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A UFO burned two Brazilian soldiers in Fort Itaipu, Brazil


Introduction: One of the most common types of injuries caused by UFOs occurred at Fort Itaipu, on the south coast of São Paulo (Praia Grande), Brazil. Whether these two Brazilian soldiers were deliberately attacked or just heat waves radiated from the UFO, it’s hard to tell. But there have been several other innocent bystanders who just happened to be where ...

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Brazil UFO, July 2011- EXPLAIN THIS ONE! MSM Reports, Multiple Witnesses


On the night of July 23 and the morning of July 24, a revolving UFO was spotted above Embu São Paulo, Brazil, according to footage posted on YouTube. According to Projeto Quartzo Azul, a Brazilian UFO website, there were multiple witnesses on the scene—some took photos and others shot videos.  The YouTube video includes footage from four different witnesses. The ...

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