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UFO Interview w/ an Alien Grey Incarnated as a Human by Jeffery Pritchett

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This is an exclusive interview with Judy Carroll author of Human by Day, Zeta by Night: A dramatic account of grays incarnating as humans. Also the author of  The Zeta Message: Connecting all beings in Oneness. I am the author of the questions of this interview and what unfolds is a very fascinatingly, enlightening interview about the true nature of the Greys. Also regarding deception used by governmental agencies who would like for us to believe people are being abducted by evil alien greys when perhaps it is more complex than that. Thus giving the greys a bad wrap in the end. We go into human perceptions of them, as well as their agenda. I hope you will enjoy it and if you have any stories of your own regarding alien contact or UFO sightings I hope you will comment below share this tale.

1. Could you tell us about your first initials experiences with the Grays and how it all began?

My very earliest memory, at around 3 years of age, is of being taken up our street by a tall, thin grandmother-type woman to “board a train”. Many years passed before I came to understand that there was no train station anywhere near our home, and that this was actually a screen image of being taken onto an ET Ship. The Grays will do this at times, to assist our human consciousness to cope with such contact experiences, and we also create these screen images ourselves on deeper levels of our psyche, again to help us cope with something that’s completely outside of our understanding of reality.

I had a huge amount of fear as a child, always that somebody was going to get into the house at night and take me away, and I was terrified of dolls, puppets, birds and eyes. My mom had to black out a picture in one of my storybooks of a cat hiding in a bush with only its eyes showing. During my teens I can recall waking one night in a state of paralysis and seeing the door knob turning. I knew someone was out there trying to come in, and I was absolutely terrified, but the next moment I just blanked out and fell back to sleep. I also had a couple of weird experiences with owls, but as I matured, things began to change.

At age 30 I had an amazing contact experience that was to change my life right around. I was married and living on an acreage property by then, and one Sunday afternoon my husband’s family were over visiting us when I started feeling a bit off-color, like I was coming down with the flu, so I excused myself to go upstairs to lie down for a while. Next thing I found myself totally paralyzed all over, and with a weird roaring/buzzing sound going on inside my head. I was really scared and tried to call out, but couldn’t, then the next thing I became aware of was 2 Gray-type beings standing beside the bed. They were fully present in solid third dimensional reality and their bodies were blocking some of the sunlight coming in through the window. Once I became aware of their presence all my fear evaporated. It was as if I recognized them as “family”, and one in particular was very familiar to me – there was an incredibly deep connection between us, and I knew him as my “Teacher”, with whom I had a very strong rapport. Something was being done to the top of my head, which I now know is the crown chakra point. It was as if it was being opened up, and it was this opening that was allowing the strange sound to enter my head.

A conversation followed between us, during which I was told that we’d be moving from where we were living in the country, back to the city. The message was: “You’ve spent enough time hiding yourself away out here. It’s time you got back to work!” I was then reminded that I am one of them, but this time have chosen to be born into a human “container” (container is the word the Grays use for the physical body, as in reality our body is simply a container for the soul and spirit), It was explained to me that it was now time for me to awaken to a deeper conscious awareness of who and what I am and why I’m here, and I was also told that I still had a lot of study to do on the Earth human level of my psyche to be able to carry out my Gray work effectively and in a way humans could relate to more easily.

I was advised to learn meditation, and it was suggested the best way for me to do this was through Tai Chi. At that point in my life I hardly even knew what Tai Chi was, but this was the advice I was given, and it was very relevant, because I’d been a professional dancer and therefore inclined to be rather physically-oriented, so as I later came to realize, Tai Chi was a perfect bridge to get me into a more spiritually-oriented way of life. I was told also that natural healing was something else I needed to learn, and that someday I’d be teaching these things. This gave me a big shock because I knew very little about such things back then, in the early 1980s.

Over the next 3 years circumstances changed quite dramatically, and we did move back to town, just as the Grays had told me. A series of amazing coincidences then followed, which resulted in opportunities being put in place for me to learn and then eventually teach Tai Chi. I also learned meditation and spiritual healing, which in turn led me into Reiki which I now teach as well. I’ve had a number of quite amazing close encounters since then, and have really come to love and appreciate my “Gray family”.

2. Do you find that you have to go through an evolution of overcoming your fear with meeting with them? How was that process?

Yes – absolutely! And it was quite daunting. I had huge fear as a child, until I allowed myself to begin awakening consciously to my contact experiences. In many instances our fear is a purely physiological reaction which registers in our body and mind when we are brought up against something (the ET presence) that is completely outside of our human mind-set and our Earth-bound and very limited understand and perception of “reality”. It’s a purely instinctive fight or flight reaction that has carried on down from our ancient ancestry when something or somebody very different enters the parameters of the world as we know it.

The ET presence on Earth is all to do with our evolution as a human species, and evolution in the human kingdom is not so much a physical process but rather a spirit/soul and consciousness process. It’s all about pushing humans past our very limited perception of reality, which in turn will enable us to access deeper and more expanded inter-dimensional levels of conscious awareness, as opposed to subconscious and super-conscious. This process also involves more of our DNA being activated. Because it’s an opening up and “awakening” process, it can potentially be extremely daunting and traumatic. As one well-known Contactee was once told when he posed the question to one of the ETs: “What can you offer us?” The answer given was: “A whole new world – if you can take it!”

