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When it comes to manned spaceflight, a manned mission to Mars has been the ultimate goal since the 1960s; after the Moon, it’s the most logical place to go. But what about Venus?

We can’t land on the surface of Venus. At least, it would be almost impossibly difficult to design a spacecraft that could survive the planet’s hellish environment. With a carbon dioxide rich atmosphere at a pressure about 92 times what we feel on Earth and an average surface temperatures upwards of 900 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s not a welcoming environment. But about 31 miles above the surface, Venus becomes almost Earth-like.

Above most of the clouds there’s enough sunlight to provide solar power, the temperature is colder but still warm enough for liquid water to exist, and the gravity is about 90 percent of what we feel on the Earth. The gases at that altitude can also support life, albeit with a little help. There’s more than enough carbon dioxide for plant growth. The nitrogen in the atmosphere along with hydrogen gathered from floating sulfuric acid droplets could be turned into the necessary elements to support human life.

So why not build a floating city? Or explore the planet with a dirigible feature a manned cabin slung underneath? It’s something scientists at NASA’s Langley Research Centre recently proposed, and it’s a compelling idea.

And it’s not the first time NASA has explored manned missions to Venus. In the 1960s, Bellcomm, a division of AT&T established to assist the space agency in research, development, and overall questions of systems integration, studied mission concepts to send upgraded Apollo hardware to Venus. These were only ever concept studies, but it’s still a really fascinating prospect.

Really, I’m just a sucker for Venus and would love to see a more dedicated study of our hellish neighbor.

I’ve covered all of these topics elsewhere. For more on the logistics of a floating city on Venus, check out this article on Motherboard. For more on NASA’s Venusian exploration by manned dirigible, check out my latest on Nerdist. And for a look at our history exploring Venus and some of the vintage concepts for a manned mission to our planetary neighbour, check out my old blog posts here, here, and here. And yes, that’s seven year old me presenting my second grade science project on Venus.


Source www.popsci.com


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  1. Ore sent all other living to other worlds, to safe and secure their existence, and let men and women stay right here, left to suffere their own consequences, they give this Earth and all other living. Humans, not only harms and totally destroy all others species, they even have a hard time stay loyal to them self no mather how it make them feel, they lost track of point of whey exist. Sorry

    • Omnec Onec the woman who came from Venus told in her book that there is a tiny little place on Venus where it’s perfectly fine to live. It’s hidden so humans won’t find it so easily. They also live in another dimension. That’s why we all think we can’t land there.

  2. This is sad that so many people are willing to ignore scientific facts and believe in crazy ideas,so many people are mental ill and will believe in anything no matter how illogical

  3. We are just a massive humanoid tribe on this planet. We are mental and technological babies. Venus and Mars are being moved to a better orbits to support humanoid life. Mars has a mixed colony of over 30k already. iNASA knows all of this but doesn’t want to stop the cover up. This system was engineered billions of years ago and now ETs are re-engineering and stabilizing it to allow four planets to have humanoid populations. Venus, Earth, Mars, and a giant advanced planet they brought here to babysit everything. They will fix Earth once we grow up and stop polluting it to death.

  4. How do you want to colonize other planers when we can’t even get our own planet in order? I would hope any intelligent alien race would stop us from contaminating other planets.

  5. Tough call here. Our Astronomers have been telling us Venus is uninhabitable. You folks remember George Adamski ? Amature astronomer who lived on Mt. Palomar. He claimed he met people from Venus who took him there, it’s the same as Earth. Given the way our governments are lying to us, I think I would rather believe George.

  6. How can we compare these planets, other than we already have been there? And If you believe all those wacky folks who claim to have been on Mars, I guess there is no real contest. John Lear claimed that the population on Mars is 7 million, but how on earth (haha) could they have been hidden from all the telescopes that are aimed at the ‘red’ planet? And what about the Mars Rover?

  7. How? It’s the hottest planet in our solar system and the atmosphere is made up completely of carbon dioxide and temperatures reach over 800 degrees Fahrenheit not to mention the sulfuric acid clouds.

  8. Humans CANNOT colonize Venus!!! Venusians may have to RESCUE Earthlings and continue to TEACH us Advanced Technology and how to behave properly, having progressed far beyond our current FOLLY.

