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Third Snowy Pyramid Recently Discovered in Antarctica Could Rewrite History

Though not everyone is willing to admit it, our planet is full of relics and monuments that prove Earth was once populated by extremely advanced civilizations. Point in case: the third ice-covered pyramid discovered in Antarctica!

Ever since the service was released, Google Earth been a boon not just for conspiracy theorists but also for anyone looking to uncover clues about what lies hidden beyond sight. If you need a good vantage point, you need good eyes and altitude. Satellites have both.

The latest in a group of three snow-covered pyramids was recently discovered through Google Earth satellite imagery and in a few days, the finding has taken the alternative history communities by storm. Two of the pyramids can be found approximately 10 miles inland while the third rests near the coastline.

pyramid antarctica

The implications of this discovery are complex and if accepted, it could turn the scientific world on its head. No history book ever mentioned an Antarctic civilization with the skills and technology necessary to erect enormous pyramids. There is one apparent reason behind this situation and by the looks of it, it would suggest tech-savvy civilizations existed on Earth a long time before our own emerged.

Antarctica is now a frozen wasteland but it wasn’t always like this. It got to its current position through plate tectonics, inching closer to the geographic South Pole year after year. Millions of years ago, Antarctica’s climate was much warmer because its position was closer to the equator. This is established fact backed up by several accepted discoveries, not some wild speculation.

Some years ago, the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) uncovered evidence that the antarctic climate was much different in the distant past.

Go back 100 million years ago,” BAS’s Dr. Vanessa Bowman said “and Antarctica was covered in lush rainforests similar to those that exist in New Zealand today.”

Another expedition –led by NASA and involving 11 other scientific organizations– discovered out-of-place microbial life forms in the depths of Antarctica’s Lake Vida, trapped under a sheet of ice 65 feet thick. The microbial colonies had been prospering in isolation for millions of years and scientists believe they are the descendants of microorganisms that lived in a much warmer climate. Who knows what other enigmas lay buried in ice, hopelessly waiting to be revealed.

antarctica pyramid
The resemblance is unsettling.

Even with today’s technology, building structures as massive as the pyramids of Antarctica would be nearly impossible. There are simply too many problems relating to manpower and the logistics required for such a project. If building these mysterious monuments were to be a viable venture, it must have taken place in the past, when Antarctica was a favorable place for human life.

And this opens up a king-sized can of worms. The continent was habitable only in the very distant past, but mainstream science says the wheel wasn’t invented until some 6,000 years ago. At the same time, anatomically-modern humans are said to have mastered fire only 125,000 years ago. So where do these controversial pyramids fit in? Are they evidence of an ancient advanced civilization or do we need to stretch our imagination even further and regard them as proof of time travel? The mind boggles when we remain attached to our outdated beliefs.

Proponents of alternative history and fans of the ancient aliens hypothesis have no problem in accepting the parallel reality generated by such discoveries. It’s not hard to see and accept that we aren’t the first and though it may seem this way, we probably won’t be the last.

Thousands of years after they were built, we are still fascinated by the Egyptian pyramids. The monuments left behind by their society have stood the test of time and in more than one way, they’ve granted their builders immortality. Keeping that in mind, what could be said about pyramids that are millions of years old? Does that put our own lives into perspective and make us see the bigger picture?

Or do we recoil in egotistic dismissal?

Source ufoholic.com


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  1. I hate to say, but the Birdseye view picture doesn’t coincide with the larger picture.
    The extra peice of rock in the small picture is directly inline with one edge of the pyramid, while in the large picture it is slightly off.
    Also the shadow seems to swap sides, assuming they were both taken at the same time of day.

  2. “I could not help feeling that they were evil things — mountains of madness whose farther slopes looked out over some accursed ultimate abyss.

    ― H.P. Lovecraft, At the Mountains of Madness and Other Tales of Terror

  3. Hi! Whoever is reading this, I understand how rough things are right now. I just want to let you know that things will get better, I promise. Keep holding on just a little bit longer. I know you feel like nobody really cares. You’re wrong, stop denying it. I care, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this. You’re not alone, we may be miles away but we’re all going through the same things. Please keep holding on.

  4. This ain’t our first rodeo. As our rock travels through the universe the poles have painted the entire globe many times over. We have come and gone and come again since the begining of time and have probably been too proud to see it every time.

  5. It will only rewrite history for the few who get to explore the region… Everyone else will still be none the wiser and denied any real facts about anything found (if anything is found)…..

