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Walk Your Dog With This ‘Alien’ Face Hugger Leash


When the face hugger latches on, there’s nothing you can do but wait for an unexpected birth. Imagine if you could create the experience every single day of you’re life? First, you need a dog. Go and get one. Cool. Now, head over to eBay and purchase the “Alien Face Hugger dog leash with harness.” It’s expensive, but it’s one-of-a-kind, and ...

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5 Bizarre Things Spotted on Mars


NASA’s Curiosity Rover may be in full swing right now, but it’s definitely not the first space vehicle to transmit pictures of the Red Planet. We’ve rounded up five bizarre things that have been spotted on Mars during past missions, including the mysterious “Crowned Face” above. Continue reading to see more. 5. Rock Structure This particular scene is imaged from ...

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‘Alien’-like gargoyle on 13th century Abbey inspires extraterrestrial speculation


A gargoyle on a 13th century Scottish abbey has become an Internet sensation due to its resemblance to the creature from Alien. Paisley Abbey was originally founded in 1245, and rebuilt in the early 1300s, and the recent “discovery” of an Alien-like gargoyle has inspired considerable media speculation about the sculptor’s extraterrestrial influences. However, following pictures of the Alien-gargoyle appearing ...

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Homemade ‘Alien’ Scrap Metal Motorcycle


This remarkable motorbike looks like it’s straight out of a film set – but remarkably an artist has made it out of spare parts. The Bangkok worker used recycled materials from old cars and bicycles to create a monster machine which is sculpted to look like a beast. Despite being cobbled together from scrap parts, the spectacular motorcycle works – ...

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Secret Space War III: Marduk Lands in Africa ?


Occasionally a good rumor is entertaining as well as distracting from the often negative barrage of daily world news which is usually slanted to indicate the demise of populism which is far from true. This article involves a story which I certainly hope turns out to be just a funny rumor. The problem is that the source for this story has ...

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The most enduring symbol of extraterrestrial life has to be the gray alien. With a vaguely humanoid body and strangely elongated features, grays are just human enough to be unnerving to most individuals and have, for the most part, replaced the idea of little green men from Mars. Some people feel that this depiction of life is ridiculous and might even disprove various close ...

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Prometheus: Alien origins:The skeleton beneath the exoskeleton (4 of 8)


A gigantic ship hovers over a horseshoe-shaped waterfall (the shape echoes the form of another ship earthlings will stumble upon in the future), while a large, powdery-white humanoid stands on the precipice and, ritualistically, drinks from an ornate vessel. He begins to dissolve from the inside, and tumbles into the river below, where his DNA swirls in the currents, giving ...

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Prometheus: Alien origins:The skeleton beneath the exoskeleton (3 of 8)


 “Prometheus” has a talented cast, too — especially Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace, Idris Elba, Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce, Logan Marshall-Green (a dead ringer for a thinner Tom Hardy with the same purdy mouth). And yet, some of the characters aren’t even given a chance to register — especially the two pilots (their one bit of business is they keep making bets with each other) and a disposable geologist and ...

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UFOs and Aliens in Ancient Art


The earliest depictions of aliens and UFOs are those carved on a mountain in Hunan, China. They are said to be dated 47,000 years old, which puts them in the time span of the Neanderthal man, predating Homo-sapiens. These paintings seem to suggest early encounters with unknown beings and, perhaps, visitations from extraterrestrial. The further back you go in time, the ...

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