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Actress Claims Royals Are Aliens and The Possible Connection with Globalists Master Plan (Video)


Instead of saying that they are lizards (probably to protect herself) actress Helen Mirren has described the Royal Family as“aliens” which she intends to say, according to TheIndependent, that the Royal Family are the same flawed, insecure, vulnerable, complicated human beings as we are, but living in a world which is so beyond our understanding.

There are not many people who dare to say that the Royal Family are connected to the Illuminati, probably involved in Satanic rituals and is part of NWO’s master plan to enslave us.

It is clear that the inner circle around Diana knew about her knowledge on the true nature of the Royal Family’s genetic history and the reptilian control. How plausible is Diana’s statement to her close friend taking into account that Diana is murdered before she was able to open the Royal secrets to a wider audience!

Diana’s nicknames for the Windsor were the “lizards” and the “reptiles” and she used to say in all seriousness: “They’re not human”…



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  1. them drako ….ain’t nothing like us , and the socalled Royals are mostly creeps ….to be able to live among their own and be so unjust as to take all for themselves ….crap fuck the whole royalty crap they are in on it …..with their nasty livity ..just wait when it all comes into the light …there’s so much more …beyond our imagination.

  2. i literally just saw a UFO 10 mins ago. looked like a star….then grew into a giant red ball and moved slowly onward, red light went off, leaving just a star like appearance…then completely vanished…. im dumbfounded right now. no man made aircrafts are able to do what i saw…

  3. Well, people in China since ancient till now still believing about The Dragon God, it’s a deity whose the real shape in ancient scriptures and paintings depicted as dragon/reptile. But he can take shape as a human when having contacts with the mortals.

  4. The royal families are all HiRu from the anunnaki.
    There actually hybrids.
    The 40 years in the desert was to purify their bloodlines and plot the overthrow of the Elohim.
    The HiRu don’t consider modern Hebrews as true HiRu.

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