  9. They said is hotter. Now they changed it. Just read about it in a science mag. And ofcourse, Mercury is easy to measure, meanwhike Venus destroys everyhing enters in its atmosphere before sending any data so… speculations

  10. Why oh why would we go n live on another planet …within 20 years ther would be mosques …nuclear weopens…religeous wars ..stabbings muggins gun crime …peodophiles n worst of all corrupt goverment leaders looking after themselves n fk everyone else …
    We cant look after this planet earth …theres wars going on all over …LEAVE THE OTHER PLANETS IN PEACE FKN MORONS !!

  11. The Temperature on Venus Mid day is over 400.

    That’s enough to char meat and
    Vaporize water.

    Venus would need to have a Incredibly thick atmosphere to prevent constant solar flares.

    • Neil Vidican Mars is NOT hostile. Its reddish colour is iron in the soil (like volcanic soils here on Earth) and it has a thin light atmosphere, with both CO2 and H2O ices in the polar caps.

    • Unless you build special structures able to withstand the terrible conditions there. Another reason why Venus won’t be a target for colonization anytime soon. Perhaps when terraforming will be a reality, in the distant future.

    • Danette Collins The atmosphere there can be enriched, and there’s already CO2 and H2O in the atmosphere which is where the ices at the polar caps came from. It wouldn’t be hard to replace that atmosphere, and there’s evidence there once was such an atmosphere which appears at some point to have been either blown away or imprisoned in the crust and polar caps.

    • True, Lloyd. The only way to live there would be in special structures. Perhaps an outpost for scientific reasons, more than a colony, could be possible in the future.

    • Right, Mars imo could be colonized, eventually. Venus with its atmosphere and closer proximity to the sun, just seems too far a reach, aside from some sort of space station within its orbit.

    • Yes, I expect Venus and the jovian planets further out to be fully exploited in the future. We have an abundance of resources in the system, there’s no doubt that sooner or later governments and private companies will start collecting.

    • I believe so too. So called Free Energy is something we should have already achieved, perhaps, but for some reason we’re still relying on fossil fuel, which is a fishy notion in my book.

    • and considering all the structures and broken bits of machinery about the ground of Mars, SOMEONE lived there before…maybe they never left and went below ground. Curiosity has headlights built in…sounds like they wanna take it unerground….will we get to see that?

    • I believe that as well. Mars definitely appears to have been inhabited and I believe something cause those inhabitants to have to go underground. I believe that happened here before as well.

    • And there’s no money for tptb in free energy. Tesla wanted to provide that to everyone. He’s not even taught in school. The ones who work for the greater good of all humanity are always swept under the rug.

    • Danette Collins It’seems a tough call. Depends on if you want to accept some controversial information. There is a guy, George Adamski. He is an amateur Astronomer, lives on Mt Palomar. He claims he has been taken to Venus by some Venusian women who picked him up in the Mojave Desert, and that Venus is just as habitable as Earth. That U.S. and Russia made a deal to lie to us about it. He titled his book “Flying Saucers Have Landed.” So you can see where most folks would consider him an unreliable source. Everyone who researches him and/or reads his books will have to decide for themselves.

  12. I share the fascination for Venus, but… The problem here is the lack of resources/technology. Mars is a more realistic destination at this point in time, simply because we can already build on its surface. A floating city 31 miles above Venus’ surface is a stretch for now, unfortunately. Even if we knew exactly how to do it, the cost would discourage just about anybody.

    All in all, starting with Mars makes sense. It’s the logical place to go given its overall characteristics and the feasibility of the project, which apparently isn’t an impossible undertaking anymore.

  13. If science could fix Venus’s acidic atmosphere, then maybe desert animals could be planted, the main thing would be fixing the harsh atmosphere. Mars is the smarter choice at the moment, I wonder if there were animals on Mars.

  14. No…you are getting all wrong!! Buy tents, flour, water distiller and ply-boards. Go to Haiti. You can get there by boat. That’s a certainty. Going to the moon was a great maybe, then Venus or Mars? Just another cover story to mask a “secret” expenditure. Pull my leg. Or better yet, suck my dick.

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