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Alien Encounters – Lost Disney UFO Documentary

UFO hunter nexus r/UFOs have turned up a Disney documentary about UFOs and aliens that was originally used to promote the “ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter” experience (The Wikipedia page describes the attraction, hilariously, as “theater-in-the-round”) that anchored Disney World’s Tomorrowland from 1994 to 2003. 

While numerous UFO sites are running the Disney documentary as a “lost” film, it has been available on YouTube for several years. Nevertheless, the “lost” Disney UFO documentary is a fascinating glimpse into both mainstream reportage on alien visitation and the modern UFO conspiracy mindset, which views the documentary as existing in a continuum of “disclosure” material designed to prime humans for the eventual reveal of extraterrestrial contact.

You can watch the Disney UFO documentary Alien Encounters: From New Tomorrowland, complete with Mickey Mouse, right here:

Redditor AnotherPint does a nice job characterizing the conspiracy mindset as it relates to this “lost” Disney UFO documentary:

According to lore, the doc, which weirdly treats UFOs and aliens as virtually established fact, was shown once, without warning, on a few isolated small-market TV stations in quieter parts of the US, then stowed away.

The conspiracists’ view is that this was part of a covert government-Disney collaboration to test public reaction to UFO disclosure. But there is no evidence of this. It was merely a tie-in promotion for a new Disney World attraction.”

It was at a 1979 MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) Symposium when the alien disclosure theories surrounding Walt Disney first exploded into the conspiracist consciousness

Some say it was just propaganda to promote the new attraction Tomorrowland. Here’s the IMDb but with little info except a couple reviews. One of which from someone who claimed to work there at the time.

“As someone who worked at Disney/Magic Kingdom/Tomorrowland in the 90’s, I know, without a shadow of doubt (and the reason is was only shown once) is that the ENTIRE THING was a publicity stunt to bring attention to the new ride Alien Encounters. 

If you look at all the younger people being interviewed? They’re all wearing the exact costume that cast members from Alien Encounter wore. Some of the younger, no-name ‘witnesses’ were actually cast members from Opening Crew.

The ENTIRE thing – every second of it – was publicity for the new attraction. 

The only reason it can’t be found now, is because Disney maintains control of it and it’s locked up in their archives. It was only shown in 5 cities, because they were target cities. 

Remember War of the Worlds? Take heed.”

Source missiongalacticfreedom.wordpress.com


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  1. Okay so im starting figure it out. A little bit. When they blew up our moon and replaced it with this fake one. That was the cataclysmic event that caused the flooding and flash frozen event. The flash frozen race was 1st prototype human? However they couldn’t reproduce? So it was Adam and Steve before Adam and Eve? Ok im rambling. Nevermind!

  2. Michael Eisner? Back in the mid seventies I had a good job with great benefits. At that time, I read in the newspapers how much money Eisner made in a year. I sat down and broke it all down and figured that this guy made as much money just brushing his teeth in the morning as I made in a week. So, who the hell is so special that they are worth that much money? What? Does he eat peas and shit gold?

  3. I’ve saw alien space craft when I was 9 yo. and not only me..my sister an also my friends.. alot adult people saw it but they just say that was a spying military air craft..Until now i still wondered why they came to our earth..or maybe they are another man from future????

    • The thing is, they are not coming here, well may be a few species, they are already here and have been for eons .. UFO’s and DSO’s are using this planet as one of their bases and are studying how we are evolving…we are Neanderthal in comparison… research people research…within the next 50 years this planet and the people on it will change dramatically..we need to be conscious and open minded, because we as a people cannot change the inevitable..

  4. This is a good one. And it’s considered lost because they only aired it on television for a limited time. It was never seen again until someone uploaded it to YouTube.

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