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Moon anomalies, facts that might surprise you…..

by Alien UFO Sightings
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  • The Moon does not have a magnetic field yet the Moon’s rocks are magnetized.
  • The oldest rocks collected from the Moon are far older than any collected on Earth.
  • Science has no idea where the Moon came from and how it was formed.
  • Earth has tons of iron and the Moon has none. They (Earth & Moon) are alleged to have been created at the same time.
  • We never get to see the dark side of the Moon from Earth.
  • The Moon is so perfectly positioned that at a solar eclipse it looks, from Earth, the same size as the Sun.
  • For you math nerds. If you divide the circumference of the Sun by that of the Moon and multiply by 100 you get the circumference of the Earth. Divide the size of the Sun by the size of the Earth and multiply by 100 and you get the size of the Moon.
  • The Moon, Earth and the Sun are encoded with the unit of measurement known as the ‘ megalithic yard ‘. Discovered by Professor Alexander Thom when he made a detailed study of stone circles such as Stonehenge. The standard measurement is equal to 0.829 meters or 2.72 feet.
  • Moon rocks have been found to contain processed metals, including brass and mica,and the elements uranium 236 and neptunium 237 that have never been found to occur naturally. Uranium 236 is a long-lived radioactive nuclear waste and is found in spent nuclear fuel and reprocessed uranium. Neptunium 237 is a radioactive metallic element and a by-product of nuclear reactors and the production of plutonium. How the hell did this stuff get on the Moon?
  • Surface lunar rocks contain titanium, chromium, and circonium, which are all metals with refractory, mechanically-strong and anti-corrosive properties. Refractory metals are resistant to heat and to wear and could stand up to means of aggression.
  • The placement of the Moon dictates the speed of the Earth’s rotation and the angle at which it rotates – 22.5 degrees from vertical. The angle creates the four seasons because of the way that the planet faces the Sun during its annual orbit.
  • The Moon has a major influence on the tides – far more than the Sun. We all should know this by now. And with the Human body consisting of 70% water it definitely has an influence on us. Maybe that explains werewolves and an increase in emergency room visits during the full Moon.
  • The Moon dictates so much of our relationship with time, and the term “month” is really Moonth, a period based on the cycles of the Moon.
  • There are many legends around the world that describe the moon as a “chariot” of gods and goddesses.

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