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Found! Tomb Hidden Underneath The Sphinx Containing The Giant Sarcophagus Of The First God-King Osiris!

Osiris, lord of the dead…

The foremost of westerner’s, he who is permanently benign and youthful, God of the afterlife, people call him by many different names. But the one thing we don’t call him is real.

Today we consider him only a myth. But what did the ancient Egyptians consider him? The first Pharaoh.

From the first time called “Zep Tepi” A time before Egypt existed this God King descended from the stars and taught man the knowledge of civilization. And ruled over the humans that worshiped him. In fact, the entire Egyptian culture is a copy of his style.

All pharaohs attempted to mimic his look. The crown, the beard, the crook and flail and so on.

The only thing they couldn’t copy was his dark green skin…



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  1. Mr huwass and the Egyptian antiquities office new of this chamber after ultrasound and cavity resonance showed a large room with passages leading away from it.as cacey predicted.what they are finding isn’t reaching the public domain though…

  2. That’s my point the FBI or CIA invented Isis what I’m trying to figure out is why they would create a false terrorist group and call them Isis with a degraded disrespect her name by doing something like that

  3. I’m not sure if this is accurate I’m going to have to do more research but for my understanding I’ve already watched a show and a documentary already found Osiris’s sarcophagus but it was not in the location that this particular website says they found it makes me think a little bit so going to have to do more study

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