UFO Recorded In This Weeks The Walking Dead TV Show, S07E10, Feb 2017

Date of sighting: February 21, 2017
Location of sighting: Walking Dead S07E10

Here is the last place you would expect to find a UFO…on The Walking Dead set from this weeks episode. The UFO is at 28:27 minutes into the show. It was found by Lampicka PSN of Youtube and shows a dark object that moves from the right to the left of the screen. The UFO is a dark disk and showed up on purpose. UFOs have have mind control, especially good for making you temporarily forget what you saw, and even make you remember things. Its even possible this UFO showed up to get caught on the scene on purpose so that it could use its mind control methods on the most popular TV show in America…which may reach a lot of viewers out there.

It was Elon Musk that stated last week, “if there are super intelligent aliens out there, they probably already observing us. That would seem quite likely and we are just not smart enough to realise it.”

In other words, aliens are everywhere, but we have to put the effort into uncovering the evidence before us. Scott C. Waring



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40 thoughts on “UFO Recorded In This Weeks The Walking Dead TV Show, S07E10, Feb 2017

  1. X Files music and Rick, come on that was freaking awesome. Yes it was a ufo, unless you could truly identify it. Shallow people think anytime someone says UFO it’s Alien related. No, it means un identified flying object. Of I threw a rock it’s a UFO until it hits you and that’s when you will determine for a fact it was indeed a rock. Ease up and have some fun, it was a UFO. Human or Alien, something flew in the background, simple fact. Peace Be With You, Much Love

  2. that is a blip in the film , it’s bollox all this if there was something we would know been here 48 yrs flew in many planes been all over world seen nothing get a grip u die soon

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