Will Trump reveal aliens exist? New President vows to ‘unlock mysteries of space’

THE NEW president of the United States vowed he would “unlock” the mysteries of space during his inauguration speech.

While vowing to improve life for everyday Americans and insisting to put power in the people’s hands, the billionaire businessman also made a bizarre comment about outer space.Donald Trump has not been quick in coming forward to say he believes in aliens, and has never said all the confidential UFO sighting papers should be released.
However, after he became the 45th president of the USA on Friday, Mr Trump made reference to discovering non-earthly beings.He said: “We stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space, to free the Earth from the miseries of disease, and to harness the energies, industries and technologies of tomorrow.”A new national pride will stir our souls, lift our sights, and heal our divisions.”During her campaign Hillary Clinton made it clear she would do all she could to release secret files on UFO’s.She even vowed to send a task force inside the mysterious Area 51 top secret military base in Nevada, where many people claim crashed UFO parts are stored.

Will Trump reveal aliens exist? New President vows to 'unlock mysteries of space'

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Donald Trump took the presidency of the US at the White House today

Despite Mrs Clinton’s promises, Trump fans said he was more likely to get things done.The space section of his speech certainly got Mr Trump some attention on Twitter.One user wrote: “What a crazy speech by Trump. “We are going to explore the mysteries of space”. Space? Is that were Trump is going to deport the Mexicans?”

Will Trump reveal aliens exist? New President vows to 'unlock mysteries of space'

Donald Trump and wife Melania at the inauguration in Washington

Another said: “Let today be known as the day Donald Trump for some reason decided he’s gonna unlock the mysteries of space.”

One wrote: “My fave bit was when Trump became a crazy time lord ‘we stand at the birth of a little millennium ready to unlock the mysteries of space’.”


Source www.express.co.uk

Will Trump reveal aliens exist? New President vows to 'unlock mysteries of space'

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309 responses to “Will Trump reveal aliens exist? New President vows to ‘unlock mysteries of space’”

  1. Disclosure is already happening for a while now, all the films, books, kids programes even sum of the technology we hv is another step to the big one, it has to be as normal as everyday life frm one generation to the nxt my grandkids see it all over kids programes daily an they never question it as out of place, everyday I hear “when they going to dissclose it” like sum on here, wake up dissclosure has been going on for a good few decades now, u only gt to look and see around u, its everywhere

  2. most of you are preety silly, yous are saying that the truth can’t and won’t come out? Doesn’t that in itself tell you something? Why do you need to be told the truth if you already believe it?

  3. The powers that be will not allow such knowledge to reach the public until the very last drop of fossil fuels have been taken from the earth. Admitting what they know would be admitting that they are destroying our planet for profit by using outdated 19th century technology when they could provide us with clean free energy. This life changing and preserving technology would interfere with the status quo’s profit and most likely would take the power and wealth that the church so proudly enjoys by sticking to their original fairy tale/LIE! At that point the religious fanatics would loose their minds wheen they were officially informed that their really is more than just heaven, the sun, moon, earth and Hell in existance like their creation fairy tale tells them about when the 6000 years ago, LOL the existance of time space and the earth was all created in 6 days.

  4. I thought retarded trump kept saying media lies lies lies. How can I ever believe you retarded trump. All media you mentions are lie lie. Whichever news am I supposed to watch that tell you truth enough to see it over 317 lies within 64 days.. hahaha

  5. Its about time…..they just keep pretending hew-mons are the only life forms. Yeah right…..they come to look at the animals. They go ooo my what savage beasts those life forms are.

  6. What makes you think Trump would even know about Aliens, let alone reveal anything!
    This dude is obsessed with his twitter account to run the nation and go after anyone that criticizes his policies or lack of. First US president in history that relies on social media to boots his ego and image.

  7. If Dump vowed it you know it was a lie, nothing more than a statement to get people to cheer for him to give his fragile ego a little boost among all his constant 100% FAILURE rate

  8. they will never do that, they kept hidden this for 7000 years or more. so why now people think that someone will disclose !! its a very top secret stuff, and people have been murdered for disclosing any evidence .

  9. I think there has only been a few that have been told the truth about aliens Trump won’t be one of them. Then again he might be one himself he pulls some strange faces at times.

