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The Dendera Temple complex is one of the best preserved temple complexes in Egypt. The complex covers approximately 40,000 square meters. Also the site of the famed Dendera light relief, Dendera is an incredible site.

The building that dominates the Complex is the main temple, which is called the Hathor temple and is dedicated to Hathor who was the goddess of love, joy and beauty.

One of the strangest and most intriguing parts of the site however are the stairs leading up to the temple roof. The stone steps appear to be melted. It’s hard to imagine what could have melted solid stone steps such as these. The temperatures that would be need to melt solid stone such as this would have to have been tremendously high.

It is said that some of Dendera was built over an even older site, and while no conclusive proof has ever been found, there has been speculation of nuclear war in ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egyptian sites still hold many secrets, looking at this melted stone passage just leaves us wondering, what could possibly have melted these stone steps?

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  1. its not because walking on, its caused by very high temperature heat, this is seen at the atomic level. there are similar sites in India and at the Trinty atomic bomb test site in the USA. the Indian text The Mahabharata describes nuclear explosion caused by alien perfectly to what we see in a nuclear explosion videos today

    • Which you mention there is more advance weapon in mahabharta .They are target based ,like if you target to some one ,so they finished there work.Like brahamastra .And brahmahastra stop only if counter part firing amother brahmastra.And destruction occur ,a huge when both collision in mid path.Than a huge energy were born,a huge distruction would be happening .But if you disturb this ,than they complete there objective with silent mode.

  2. All you have to do is read the ancient texts and it’s truly obvious that these weapons were used, King Sheba had the Brama weapon I believe. And some of the desserts have victrafied glass, so if you seek the truth it’s there.

  3. Its not Emc2 war destroys humanity the real harmagedon is the giantic solar dust or solar winds that content a actualy stone from the sun that caching of our planet that might been happened again in the near Time

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