NASA just spotted a massive hole growing on the sun — here’s what it means (Video)

This imagery of the sun captured by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory from May 17-19, 2016, shows a giant dark area on the star’s upper half, known as a coronal hole. Coronal holes are low-density regions of the sun’s atmosphere, known as the corona. Because they contain little solar material, they have lower temperatures and thus appear much darker than their surroundings. Coronal holes are visible in certain types of extreme ultraviolet light, which is typically invisible to our eyes, but is colorized here in purple for easy viewing.

These coronal holes are important to understanding the space environment around Earth through which our technology and astronauts travel. Coronal holes are the source of a high-speed wind of solar particles that streams off the sun some three times faster than the slower wind elsewhere. While it’s unclear what causes coronal holes, they correlate to areas on the sun where magnetic fields soar up and away, without looping back down to the surface, as they do elsewhere.


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70 thoughts on “NASA just spotted a massive hole growing on the sun — here’s what it means (Video)

  1. Aliens dont allow human to go further in space because we dont respect nature as its suposed to be , we aint even level 1 civilization , too much ignorant people

    1. There are many gods , u mean the supreme being ? My info is correct , there is a war against aliens , the USA got this electro weapon , that instantly zaps ufo`s as they materealise near our planet , this actions are very dangerous , just saying

  2. I’m not sure if this is related or the same but we also watch the sun due to Coranal Mass Ejections (CMEs). This is related to the magnetic field lines which are always twisted on the Sun. When this lines break off the send massive energy out from the sun and if they were to directly hit us, it would ruin anything electrically based for unknown period of time.

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