9/11 Entire Pentagon Footage With Missile Impact Never Shown to Public

Ever since I looked more into the 9/11 attacks, I have seen some things about the Pentagon that is interesting.

For example, the Pentagon had confiscated the video from the gas station across the street, and a video from a hotel. 

Those were from online rumors apparently. The owner of the gas station filed a lawsuit to get back the video. Currently, the Pentagon has a lot of videos focused on the parking lot and around the building. 
There are 86 cameras outside. Only one 5 frame video had been disclosed to the public, and it never showed a plane crash. 

A lot of people demanded that the Pentagon release security tapes. It never happened. What’s interesting, is that the Pentagon went through so much just to confiscate these security tapes.

Why would they do so? 

And why confiscate the hotel video? I think these videos are being hidden away from the public eye to cover up something. We will never know why because cover ups are becoming so common in these times. 

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Definitely not a plane


Gee. Did they recover missile parts instead of aircraft parts from the wreckage? They did not find any human remains from the alleged aircraft? What a load of crap!


I did see this footage.. It’s insane to think that anyone would kill their own people for their own agenda !


You are too innocent to think that 😂 Thats actually what your CIA do