World’s oldest computer may be older than previously thought


Since its discovery over a century ago, the Antikythera Mechanism has had scholars scratching their heads over how the Greeks managed to build a mechanical computer a hundred years before the birth of Christ and thousands of years before anything similar. But now things have become even stranger as researchers claim that it’s over a hundred years older than previously ...

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Are we ready for contact with extraterrestrial intelligence?


The SETI project scientists are known for tracking possible extraterrestrial signals, but now they are also considering sending messages from Earth telling of our position. A researcher from the University of Cádiz (Spain) questions this idea in view of the results from a survey taken by students, revealing the general level of ignorance about the cosmos and the influence of ...

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Stephen Hawking warns artificial intelligence could end mankind

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Prof Stephen Hawking, one of Britain’s pre-eminent scientists, has said that efforts to create thinking machines pose a threat to our very existence. He told the BBC:”The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.” His warning came in response to a question about a revamp of the technology he uses to communicate, which involves ...

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Will the first aliens we find be ROBOTS?

Dr Susan Schneider from The University of Connecticut says the first intelligent aliens we find might not be biological. Speaking to MailOnline she said advanced aliens might be machines

The hunt for life elsewhere in the universe is now essentially a three-horse race between finding microbes in our solar system, signals from an intelligent race or clear signs of organisms in the atmosphere of an exoplanet. But one expert has claimed that, while the other two ‘horses’ might be important, finding intelligent life would have the most profound impact ...

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10 Traits Aliens Must Have According To Science


If you believe what Hollywood tells us about alien life forms you’ll probably assume they’d be giant, slimy and really, really anti-human. As scientists don’t make a lot of movies, and movie producers aren’t typically awesome at science, this isn’t a very accurate portrayal of the interstellar life that’s at all likely to ever reach Earth. Don’t get me wrong, ...

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The day UFOs stopped play


Sixty years ago a football match ground to a halt when unidentified flying objects were spotted above a stadium in Florence. Did aliens come to earth? If not, what were they? It was 27 October 1954, a typically crisp autumn day in Tuscany. The mighty Fiorentina club was playing against its local rival Pistoiese. Ten-thousand fans were watching in the ...

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Sri Lankan Politician Claims Space Agency Tried To Steal Extraterrestrial Life Evidence


Sri Lankan politician claims that a team of white gentlemen tried to hide the truth that creationism is a blatant lie by trying to steal meteor fragments that prove extraterrestrial life. What makes this claims even more interesting is that the said white gentlemen were allegedly from an international space agency. Sri Lanka-based newspaper Daily Mirror reports that Minister Wimal ...

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Watch the Skies for New Extraterrestrial Poster


Hitting VOD outlets on October 17th and limited theaters on November 21st is Extraterrestrial, the latest from the duo known as the Vicious Brothers (Grave Encounters). In this particular take on an alien invasion, the dudes with the big round heads are most definitely looking to do more than phone home. While we wait for the impending invasion, check out ...

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NASA releases actual recordings from space — and they’re absolutely breathtaking


Earlier this year, Lefse Records released The Space Project, in which acts like Beach House, Spiritualized, The Antlers, and more used actual recordings from the Voyager space probe to create songs and soundscapes. Though a neat gimmick, with some intriguing submissions, the resulting album didn’t necessarily reflect the true sonic aesthetic of our solar system. For that, we turn to NASA, who ...

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