Meet the megalith of Al-Naslaa—split in half with LASER-LIKE precision

This strange rock formation has people all over puzzled. Just how did it end up like this?

Located in Tayma oasis, Saudi Arabia this is one of the most photogenic petroglyphs in the whole area. The formation seems to be split making up two standing stones. The flat faces, while they appear to be cut by a laser, are actually completely natural. These boulders are held up by what looks like small pedestals and no one is sure as to how they ended up this way.

We assume that the ground shifted underneath them ever so slightly causing the rock to split. This could be a pressure crack, fault line, or well anything you could imagine really. Thousands of people venture out to see this interesting stone each year and with good reason. It is a sight well worth seeing. Could it have been worked on at some point with some sort of precise ancient tool?

While we do not know now the exact cause with the ever improving world we live in I am sure someday we will. What do you think about this? How do you think this may have been formed? Look at how perfect that line is, isn’t it intriguing?


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19 thoughts on “Meet the megalith of Al-Naslaa—split in half with LASER-LIKE precision

  1. Seems that the explanations are typical coverup BS. The layers in the stone are bery obviously horizontal, yet the stone is precision split on the vertical axis. There has to be more to this story.

  2. And the secret image and message are hidden on the two when you reconnect the two appeared piece and you apart the perfectly cut finish part of that stone the center of the lost Garden of the Eden

  3. The old world and the new world are never be connect as, this is the symbol of the new generations of the first human race from the stone age going to the cooper age look at the two parts from left

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