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Area 51 Experimenting with Interdimensional Beings & Demons

by Alien UFO Sightings
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It has long been rumored that Area 51 secretly houses aliens and alien technology discovered in a UFO crash near Roswell, New Mexico. I however have a different theory. I believe that there are indeed aliens in Area 51, however not the type aliens that you might think of in flying saucers coming to Earth from a distant planet. I am speaking of devious interdimensional beings that the Bible refers to as demons.

Many people don’t realize this but Occult practice has largely to do with the summoning of spirit beings out of the spirit realm and into this realm. In the ancient days of the Greek and Roman Empires in pagan practice these spirits were known as “gods”. Also in the Egyptian culture the same applies.

The Nazi’s actually had a department of government that taught and researched mysticism and the occult. Hitler was known to be very powerful in occult practices. After the war the U.S. went into the cold war with Russia and the race began to gather up all the Nazi German Scientist and the like and offered them freedom in exchange for their knowledge. Is it possible that our nation scooped up some Nazi occultist researchers.

Even in the hippy culture of the late 1960’s early 70’s, the practice of occult became popular among the youth. Such leaders as Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson lead a whole generation of youth culture into occult practices which promised them freedom, but actually released the forces of darkness into their lives. Not only their lives but demonic strongholds have exponentially gripped the American culture since the 1960’s counter-culture revolution. Robert Anton Wislon, proclaimed himself to be a scientist that experimented with “alternate realities”. Wilson was no scientist he was indeed a witch and a sorcerer who conjured up demonic forces and if he experimented with anything it was occult power.

The question is: “Is the American government or the “powers that be” experimenting in Area 51 with demon powers?” I know that this all sounds like strange conspiracy theory nonsense, and indeed it is a theory, but how probable is it? After all the Nazi’s did it and they were able to brainwash an entire nation. One of the main functions of this evil power is to “change reality in accordance with one’s will” as stated by Aleister Crowley himself. Has the Antichrist system that controls the world been keeping everyone is a hypnotized state while behind the scenes they are unfolding plans that are catapulting the entire world into Armageddon. I think it is possible.


Source nucreature.blogspot.co.uk

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