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NASA Partner: “I am completely convinced that aliens are among us”

US businessman and NASA partner Robert Bigelow says he “is completely convinced” that the aliens currently live on our planet, he said in an interview with 60 minutes.

Robert Bigelow, an American businessman who collaborates closely with NASA on future space missions, says that aliens are present on our planet and surely live among us.

Bigelow Aerospace "extraterrestrial" logo.
Bigelow Aerospace “extraterrestrial” logo. Credit: CBS News

The episode of the program focused on Bigelow’s cooperation with the US space agency.

“I am convinced that the aliens live here. They are currently present. I have spent millions and millions and millions of dollars, probably more than anyone else in the US has spent on this issue, ” he said .

The show host asked Bigelow if he worries about the possibility that many people think he has gone crazy, to which the businessman replied that he did not care.

The Olympus CBS NEWS

Bigelow did not reveal whether studies or private space travel funded by his company Bigelow Aerospace helped him get some information about aliens.

The interviewee clarified that the work done by NASA and its company will not be necessary to find the extraterrestrials, because people “should not go anywhere because visitors from other worlds live right between us.”


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  1. No being funny, it’s getting boring that there here, show your body then and let US see the aliens then. And why are they here and don’t give us bull poo.

  2. US businessman in this pic said that they are here ! When asked if we will see aliens ! I saw that on tv !Watch the ANCIENT ALIEN SHOWN AND THERE ARE OTHER SHOWS !

  3. People with money would not invest in something that was not real ! Pictures and clips that people have sent to tv shows of what they got on cameras are 95% real footage ! I did not believe until I saw with my own eyes ! People need to also realize that rockets and cameras have been out into space for years ! Those that went into space have seen things there and people on earth have seen the reality of what is going on all over the earth ! They have a clip of one alien that the guards to pictures and videos ! Those who don’t watch tv and the news don’t know ! And there are others that are afraid of what is going to happen if this is real ? It’s real and we have been living with them on the earth ! There are people that lost their jobs for telling the truth , that worked in these places !

  4. The bible states that we should be careful how we treat strangers, for we never know when were entertaining angels. Another passage says that the sons of heaven, came to earth and found earth women attractive and had sex with them and reproduced giant children. Last I knew only humans could reproduce humans. So they were definitely aliens who are among us! The bible is full of encounters from somewhere else. Even Jesus said He is not of this world so therfore He is from another world!

  5. Convinced = Knower…and if he knows, so do Elon Musk, Richard Branson….in fact…every influential multi billionaire who is part of the ‘populate other planets in the solar system’ secret society brigade.

  6. He knows, he’s spent millions on research into Ufology and still does. He also bought the skinwalker ranch where the weirdest shit you will ever hear about occurs!

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