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Mystery of 24 alien black-boxes discovered near Egypt’s Pyramids of Giza

THEY weigh more than 100 tons, they are solid Aswan granite, and they are precision engineered to tolerances which would be deemed remarkable today.

So how did the ancient Egyptians build and put in place the 24 strange and sinister coffin shaped black boxes discovered buried in a hillside cave system, 12 miles south of The Great Pyramid of Giza?

And more importantly, why?

Giant tombs of Apis bulls
It remains a mystery how the ancient culture were able to carve such huge and accurate sarcophagi

The skillfulness of the stone cutting, accurate to just a few microns, is so remarkable that some experts have concluded that they were not built for Egyptian pharaohs but in fact left on earth by an alien race and simply appropriated by the kings.

Serapeum of Saqqara
The tombs are believed to be the burial places of Apis bulls, worshipped as deities in Ancient Egypt

The stark black boxes do display some hieroglyphics but they are of such poor quality that the scribbles are regarded as graffiti.

The real purpose and function of the boxes remains unclear, but the were clearly of importance, as they were cut with such precision they would remain airtight for many millennia.

They are known as the Serapeum of Saqqara in the now abandoned city of Memphis, Egypt.

Apis bull statue
Apis bulls were believed to be incarnations of the god Ptah

The formal burial site is believed to have been built sometime 3300 years ago by Ramesses II.

Recent research suggests it was a burial place of Apis bulls, which were worshipped as incarnations of the god Ptah.

Egyptologists say that because the bulls were honoured as gods Khaemweset, a son of Ramesses II ordered that a tunnel be excavated through one of the mountains at the site and designed with side chambers to contain large granite sarcophagi weighing up to 100 tons each, to hold the mummified remains of the bulls.


The temple was discovered by Auguste Mariette, who had gone to Egypt to collect coptic manuscripts, but later grew interested in the remains of the Saqqara necropolis.

In 1850, Mariette found the head of one sphinx sticking out of the shifting desert sand dunes, cleared the sand and followed the boulevard to the site.

After using explosives to clear rocks blocking the entrance to the catacomb, he excavated most of the complex.


Source www.express.co.uk

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Hey the owners might be on their way. So stay calm pay no mind actnormal like its just someone else


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I have a feeling and the feeling Say to me MUMMY,s…….


This one ounce on TV for a Long time ago and yes that gave to do wits a Alien space ship and Maybe they can open it and there are mummy,s in it or gold? Or are a dead men people chestesses? Open it now and see!


Misleading. The article says it’s tombs for bulls


Power pack ???


Maybe they some type of alien tomb! Its not strange how its their look at the pyramids in the first place if they can make them to precise measurements why couldn’t they do this.


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It’s an alien source a type of battery it enhances their ability to communicate with their planet


They never did it. Another civilisation well before us.


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