Portugal Pyramid will open on 9/11

According to local news, this will be a place to celebrate all religions but this portuguese pyramid is already causing some controversy.

Located in the mountain of Lousã, this privately-financed building will open its doors to the public on September 11. This odd date has been justified only with “a tribute to those who perish on 9/11”.

The site has also some strange references that few seem to understand. The pyramid height is 13,4 meters (43,96), the exact height of the first Solomon’s Temple.

Also a spiral with 7 circles that to the Christians are meant to represent the seven deadly sins and to the Muslims the “tawaf” (the ritual in Mecca when the believers circle the Kaaba 7 times).

This brand new Ecumenical temple has also an entrance with the all seeing eye… once inside you will find a rock with the following measurements: 1,11m x 0,666m, the exact size of the Arc of the Covenant). And the mystical / esoteric references are many more and implemented in all the construction. 

It’s purpose? Make the visitor find “his own spirituality”… a very strange excuse for such a large and peculiar building, don’t you think?


Source ancientufo.org

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5 thoughts on “Portugal Pyramid will open on 9/11

  1. “This project does not have a syncretic vision,” says Jaime Ramos. “We do not want to mix all religions. The Temple values ​​religions separately, each by itself. “

  2. It has a pyramid shape to honor Ancient Egypt, on the façades it has inlaid symbols of the monotheistic religions and in the interior and exterior spaces symbology allusive to 15 religions. The Universalist Ecumenical Temple, inaugurated on Sunday, 10-09-2016 calls for religious tolerance and the deconstruction of preconceptions.

    Im Portuguese.

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Portugal Pyramid will open on 9/11

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