  10. Presidents dont know shit about aliens just because you get in office dont mean you get access to anything besides the nuclear clearance. By the way maybe trump will blow the libtards up that wrote this article.

    • Spoken like a True alternate reality free of fact residing Trumpian. Trump doesn’t have the mental capacity to understand that nuclear weapons if he launches will only affect those who his “WONDERFUL VERY BIGLY DIVINE SUPERIOR SELF” claims he intends for them to affect just like you seem to “think” that they would only affect those of us who believe in fact, reality, science, what we see with our own eyes or hear with our own ears before Trump gives the commands of what you are to think you “saw”, :heard” “think” and “believe”. You know those of us who you fact free Alernate Trump reality devoted Trumpians would call, libreal or more often as you would parrot other member of your cults terminology and call the intelligent, sane members of society, “Libtards”. Unfortunately for you fact free alternate Trump Universe, REALITY is the REAL WORLD and FACTS are REAL, unlike your saviors/Trump’s, “Alternate Facts”/INTELLIGENCE INSULTING LIES!

  11. Yes he is into space but thats it the money is there we already no there is life out there it comes down to just maths …
    But no green fucking amazon sexy alien has ever bin here in the last 50 years maybe 2000 years ago come on light speed bending space by the time they come back we will be dead and it dont really matter does it .
    I mean we are animals we kill each other every day there are children diying because they dont have food or water …
    We are just walking bacteria .
    A long time ago someone had a good idea god that will help them live .stay controlled .
    2000 thousand years ago god was created .
    But the earth is billions of years old .
    So to my point we should all learn to love and live and luck after each other .
    Stop all poverty starvation death crime murders all these things happen because we all want to be happy but get fucked up along the way .
    Bactraia never wins it alawys dies .

  12. You really think he could keep that a secret?? He can barely manage a Twitter account without posting something before checking his facts!! I don’t think they’d even trust telling Drumpf of there was E.T. life!!

  13. let’s hope so but every president that has said something about it has always came back with the same excuse they is nothing there and then they seam to make jokes about it.

  14. USA never ever will reveille anything even with all evidence in front of the face. Will be Russia for sure, anyway we don’t need anyone to reveille anything we are all sick and tired to know that aliens exist and there are lots of other races in other worlds, give us a break

    • Absolutely! The hard evidence has already been placed in front of the world by Timothy Good, but for a contemporary update read ‘The Third Explanation’ Amazon by Brian Noble, a quite extraordinary scientific account of our origins based on empirical evidence.

  15. as a human?? i would say if there was two questions i would ask would be” is there life after death and do aliens excist,, and i believe 100 % yes becouse of my own expieriences, ( a know i cant spell’ am only human) if you see or even communecate with a ghost or spirit a man of the cloth ‘ clergy preist would say its the devils work, if you have an encounter 12345 kind, your dreaming or its a weather baloon, ether way were fck’t, 1st as a human race we need to ecept the fact that the so called leaders of this planet are spineless greedy evil puppets to a higher order, your politician are prostitutes to the bankers,, what is the truth?? i believe wat i see, & feel, we are slowly waking up and more and more are beiliving somthing aint right,,, am at an age now were i couldnt give a fck but feel sorry for the kids growing up in this evil run planet,,, who knows them up stairs might just land on the whit house lawn ,, but do you think the media will cover it,,,,, lets hope they do eh”’ love this stuff i hope i dont afend any one and its good that up to now we can share our thoughts and oppinons,

  16. This topic, is way above his pay grade…The (Military) Industrial Complex within the Black Ops Conglomerate, will shut him down, just they did starting with President Eisenhower….

  17. Oh come on we know they exist, the person who reveals the truth is the only one to go in the history books, not somebody that agrees but the first, you don’t get anything for second. Personally I think it will be Russia, America will have that many law suits against them it would be impossible. They have lied that much it would be too costly. You

  18. Just get on with it, we’re not stupid we know they exist & are real so I don’t know why it’s taking so long & tell the truth, but to be honest I don’t think they will ever tell us, to scared of what might happen

  19. Trump is surrounded by traitors and worse. He has his hand full but the safest thing for him to do is disclose before they can act.

