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Don’t Panic, but Physicists in Australia Just Proved Reality Doesn’t Exist

Get ready to have your mind blown. According to an experiment led by two physicists in Australia, reality doesn’t exist. Turn on, tune in, and drop out man, because the world as you know it is all kinds of weird, at least on a quantum level.

Andrew Truscott and Roman Khakimov of The Australian National University used atoms to put a John Wheeler delayed-choice thought experiment to practical use. The Wheeler thought experiments ask, in theory, at what point does an object decide to act like one thing or another.

Truscott and Khakimov’s team used what is assumed to be extremely expensive and complex scientific equipment to trap a single helium atom and then drop it through a pair of laser beams that formed a scattered grating pattern. 

Another set of lasers was then added at random intervals to recombine the beams, which, on a quantum level, made it seem like the single atom had traveled two different paths along the beams. When the second set of lasers was taken away, the atom seemed as if it only chose to go on one beam.

Are you still with us? Does your head hurt? Quantum physics is known to do that.

According to Truscott, “If one chooses to believe that the atom really did take a particular path or paths, then one has to accept that a future measurement is affecting the atom’s past. The atoms did not travel from A to B. It was only when they were measured at the end of the journey that their wave-like or particle-like behavior was brought into existence.”

Instead of the common sense argument that the atom either went down one path or the other regardless of where it ended up, the quantum physics explanation says otherwise. 

Whether you observed the atom going down one path or two only depends on how it was measured at the end of its micro-sized and kind of improbable journey, which in a sense means reality itself doesn’t exist unless you’re observing it.

If it makes you feel any better, this particular experiment is only feasible at the quantum level, and would be nearly impossible to apply to everyday life. But it also shows that fabric of space/time is absolutely nuts and hardly makes any sense. But don’t worry, reality doesn’t exist anyway.    

Source www.inverse.com


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  1. That’s right we all live in a holographic simulation.I have woken up once with about ten greys around me.I also saw rows of tubes with people in them.I was one of them.the closest two looked at me.I said what are you doing in my dream.they looked at each other then looked back at me and i woke up .I know what I saw.I know what I have seen.this is all very real.

  2. i do believe we are real but i also believe this not the only reality , many more in different dimensions , to say we live in some sort of matrix is hopeful but unlikely

    • If there is no sentient life in the universe then no, if there is still life existing in the universe in which the tree fell, then that universe is still being perceived at a set rate by life forms and the tree will still fall and have its vibratory effect on the air and the ground.

      If there’s no life there’s no universe. Thus no sound

  3. lay off the drugs , seriously , if reality didnt exist then theres some explaining to do cause i keep getting tickets from the cops and if i said these tickets dont exist then the cops dont either , then id be on drugs like these physicists are on

  4. I could just as easily decide quantum mechanics is not real. It’s just in the mind of the beholders, the scientists that did this “experiment”. Creationists could say, according quantum mechanical expectations, , that they created the results when they created the experiment.

    • Nice one, been thinking this for years. They go hand in hand.. Us and the universe… Without life to perceive it (create it?) it’s nothing… Doesn’t even exist… But then that black area where no life exists… Would not be within what we call time… So that time period wouldn’t exist either… Life can only perceive something – not nothing… So arguably, there is always something, there is always life… Like what happens when we sleep at night and forget the dream… Passes instantly

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