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What Keeps Cleaning The Mars Rovers?

The mars exploration missions launched in 2003, successfully landing two rovers, spirit and opportunity on the red planet.

The mission’s objective was to search for clues to past water activity on Mars. The mission also included three previous landers: the two Viking program landers in 1976 and Mars Pathfinder probe in 1997.


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    • Just emailed them. Felt Wierd doing it. Already know its the wind on Mars. But I want all the wackos to realize a little logic in there lives. Everything is not a conspiracy. Alot of it is just plain logic.

  1. We have people up there. They’ve been there since the 70’s with a big military base. The government has been lying since 1947 about everything doing with alien life! The governments of the world suck for not telling the truth! Soon there going to make themselves known when they land on the whitehouse lawn, then they can’t lie anymore!!

    • Mark O’leary you think maybe it could have had extra cartridges loaded into it that slide into place to replace the old one when it gets empty? maybe when the cartridge gets to a particular weight it pops up,slides over and a new one sets in its place?…i’m not sure how many PSI a burst of C02 is but i doubt if you have to give anything like dust anything more than a quick blast..so one C02 cartridge should last for quite a while if its only used as needed? just a theory . lol 😉

    • they’ve had to figure out how to keep everything clean…it is,after all, a robot ,controlled through satellite signals when they need it to do something specific..if panels get loaded down with thick red Martian dust its hard to get a signal through it to maneuver properly when they need to. other than, “needing to”, it basically just explores Mars on its own..it’s kind of like one of those “rumba” vacuum cleaners..it rolls and if it hits something it backs up and goes in another direction…they have also designed it to pick itself up if it falls over. lol…if it falls off of a cliff it bounces and keeps going..lol pretty amazing little thing. 🙂

    • lmao i’ve been seeing this question here and there..everyone wonders who keeps it clean lol…no one is asking how it stays charged? lmao. who’s changing the battery and whos keeping it clean?..lol maybe homeless Martians jump out every time it stops and cleans its lenses for a dollar? hahahaha 😉

  2. The Mars Rovers are parked in NASA’s Death Valley area. I have a friend who worked on the Rovers at Area 51 and she told me thats where they are parked. Many years ago a NASA employee was watching a monitor showing the Rover and saw a unsuited worked walk over and start cleaning the panels. Her monitor was rapidly shut down at which point she ran upstairs to the main monitor and the door was closed and locked. None of the Mars Rover series has ever gone to Mars.

  3. We’ve been on mars for years. NASA wants to dumb you down thinking otherwise. That’s what’s NASA is for. The real space program is black projects and run by elites. Keep drinking koolaid. When we blow ourselves up here…they will have a back up plan in motion. That’s what being a billionaire gets you. GOOGLE Solarwarden

  4. Maybe this proves there’s heavy rain showers on Mars? Rain saves me money because it gives me a free car wash that looks like a professional job, especially when it’s raining and I get out on the freeway, and I can see moving air stripping off the dirt.

  5. How can you compare the two images ???? Ones filtered and ones not! Look at the background! Fair enough if they were same background but this is clearly the way it’s color has been enhanced fucking idiots

  6. Nasa dusts them off, because they never leave earth. Only an idiot who knows absolutely nothing about the formation of Nasa would believe we are really on mars or filming Saturn and pluto. Right….

  7. Its the shade of color you use on your camera. Nobody is cleaning nothing. I can use black and white pictures or color pictures.
    Not fooling me.
    Look at the two pictures again and see the two different shades ? No dirt.

  8. Mar’s atmosphere is 1% of Earth’s There is no way an atmosphere that thin can support the dust in Mar’s atmosphere that’s been observed during it’s dust storms. Electric Universe theory proposes that it is electricity that lifts the charged particles of dust high above the planet’s surface. Dust devils have been observed by the Mars Explorer, sparking where the funnels contact the surface, and leaving blackened trails. Those same electrical forces are probably what lifts the Martian dust off the rover. Because the remaining mobile rover is able to move, it generates it’s own charge, which probably contributes to the cleaning phenomenon.

  9. Couldn’t be wind could it I mean that would be ridiculously amazing if actual wind, took dust off an object, think of the possibilities back here on earth! You could in theory put some wind compress it in something I don’t know like a metal cylinder or something, we could add a hose and nozzle to it and clean stuff, amazing

  10. Strong winds?
    It doesn’t rain in mars people. Mars doesn’t have an atmosphere that can retain liquid and it doesn’t have water. The poles that look like frozen water are in deed frozen but its co2 not h2o.

  11. NASA workers are cleaning it, passing off places in Greenland and deserts in South America as Mars is not hard to do, and telling the indoctrinated it is Mars is not hard to do either…”man only deceives man”…

  12. Mmmm. Nop..
    The Mars dust is very sticky . so cant be cleaned with wind. And rain will make mud. Heavy mud. So must be somebody with hands or kinda hands to clean that parts.

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