Has Nasa found ALIENS? Space agency to announce ‘discovery beyond our solar system’

The US space agency will hold a press conference on Wednesday, February 22, to discuss a major discovery from beyond our solar system.NASA says it has important details to discuss regarding exoplanets beyond our galactic neighbourhood, but left much to the imagination with its brief press release.New findings will be presented “on planets that orbit stars other than our sun, known as exoplanets”, but did not elaborate.Exoplanets are constantly being discovered, including an announcement last week that 60 more had been found.

Worlds beyond our solar system are constantly being discovered
Many of these are what scientists regard as “Earth-like” as they share similar features to our planet, and have even been found in their respective host stars goldilocks zone – the region where a planet orbits its star and is not too hot nor too cold to support life, much like Earth.The press conference, which will be streamed live on Nasa TV, will begin at 6PM UK time (1PM locally in Washington) and the panellists will include an array of astronomers and planetary scientists.

solar system
Nasa has discovered something beyond our solar system
With the shock announcement, many took to social media to discuss what they hope will be revealed at the conference.One person wrote on Twitter: “@NASA hosting press conference on ‘discovery beyond our solar system’ | timing is perfect for it to be aliens.”
The Kepler space telescope has discovered over 1,000 new exoplanets
Another added: “I’ll be very sad if NASA’s announcement isn’t aliens.”However, others took a more pessimistic approach.Obviously disappointed with Nasa’s previous press conferences, Twitter user @Anonyphant said: “I’m always disappointed with these. @NASA please stop calling them major press conferences unless it’s f***ing aliens. Okay?!”While another said: “NASA’s discoveries are always lame it won’t be aliens who cares.”


Source www.express.co.uk

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  1. NASA couldn’t find it’s ass with both hands let alone the truth about anything. Totally worthless agency. They should not be allowed to shut off the feed every time a ufo, or Solar Warden ships, fly by. They’re pay is from our tax dollars.

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