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Why Are People Applying to Go to Mars and Never Come Back?

Over the past two-plus weeks, more than 78,000 people around the world have applied to be the first people to settle on Mars.

One-minute videos with people explaining why they want to go and why they should be chosen to go have come from more than 120 countries, though the majority have come from the United States and China. 

Ultimately, 24-40 people will be chosen by the nonprofit Mars One and begin training in 2015. After seven years of training four of these people will hypothetically leave Earth to be space pioneers, settling on Mars. Every two years after that, four more will follow.

Here are some of the applicants explaining why they want to be part of the first mission to Mars.

Katrina, 24, United States

“I’m an adventurer, an explorer, and I grew up in a sci-fi living household, so I’ve always dreamed of being an astronaut and being able to explore new planets. I want to go to Mars so I can learn so many amazing things, and share it with Earth to help inspire people to want to continue exploring space and push the boundaries of human knowledge, and what we can achieve. 

Eric, 36, China 

“Why I want to go to Mars? Because there is an end for the Earth, and human beings need a new place to survive. If I go to Mars, I survive.” 

Francisco, 32, born in Argentina, living in Mexico.

“The idea of space traveling and discovering new places is fascinating. I’m a candidate because I’m a very courageous guy, I’m quick to learn. I love teamwork, and it’s important for humans to be able to co-exist in Mars.” 

Anders,51, Sweden. 

“I often fantasize to just get on board a spaceship and go, to explore the universe. I often get the feeling that I don’t belong here, but up there, in space.” 

Ilona, 23, Finland

“I want to devote my life to knowledge, humanities, and science. I want to contribute to the greater good of humanity, and to tackle scientific discovery, with the itch to seek and to preserve information as my motivator.”

Richard, 60, United States

“I’d like to go to Mars because I think it’s the explorer’s golden ring for the next 25-30 years, and I would like to be a part of that experience.”

Paul, 40, Australia

“Why would I leave Earth to go live on another planet, never to return? Birds eating in the forest; beautiful sunset; walking on the beach, warm sand beneath your toes. A thousand experiences I will never have again. I believe that in order to be OK with leaving all that forever, you need to love and cherish all those things and be OK to go anyway, because not going would be the real tragedy.”

Marc, 18, United States

“I want to be part of this mission to carry on an ancient human tradition, and that is to explore and to expand our species. I essentially want to serve humanity by becoming part of the next generation of pioneers of knowledge. And a colonization of another planet is the biggest step that humanity has ever taken in that direction, and I want to be part of that.” 

Vinod, 30, India

I believe that the purpose of humankind is to reach every corner of the universe, to know the truth of our existence, why we are here, who created us, Mars One is a small step toward reaching to the answer, and I want to contribute in this.” 

Ariel, 27, from China and living in the United States 

“Why wouldn’t I like to go to Mars? I have been dreaming of a moment like this my entire life. Who wouldn’t want to go into space? Space is awesome, and it would be amazing if I could live on Mars.”

Andrew, 34, Canada

“I work extremely well with others [as seen in earning the title “Canada’s Greatest Know-it-all” on a television series), in any group dynamic. I’m a dedicated space enthusiast [including having worked as a spacecraft systems engineer on 6 Canadian space missions and a PhD from MIT in a related field].”

Victor, 26, United States

“Why do I want to go to Mars? Really, who doesn’t? The opportunity to go to space, period, let alone become one of the first settlers on a different planet, that’s tremendous.”


Source www.theepochtimes.com

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All yhe people who applied are going to get killed and they will take their organs and sell them on yhe black market lol


No Laws!!!


Still quicker than getting through to Telstra!


Please take them


There was a time when it took that long to connect with Australia from London…


Have you ever felt trapped ?
Have you ever wanted to up and leave and never come back ?
Have you ever wanted to start over ?
Have you ever wanted to do something monumental ?
Have you ever wanted to do something for mankind ?
…. reasons I’d go in a heartbeat


Can you blame them?


Can’t even look after our own planet let alone ruin another one, just goes to show that humans are parasites of the world, we’re starting to have enough of harvesting this one so we want to go and do it to another one


ill go


Who gives a fuck about wifi on Mars I’d be more concerned about food


9.999999 % WILL SHIT THEIR PANTS ON TAKE OFF! Or they all die 1month into flight! Unless theirs an alien race with unbelievable technology that can safely fly any where I’ll go with them! So for now my ass stays here!


First round of sacrificial lambs to the reptoid humanoid creatures!!!


Because it’s “camp” to agree with Elon Musk. Talk about drinking the koolaid!


#1 Life here has reached it’s peak
#2 global humanity is a lost cause here on earth, only a small % actually believe it or want it
#3 I believe in the infinite universe if we can’t have global humanity why bother being here with a bunch of negative nellys and debi fcking downers
#4 you don’t age in space and evolution in the humanoid species is done, next step in humanoid evolution takes place out of it’s natural element
#5 full consciousness is the key to survive your limited humanoid life span..work it out people


I’m in with my girl Kate Upton. !


Your posts are really funny!




Enjoy yourselves


Can you blame any one for wanting to get away from this planet,
It’s fucked up.


because it’s better to stay away from all this shit down on earth!


lol! name 1 that can afford it? i can name 100 that would want to go!


Want Mars but can’t afford it?
Step one: move to Death Valley.


They think sexy green women are waiting for them.


Mars looks boring as fuck! Why don’t we just put all of earth’s scumbags on there!


Pity help the planet if humans settle there ! This one needs looking after abit better, before folk start getting itchy feet ! And, i think they need to remember..it is another PLANET , not COUNTRY ! Stay put..for pity sake !




I’m gone


Bye!! Lol