  6. Anlaşıldıki antarktika da bir zamanlar kıta idi yine kıta tabiyki antarktika daki pramitleri dozerlerle karlarını temizleyip orataya çıkarıcak arkeologlar araştırmacılar şart belki piramitlerin bulunduğu yer mısır gibi bir zamanlar şehir vardır tabiyki kazı kar temizliği yapılmaya başlanırsa piramitlerin mısır firavunları tutankamonları ile ilgisi var olduğu kanısındayım oralarda karlar içinde donmuş madeniyet orataya çıkarılmayı bekliyor bence

  7. Each generation has its own God ordained Chosen One’s Who help their peers get ready to shift from this earth to Gods next level of reality for us all beyond our current ‘knowns’.

    Each generation leaves its own mark.

    There are numerous pyramids all over the planet.

    Everyone will learn firsthand for ourselves here soon.

    Our generations shares THEIR story at –
    CosmicAxioms.com … the menu tabs are at the top of the page.

  8. Strange as it sounds maybe HP Lovecraft knew something. In “The Mountains of Madness” about lost civilization in Antarctica. Also in other stories mentioned life there; alien albeit eons ago.

  9. That is absolutely not a natural formation I here Atlantis is under the snow their are many secrets under this snow that I have a feeling we will be wiped out before we solve our existence on this planet

  10. I’m sure they were built by some ancient alien civilisation using the technic of mind over matter.who knows perhaps theyr still inside growing their own crops an hemp

  11. Alex is right. Now for those who doubt about ancient high tech knowledge: building and living in square buildings and building and living in pyramid buildings does not make any difference because both types of buildings have straight lines and angles. It’s all about how you want to apply your knowledge of geometry.

  12. So if they had technology. To. Building. Pyramids. Then where did they live . why would they live in building. Made out if. Rocks. Wouldnt they be. More advanced then us so why Wouldnt. They live in building bigger and better then ours

  13. Loo here is some facts I have the pleasure in sharing
    Many many many thousands of years ago we arrived on this planet and unlike now we was united as one across the planet with a few stragglers aside and had technology that surpassed ours of today then pole shift occurred like the one we are due soon again only a few survived due to their location all technology dissolved back into the earth except a few things mate of stone n crystal ……and here we are now part way through our rebuilding and understanding of who we are again ….people will see the truth one day if they went all blinded the to the.lies that are fed to us as children …..
    Just my humble knowledge

  14. These pyramids would of had to been built millions of years ago, when Antarctica was a lush rainforest. According to scientists, humans didn’t even discover how to use fire until only 125,000 years ago. So who built these massive pyramids? These outdate the Egyptians.

    • It’s possible we have repeating the same cycle constantly destroying and rebuilding civilization throughout time, however we have no real evidence of this. It’s just a postulated theory but I’m not taking away the possibility of it. It could be either or at this point. Either we have been here longer than we know and have progressed through many advanced civilizations like our modern time now which all ended in cataclysmic catastrophe or we were visited by other intelligent beings that showed and helped us progress. It could even be both cases but we won’t ever truly know.

  15. Nothing to do with ufo’s its already agreed that antactica used to be a warm environment with a civilisation. When the tectonic plates shifted the weather on that land mass was different. Because it used to be more north.

    • Really? Then I guess humanity all casually had the blueprints, equipment and some desire to build piramids…..in antartica, peru, bolivia, china, mexico, egypt, and who knows where else……

    • That was millions of years ago…we did not even have rudimentary tools yet. Humans weren’t around during pangea. The farthest we can trace the first man-made pyramids is around 9-13 thousand BC. If this is a pyramid it was certainly not built by man.

    • Everybody has their facts that’s cool! But what if your facts came from an untrustworthy source? We the human race regurgiatate 99% of what we learn and hear. We don’t have the time or resources to answer some of the simplest questions such as the earth being a sphere or flat! Look the fact is that we as a human race seem to have to technology to go on and figure this stuff out once and for all. I’m not talking about mathematical equations or this and that! I’m talking about instead of putting all our faith in almighty government why don’t we the people have our own research programs? Our own fkn Nasa for godsakes! A tranparent operation that tells the people who fund it what is actually going on! Aren’t you people the human race sick of the elites pinning us against one another and driving our world into infinite debt?

      But go on I love how “facts” are just another false belief in something big brother shoved down our throats!

      Wake up game is over good day

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