’s infamous Brookings Report makes NASA suspect…and why quite a few people who looked for the truth on this issue wound updead? Also, check out Canadian former minster of defense, regarding the ET issue…how much more official source do you need?

    • Neil Vidican Look, I never said I don’t believe there is something real to the U.F.O. phenomenon. I don’t think it’s bunk and I don’t think the people who experience it are delusional. I just don’t buy the Star Trek explanation. The reality of the U.F.O. phenomenon is not inextricably tied to the necessity of there being life “out there”.

    • Darren Cooney There is plenty of “Physical Proof.” You do not accept it, I do. And, the reason they are “Probing Anuses,” They can no longer reproduce, but are biologicly compatible with us. One woman said she saw a Wall full of Incubation Units, asked “How many people have you done this to ?” Answer she got was “It’s a very big number.” Now, I will have to use the word “alleged” here, because I understand that you do not accept it. It is “alleged” that the U.S. government gave that species permission to do whatever they want, experimenting on us, in exchange for back-engineering their FTL drive systems. So, I guess we will have to agree that we disagree.

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