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Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan’s Thoughts on Alien Abduction


Carl Sagan was captivated by the notion of life beyond Earth. Nevertheless, in this interview conducted shortly before the famous champion of science died in 1996, Sagan says that extraterrestrial intelligence is a “wonderful prospect, but requires the most severe and rigorous standards of evidence.” Sayang doubt that supporters of different so called “an alien abduction”, making headlines in the ...

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The 200,000-Year-Old Human ‘Superbrain’ –”Greater Complexity than a Galaxy”


The image above shows the filaments that make up the large-scale structure of the Universe. Scientists can pin point exactly where the Milky Way is on one of the filaments. Each dot in this image is a galaxy or cluster of galaxies. According to physicist, Roger Penrose, what’s in our head is orders of magnitude more complex than anything one sees in the ...

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The Pale Blue Dot: Is Voyager 1 really out of the solar system?


It’s 36 years since Voyager 1 was dispatched in 1977 on a mission to send back images of Jupiter’s turbulent atmosphere and volcanic eruptions on one of its moons, Io. Then it was due to travel on to Saturn to examine that planet’s intricate system of rings and moons. But after travelling more than 11bn miles, where is Voyager now? ...

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The Sagan Series is a collection of tribute videos dedicated to the late, great Carl Sagan. Breath-taking cinematography and a mesmerising soundtrack lend a powerful scenery to Sagan’s narration from his hit TV series, Cosmos: A Personal Voyage. Source

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