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Massive UFO appears next to the ISS as NASA cuts live feed transmission again

A massive UFO appeared on NASA’s live feed filmed by the onboard cameras of the International Space Station. As the alleged UFO came closer, NASA decided to turn off the transmission causing rage among UFO believers. UFO hunters claim that this is conclusive proof that Alien crafts are visiting Earth. Is this the Black Knight Satellite?

UFO hunters and those who follow the international space station orbiting our planet have again accused NASA of cutting the live broadcast from the International Space Station (ISS) in order to hide evidence of the existence of extraterrestrials in space.

This time is a ‘massive’ four-armed UFO appeared near the station and can be seen in a video uploaded to YouTube channel belonging to “UFO hunter” Streetcap1.

According to Streetcap1, the video uploaded on October 20 shows a mysterious object appearing in the distance and approaching the International Space Station. As the UFO became ‘visible’ on the live feed, NASA turned off the transmission.

After ‘analyzing the footage’. UFO hunter Scott C. Waring wrote on UFO Sightings Daily:

„The video shows a long armed UFO in the distance. As proof that the UFO is there, as the sun light comes around, the UFO begins to light up, but not before NASA goes to blue screen. I feel that the public is trusting NASA less and less when it comes to revealing life on other planets. Their true goal seems to be to gather important intelligence, and drip feed the public enough to satisfy their curiosity.“

According to Warring, the video footage clearly shows how sunlight is reflected from the body and arms of the UFO, causing them to ‘light up’ in space. The increasing brightness of the mysterious object due to the reflection of sunlight shows that it is a real solid object most likely made of metal approaching the International Space Station.

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    • If you cant get past a simple grammatical error how do you expect to get past much else if you are seeking to open your mind and consciousness. This is a 3rd density way of thinking…

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      Jupiter doesn’t orbit the Sun.
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      They have found Thor s hammer.
      Vatican have a Time Machine to let them look into the future and past
      They have found found Atlantus

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