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WATCH: Is the government hiding secret technology brought to Earth by aliens?

“UFOlogist” Steven Greer proposes a conspiracy theory that the government is hiding the truth about alien visits,

According to self-appointed “UFOlogist” Steven Greer, aliens have come to the Earth many times over — and even had a meeting with President Dwight Eisenhower in the 1950s! — but most people are unaware because of a government conspiracy to hide the truth. And he has a new documentary out, titled “Unacknowledged,” that promises to blow the lid off the whole thing.

“The evidence for interstellar civilizations will be presented,” his website reads, “along with evidence of an illegal cartel hiding from the public and Presidents alike the truth that we are not alone and that we now know how they get here.”

In the documentary, Greer warns viewers of the very real dangers awaiting anyone who dares expose the secret government cover-up of alien visitations.

“If you tell anyone about this project, this bullet has your name on it and it will find you,” he says in a dramatic tone in the film.

But when I spoke with him for a Salon interview a few days ago, Greer had a different message: Don’t worry about getting a bullet to the head.

“So I’m having you here on Salon . . . to talk about this. Should I be worried about my safety?” I asked.

“No,” Greer said.

“Why not?” I replied. “We’re exposing the truth, aren’t we?”

 “There’s been a sea change in how people view this secrecy, and that it’s time to bring this subject out,” Greer replied. “You know, 2017 is not 1997.”

Greer seemed largely undeterred during the interview by my skepticism, happily describing the aliens — “4 feet tall, have no hair, no earlobes, a very small nose and slight lips lips” — as well as the alleged conspiracy to hide the truth from the public.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have a very good answer for why these super-advanced alien races keep crashing into our planet instead of sticking the landing.

Source www.salon.com

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Another ignorant reporter promoting the CIA “deny/ridicule/discredit” propaganda campaign. Before interviewing Dr. Greer, perhaps she should have listened to, oh, say, 30 minutes of insider testimony from the Disclosure Project? “No good answer” indeed.


Think about in 1999 to this year. You all can see mobil is very quickly modern. You know what i mean? That year i have nokia. But in 2005 i get new phone sony Ericsson xperia. I have think “how can they do this? only 4 years past They created modern futurism phone.


Yes if you want to manipulate people it is essential that you have knowledge which they don’t have, one of the first rules of control and manipulation is don’t let your victims know what you know.


I’m pretty sure we have Technology brought here by means we can’t explain


They would never post a sign like that lol


They would if they let the truth about UFOs come out.