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NASA Got Sick Of All Conspiracy Theories And Released 14,000+ Photos From The Apollo Moon Mission

“Despite the fact that the moon landing conspiracy has been debunked many many many times, it endures. There’s a number of discussions with conspiracy theorists. For example they claim the moon landings were faked as a publicity stunt. “If the moon landing was real, why didn’t they go back?” is one argument used. And apart from the further five times they went back, that’s a fair point. Those other ones were probably publicity stunts too, but they kept those quiet.

“It was a scam to get one over on the Russians” is another argument. Another good point, the USSR and USA were involved in a space race, so the USA decided to cheat to get to the moon first. Sure, the USSR could have disproved their claims if they’d wanted, but they clearly trusted the Americans not to lie. They may have been willing to wipe out the planet over their ideological differences, but when it came to important stuff like space-based contests, they trusted the Americans implicitly.

So why, if the evidence is so damning, does the moon landing conspiracy endure? Well, it’s gone on long enough, someone has to finally come clean…

NASA recently published 10.000 photos from the Apollo Moon Mission, but were they expecting to be caught, or it was all legit and we are making things up?


Sources used: The Guardian9gagFlickr-NASA


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  1. If you want to see an ET
    Go buy a copy of this image directly from NASA, or Kennedy space center visitor complex. You just need to zoom into the left corner of his visor. His righ, our left. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the reflection they forgot to edit out.

    The OFFICIAL NASA copy has it clear as day, this one was a quick rip from google search as to give you a reference to the image I’m talking about but other copies I’ve found from various sources blur it out heavily, especially the time magazine cover photo version.

    below it are zooms of the reflection
    I call what I see in the reflection Oberth’s little helper.

  2. All bullshit!!! They can see the farthest reaches of space with the Hubble and the new space telescope. But they can’t see the moon buggy and what ever else they left on the moon!!!!! BULLSHIT!!!!

  3. The fact that they.are publicly funded and have no right to withhold information/anything they find in their research. We are the Masters, we pay them they aren’t allowed to keep secrets.

    • Hahaha defense debt!? Dude when the government asks the federal reserve to print money, the reserve uses your everyones birth.certificates and potential life time earnings as collateral for the loan they give to th U.S.A.. Once the money is printed it is loaned, with interest to the United States to distribute funds to banks who loan out the money again with interest to the people of the united states. All that interest is money made of nothing, and is impossible to ever repay.

    • There are two space agencies in the us, the public agency is NASA, it is where civilians go to learn about space. The other agency is DARPA, where the real shit happens, and we don’t get to know anything about it for about 40 to 60 years until after development.

  4. Wow you kids need too learn about soler wind plus the gaveatashion movement of the cosmos it all so is traveling and the milky way has more then one star are star is called sole the there are 5 stars are nere are own

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