John Podesta Returns to the White House, Will Discover Truth About Aliens

Listen to this Post   Inside the Beltway, the return of John Podesta to the White House is being seen as a smart pivot—a “reshuffle” that adds intellectual heft but doesn’t demote any of the players who’ve taken a beating recently. Podesta, who was Bill Clinton’s chief of staff during impeachment, has spent most of the Bush and Obama years ...

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Night sky as Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies merge

This image represents Earth's night sky in 3.75 billion years. The Andromeda galaxy (left) will fill our field of view then, astronomers say, as it heads toward a collision with our Milky way galaxy. Image Credit: NASA; ESA; Z. Levay and R. van der Marel, STScI; T. Hallas; and A. Mellinger

Listen to this Post Will the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies collide someday? According to astronomers: Yes. For decades, astronomers have been saying that our home galaxy, the Milky Way, is destined someday to collide with the next-nearest spiral galaxy, in the direction of the constellation Andromeda. When they collide, our sun will likely be flung into a new region ...

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10,000-year-old rock paintings depicting aliens and UFOs found in Chhattisgarh


Listen to this Post CHARAMA (Chhattisgarh): Chhattisgarh state department of archaeology and culture plans to seek help from Nasa and Isro for research on 10,000-year-old rock paintings depicting aliens and UFOs in Charama region in Kanker district in tribal Bastar region. According to archaeologist JR Bhagat, these paintings have depicted aliens like those shown in Hollywood and Bollywood flicks. Located ...

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Biologists discover electric bacteria that eat pure electrons


Listen to this Post Some intrepid biologists at the University of Southern California (USC) have discovered bacteria that survives on nothing but electricity — rather than food, they eat and excrete pure electrons. These bacteria yet again prove the almost miraculous tenacity of life — but, from a technology standpoint, they might also prove to be useful in enabling the creation ...

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Where Have the Sunspots Gone? Spotless Sun Reveals ‘Big Quiet’ Event


Listen to this Post For the last few days, telescopes aimed at the sun have detected very few sunspots experiencing an unusual phenomenon dubbed a “Big Quiet”. The event marks the absence of sunspots during what is supposed to be a heightened period of magnetic activity on our sun, which Swinburne University astrophysicist Dr Alan Duffy called a “very weird” ...

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Create your own hi-res 3D model of a stellar outburst


Listen to this Post Using a 3D printer to make key fobs and automatic pistols is old hat. The latest thing is a 3D-printed model stellar nebulae. Using new telescopic observations, NASA has created a 3D model of the Homunculus Nebula that isn’t just a string of mathematical equations, but a printable plan for a physical representation of an exploding star system. ...

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Earth’s Magnetic Field Is Fading & May Be Ready To Flip

Earth's Magnetic Field Is Fading & May Be Ready To Flip

Listen to this Post The Earth’s magnetic field that protects our planet from the Sun’s deadly solar radiation, has spent the past six months, according to data from a European Space Agency (ESA) satellite array called Swarm.  The main weaknesses in the magnetic field – which extends 370,000 miles, or 600,000 kilometers, over the planet’s surface – have sprung up in ...

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Hovering UFO Directs Beam of Light Down Onto Nuclear Missile Silo at Ellsworth AFB:


Listen to this Post Although most people are completely unaware of its existence, the UFO-Nukes Connection is now remarkably well-documented. U.S. Air Force, FBI, and CIA files declassified via the Freedom of Information Act establish a convincing, ongoing pattern of UFO activity at American nuclear weapons sites extending back to December 1948.   Moreover, these mysterious incursions are not ancient ...

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