  20. É muito divertido ler todos esse comentários quase irados, furiosos. Porém, é preciso aprofundar mais o raciocínio em torno dessa questão. Até que a verdade absolutamente honesta seja tirada dos porões eu fico com minha própria opinião.

  21. Im interested in this … because the evangelical right on aliens are that they are “demons” from hell. There is huge evidence from around the world that they exist and there is biblical evidence to suggest they are real. Im interested in mike pence view on this one ….

    • American comedian Jack Benny was taken by his mate President Eisenhower to veiw Alien body’s or so the story goes and from what I’ve learned so was Kennedy a few years later but he wanted to share his information with the world probably another reason for him wanting to smash up the CIA but that’s another story see Colonel X’s testimony (played by Donald Sutherland) to Jim Garrison in JFK

  22. if disclosure ever happens, humans wont do it.

    aliens will disclose their existence to us when we are ready.

    by the looks of things…humanity is going backward.

    we need worldwide peace…then they will arrive and gift us with immense knowledge and technology.
    this is one theory.

    i prefer to believe some sort of disclosure event will happen in 2017-2024.
    Anunnaki are returning to help guide us into a more peacefully coexists. its Nibiru’s time to line up with earths orbit soon. thats when they came the last time….

  23. Presidents get limited information on any alien information.
    It’s called plausible deniability.
    The secret government controls that kind of stuff.
    It would literally take aliens landing in the open to disclose anything

  24. That’s because their is no space. The world you all thought you live in is a huge massive global brainwashed Society. And if you think they are real? Or have seen one? Or getting visited by one? Either turn yourself to god or find a cultural way to seek help.

  25. I hope we all read between the lines there. I did. Time to reveal the suppressed technologies that will heal people and the planet and take Humanity to a new future of prosperity, health and love.

  26. No…Jesus Christ…you fucking fools really think that a government, any god forsaken government is really going to disclose anything at all about aliens and expose the prospect that they are way more advanced than the rest of society by reverse engineering crashed shit? You really think they would violate national security by coming forward with the truth? Put it plainly, governments…ALL GOVERNMENTS operate and function based solely on lies and deception. The second any form of truth is injected into any government, it collapses. Get fucking real. Unless an alien lands on the white house lawn on national tv ( and MSM will say it is a hoax or false news), or begins firing salvos of plasma based weaponry on populated areas from giant ass mother ships in orbit, aliens and their existence will ALWAYS be denied by EVERY government forever and ever amen.

    • Aliens wil have to do the reveal, and they won’t Actually, I highly doubt that these “aliens” are what people think they are. Every person who has been abducted by aliens has had the abduction end immediately when they muttered 3 syllables…Jesus Christ. The abduction events ended IMMEDIATELY, and this comes from several ufo researchers. I can provide links. These “aliens” aren’t aliens in the sense that they are “ET”, but they are from an alien dimension, and are here to take over mankind, and have ZERO INTENTIONS of helping humanity do anything but destroy themselves so that they have souls to torment in hell for eternity. People are buying the deception. These ” aliens” are actually fallen angels, and only a fool would think they have good intentions. Yeah yeah, I know, I must be crazy, but no more crazy than people who commune with these entities via astral projection or shoving crystals up their butts and vibrating their names or other such BS, as they claim. Also note, those who commune with these beings, when said beings are asked about Christ, they try to discredit him. Odd…why would aliens know anything at all about Christ if he is just a fable as most liberals and atheists and spiritualists claim? When they reveal themselves, and they will, it will not be in the way people expect, and they won’t be here to do anything for our benefit. The book ” How to Serve Humans” is a cook book

    • well I have Christian leanings, but myself I wouldn’t be bothered one way or another with aliens simply because I wouldn’t limit a creator being…meaning, why would a creator guy NOT make a bunch of retarded species and populate a universe he created? he could probably make all kinds of interesting stuff, but my thing is the distances. Stuff is way too far away to just be planet hopping all casual like, even warping space would take incredible amounts of energy…more than a planet’s resources could ever generate, just sayin. Sure there may be generational alien ships floating along, living and dying and cannibalizing nebula and asteroids to keep going, but seriously if you think about it, we are in a really out of the way spot in the galaxy, and have you seen the actual structure of the universe with filaments made of clusters of galaxies? You couldn’t even pinpoint our galaxy dude….however…fallen angels know exactly where we are.

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