Have You Seen A Monster? The National Cryptid Society Is Asking For Your Story!

Have you ever seen an animal that you could only think of describing it as a “monster?” Perhaps, it was a cryptid. A cryptid is defined as any creature that may or may not exist and the word comes from term “cryptozoology,” which is the study of such animals. There are people just like you who allegedly stumble across (or who have been stumbled upon by) cryptids or cryptid-like creatures.

The National Cryptid Society wants to hear your story. So far, several individuals with unique tales of bigfoot, dogman, lake monsters, strange flying creatures have been in touch with the NCS, and more witness accounts are pouring in by the day.

Once your story is submitted, they will determine if it meets their criteria. If it is accepted, they will add it to an article series titled “NCS Case Files.”

The National Cryptid Society is a fledgling organization whose mantra is “bringing cryptozoological awareness to the American public.” Their first article in the series has already drawn many readers and more submissions.

How do you contact them if you’ve seen a cryptid animal?

If you have an eyewitness account of a cryptid animal and would like to share it, you can contact the National Cryptid Society via their Facebook page, or directly via their online submission form.


Source www.buzzfeed.com

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9 thoughts on “Have You Seen A Monster? The National Cryptid Society Is Asking For Your Story!

  1. Northern Canada has hudge humanoids wondering in the Forest. I’ve never seen one but we crossed path’s in a 5-6 hour window. It was with almost as soon as we entered the woods on quads. Did not see the prints till on the way out. SUPERSIZE HUMANOID . It may have been with us the whole time from the size of the strides I have no doubt it could have.

  2. After eating chilly chease fries philly steak sandwich an a bacon burger an doctor pepper go to the toilet you’ll see your monster the lockness monster will be floating around

  3. Growing up as a kid on the North West Washington State coast bigfoot was a common presence for many years. We would play hid and seek at night, primarily for us older kids to make out while evading the younger kids. We must of been the next best thing to tv for squaches. When we went to the old orchard deep in the woods to eat Cherries, they used to watch and waite for us to leave so they could eat. They were as common as squerals to us kids. I could go there to this day and see one or more. Get pics, vids…. People who don’t believe… The flat world believers.

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