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Has Nasa found ALIENS? Space agency to announce ‘discovery beyond our solar system’

The US space agency will hold a press conference on Wednesday, February 22, to discuss a major discovery from beyond our solar system.NASA says it has important details to discuss regarding exoplanets beyond our galactic neighbourhood, but left much to the imagination with its brief press release.New findings will be presented “on planets that orbit stars other than our sun, known as exoplanets”, but did not elaborate.Exoplanets are constantly being discovered, including an announcement last week that 60 more had been found.

Worlds beyond our solar system are constantly being discovered
Many of these are what scientists regard as “Earth-like” as they share similar features to our planet, and have even been found in their respective host stars goldilocks zone – the region where a planet orbits its star and is not too hot nor too cold to support life, much like Earth.The press conference, which will be streamed live on Nasa TV, will begin at 6PM UK time (1PM locally in Washington) and the panellists will include an array of astronomers and planetary scientists.

solar system
Nasa has discovered something beyond our solar system
With the shock announcement, many took to social media to discuss what they hope will be revealed at the conference.One person wrote on Twitter: “@NASA hosting press conference on ‘discovery beyond our solar system’ | timing is perfect for it to be aliens.”
The Kepler space telescope has discovered over 1,000 new exoplanets
Another added: “I’ll be very sad if NASA’s announcement isn’t aliens.”However, others took a more pessimistic approach.Obviously disappointed with Nasa’s previous press conferences, Twitter user @Anonyphant said: “I’m always disappointed with these. @NASA please stop calling them major press conferences unless it’s f***ing aliens. Okay?!”While another said: “NASA’s discoveries are always lame it won’t be aliens who cares.”

Source www.express.co.uk


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  1. NASA couldn’t find it’s ass with both hands let alone the truth about anything. Totally worthless agency. They should not be allowed to shut off the feed every time a ufo, or Solar Warden ships, fly by. They’re pay is from our tax dollars.

  2. You can bet your ass that if NASA did discover aliens they would never go against the orders of the deep state and the shadow government, meaning it would never be disclosed to the public.

  3. The Sumerians just look up the Sumerians and UFOs and aliens. The Bible is full of them. Ancient paintings drawings and carvings have them on them. The Freemasons and the Illuminati group do not want you to know the truth about how they got here we

  4. When you look back through the centuries of the so-called Kings who were God’s from the Stars and had so much wealth what has really changed, look at Westinghouse a very powerful industrialist who when Tesla wanted to free mankind and give people unlimited electrical power, Westinghouse blew a head gasket he was so mad that he said he did not want him to invent anything that he could not put a meter on it and charge a rate, when you look at the world today we think we are so in control but the common man we’re all a bunch of slaves we just get to choose what company we will work for or what we will do the real power is the shadow government that rules all these nations, their biggest fear was it would tear down religious beliefs because we found alien life, that is not true , the God I believe in is Unlimited in power Almighty, has made countless Stars and I believe civilizations far more advanced than we, are we to think that God only made just us in this big gigantic universe would be kind of like putting limitations on God, and he is unlimited in power, it would not shake my believes in God, but the few people at the top in this world I believe want to keep us all controlled they only want enough knowledge to make our lives better but we pay for it look at cell phone technology today unbelievable and how fast it advances, and this is military technology that is probably 50 to 75 years old

    • You’re right Omar Ruelas the technology the military has is way above what we have in everyday life and I believe it could be a hundred to three hundred years or more in advance look at how we fight Wars today with all these drones and these drones are so precise and they are really old technology, I have friends who are survivalist and have all these arms but like I tell them it really won’t matter, the military’s technology is so far advanced that I don’t believe their arms are going to save us it might be to put up a good fight just for a few minutes in the beginning but the secrets that they hold in the technology they hold is like a something in science fiction!!!

  5. Yes, a long time ago, but they’re not going to admit it. Everything is a lie and hidden from society for someone elses agenda and the rest of us are not included, my, my how spiritual is that.

  6. Probably just another announcement that THEY THINK a far off planet can sustain life. They think being the key words here. Besides we could never get there, as we have to rely on the Russians to just get into low Earth orbit………….Pretty sad I would say.

  7. It’s funny that just discovered it now with all the sighting sightings and all the people who have been abducted throughout the years, they think we’re that stupid so why is it they want to tell us about aliens now? Besides I’ve met some people I think are aliens there are some real winners out there …

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