9/11 Entire Pentagon Footage With Missile Impact Never Shown to Public

Ever since I looked more into the 9/11 attacks, I have seen some things about the Pentagon that is interesting.9/11 Entire Pentagon Footage With Missile Impact Never Shown to Public

For example, the Pentagon had confiscated the video from the gas station across the street, and a video from a hotel. 

Those were from online rumors apparently. The owner of the gas station filed a lawsuit to get back the video. Currently, the Pentagon has a lot of videos focused on the parking lot and around the building. 
There are 86 cameras outside. Only one 5 frame video had been disclosed to the public, and it never showed a plane crash. 

A lot of people demanded that the Pentagon release security tapes. It never happened. What’s interesting, is that the Pentagon went through so much just to confiscate these security tapes.

Why would they do so? 

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And why confiscate the hotel video? I think these videos are being hidden away from the public eye to cover up something. We will never know why because cover ups are becoming so common in these times. 

9/11 Entire Pentagon Footage With Missile Impact Never Shown to Public

9/11 Entire Pentagon Footage With Missile Impact Never Shown to Public
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103 responses to “9/11 Entire Pentagon Footage With Missile Impact Never Shown to Public”

  1. Well I don’t want to pick a fight…. but this was shown numerous times the day it happened. So that is propaganda to say “never seen”. Plus it’s so poor quality that you don’t know what’s seen. Me personally, I saw a plane. And the families of that plane will confirm.

      • They saw a cruise missile with painted on windows. There is a reason why all camera footage from the surrounding area was confiscated and never shown to the public. Same for TWA800.

  2. The power some of these gov people have is unreal. It’s not unreasonable to think someone could have blown it up to cover up the trillions of dollars that went missing that day which got little to no coverage because the world was watching something else. I thought I also read that that in that wing it had been evacuated or no one was there at that time either.

  3. Yea .. just like it’s a COINCIDENCE that “ALL” The people that just happen to die of an APPARENT Suicide around CLINTON. Just like WIKILEAKS JULIAN’s PERSONAL LAWYER just happen to jump into a Fast moving train. And the girl that was investigating PIZZA GATE was found dead by Aparrent SUICIDE. .. YEA RIGHT !!! Body Counts of apparent Suicides surrounding CLINTON goes ON- ON-ON-ON..

  4. Stupid ppl still believe that it wasn’t false flag done by government…. So stupid.. Do you ppl know that a lot more ppl get killed by gang’s in USA, or hiy by cars.. But you wont profit by attacking your own ppl ( gangs, car driver’s) they don’t have Oil… Also there is no media talking about gangs all day long, and similar stuff and local problems.. But you’ll hear them talking about Muslims like they’re animal’s or alien’s and you know what’s sad part.. It is fact that most of Americans like to think bad about Muslims, they like to be brainwashed by their media, they like their gvt f.. K em in their a… S. ..they will rather believe that group of Muslims would attacks the strongest country in the world.. And they will believe everything they gvt said to them… They said Saudis did it but instead of Saudi Arabia they attacked Iraq and Afghanistan… But ppl still believe.. I tell you one thing.. There is no good left in the world as long as such ppl think that what they do is OK.. And + they think God is on their side.. Wake up America is in war last 200 year’s and that’s the only reason they r nb. 1. Because they attacking small countries and steal their resources.. And if ppl from those countries try to defend they become terrorist.. This world is f.. Up.. Americans need to know one thing.. Your gvt work for themselves and soon or later you’ll feel that… They taking your freedom step by step by doing false flags attacks and bringing new security law’s based on those attacks.. There is no democracy in US as you think and it will be even worst.. Whole world is watching you.. And whole world know that not every American is like that but still most of you are.. Country of EVIL.

    • No way it could happen. Terrorists trained in crop dusters near Vegas, then went on to fly commercial passenger planes into two buildings, plus the Pentagon at a grass cutting height. Anyone who believes that has to be pretty lacking in the old brain box Russell Smith

    • As I recall the terrorists trained in state of the art simulators of the aircraft they hijacked. They did not want to learn how to take off or land, which should have raised red flags immediately. But money talks.

      What does Jesse Ventura have to do with this? I was a USAF pilot for 20 years flying KC-135s, so I know a little more than Jesse about those type of aircraft and their flight characteristics. My masters degree in aeronautical engineering trumps Jesse’s knowledge any day.

      And that crappy film was only about 1 frame/sec whereas movies that you see in theaters are at least 30 fps. Just look how jerky the car was going through the checkpoint.

  5. The goverment did a really bad job covering up 911 if you look at the footage there’s explosions going off below the plane where it hits and a plane can’t melt a building that’s taller and stronger than the Empire State buildings that’s facts

  6. Yup, the missile vapour trail at ground level is obvious. A plane would have been a whole lot more to see, and not as fast, nor would it leave a vapour trail at ground level. Conspiracy? I think so!

  7. Gee. Did they recover missile parts instead of aircraft parts from the wreckage? They did not find any human remains from the alleged aircraft? What a load of crap!

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