Check out this sneak peek at some of the props and costumes from the upcoming Alien: Covenant…

As a lover of practical effects in his movies, it’s clear that Scott’s passion for his Alien series has culminated in the creation of this beautifully designed film, which is echoed in the careful design of each of the props and costumes.

Earlier this month, Prop Store’s very own Stephen Lane was lucky enough to be invited to an Alien: Covenant pre-release prop and costume mini-exhibition (and was even given a sneak peek at the first ten minutes of the film!). From spacesuits to cryo pods to an animatronic Xenomorph head, he was able to get up close and personal with a number of the iconic props and costumes from Ridley’s latest Alien series film – check out some of the pictures below…


ECO All World Systems Survival Suit

Alien: Covenant Costume Designer Janty Yates


Alien Xenomorph Creature Forms and Animatronic Head

2017-04-26 18.08.27alien-covenant-21alien-covenant-22

Alien Ovomorphs and Animatronic Facehugger


IVA Internal Spacesuit

Alien: Covenant Costume Designer Janty Yates


Covenant Cryogenic Hyper-Sleep Chamber


Alien: Covenant Artwork

If this tickled your fancy, and you love alien as much as we do, then make sure you check out our amazing collection of props and costumes from the Alien film series and see if you can find your very own piece of movie history!



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