I go into great detail on this in my book Human by Day, Zeta by Night, which I was requested by the Grays to write in response to the often-expressed complaint made by people taken up on the Ships – that the Grays won’t communicate. Human by Day, Zeta by Night deals with the whole ET/human contact scenario entirely from the Grays’ perspective. It provides a huge amount of information on human evolution and consciousness, the ET “abduction” phenomenon, hybrids, star children, crop circles, implants, God/Source, the universe and the genetic work being carried out by the ETs.

3. Alot of people like to lump the Grays into the category of Evil or out to harvest our souls and they are here for our eggs and hybrids without our permission? What would you like to say to those people about the Grays?

I know a lot of people are going through heaps of anger and fear to do with this. The problem is that there’s a HUGE disinformation campaign being carried out by certain ones down here that I refer to as the Controllers. Again, this is covered in great detail in my book. Many, many seeming “abductions by evil aliens” are actually being staged right here, using very advanced mind control techniques, hypnotic suggestion, drugs and holographic imagery. Genuine experiencers are often targeted and interfered with by this group to cause them maximum confusion and fear, and to make them terrified of the real ETs, who are only here to help us “wake up”.

Yes, the genuine ETs are doing genetic work, which they’ve carried out over generations to assist in upgrading our energy system, which is intrinsically linked in to our DNA. We once asked one of the Grays about DNA – what it actually does, and his answer was: “DNA contains everything – soul essence, karma, spiritual lessons learned and still to be mastered, soul purpose. It is the building block for body, mind and spirit. It records vibrations (energy signatures), soul identity and opens consciousness.

This is what the star children are all about – a new generation of humans with upgraded energy systems who have a more enhanced conscious awareness. Human eggs are also being taken for safe-keeping, just in case we totally blow ourselves up down here. The human species of Earth is too important to be allowed to completely obliterate ourselves, so precautions are being taken just in case.

4. In your book the Zeta Message written with Helene Kaye you use the term containers for our bodies. Could you explain that because that term for us sort of gives me the spooks personally. Aren’t we more than just containers? It makes me think they wanna use our body for their own purposes?

This is a term the ETs use to denote the physical body as opposed to the higher and finer aspects of our being. What many Earth humans don’t seem to understand or can’t get a grasp on is that we’re far, far more than just a physical body of flesh and blood – we’re multi-dimensional beings. This is what’s behind the concept of us being “created in the image of God”. Some people seem to have the idea that God is a physical human being with 2 legs, 2 arms and a head, which to me is very disrespectful and demeaning to God/Source. God is a pure Energy Source way, way beyond the level of gross physical matter. The physical part of the universe in which we live as Earth humans is a very small part of the whole – the universe goes way beyond that, into multi-dimensions. Physical matter actually vibrates at a quite low energy frequency compared to higher dimensional existence. In the greater reality we are pure energy, without physical form, just as God is a pure Energy/Consciousness that permeates and holds together the whole universe.

The ETs visiting Earth, particularly the ones known as Grays, are actually more inter-dimensional than extraterrestrial, and they’ve evolved to higher levels of the universe beyond physical matter. If they need to come down here onto a physical planet like Earth to carry out work, then they make use of a physical body, or container to enable them to do that, just the same as our astronauts don a special space suit to enable them to travel in space. The Grays and other higher ETs aren’t trapped inside their bodies as we tend to be down here. We do of course leave our “container” at night when we go to sleep, which is what many of our dreams are about, and sometimes we may have what’s known as an out-of-body experience, and some people who’ve meditated for a while are able to consciously leave their physical body, but the Grays can do this easily, consciously and at will, so they understand intimately that they are much more than just a physical body and that the body is simply a container for the spirit and soul.

5. Do you feel the Grays are capable of love and why have they been categorized as emotionless and insensitive and experimental by many in Ufology?

The genuine Grays vibrate at a higher energy frequency than do Earth humans. Emotion is energy, so many Earth humans simply cannot perceive Grays’ emotional energy frequency. During my lifelong contact with them I have experienced their deep love on many, many occasions, but they cannot express it physically as their faces simply don’t have the musculature to enable them to do this. They express emotion more through their eyes. The containers they use are not biological in the way our bodies are, and this is why some researchers have put forward the theory that they’re robots, but what needs to be understood is that it’s only the body, the “container”, that is artificial – not the consciousness that is driving it.

6. I also feel the Reptilians get a bad wrap in Ufology and Truther circles and have become the new Jews of society to hate and pick on. Which is scary to me because I know things like that lead to genocide. Any interactions with the Reptilians and have the Grays ever mentioned them? Ive had pleasant experiences with the Reptilians long ago myself.

I’m so happy you say this, because I totally agree. Most of my interaction has been with the Grays, but I feel a great affinity with the Reptilian folk too, who are very protective. I’ve detected a huge amount of racism over the years directed at both groups, and this saddens me. To me it seems that now with the political correctness that applies down here, which is a wonderful thing, and proves to me that humans really are evolving as a species, but certain ones of us still have an intrinsic need to express hatred and fear towards those who are different, either culturally or in appearance, and so now the Grays and Reptilians have become the targets, because showing hatred and intolerance towards them is still culturally acceptable, seeing they’re not from down here.

7. In The Zeta Message it is written as fiction why did you feel the need to do that and also is the story of being reincarnated from aliens that died in a crash aka Roswell right? Do you feel that is a true story in your life?

The Zeta Message is actually non-fiction, and is the true story of my lifelong contacts with the gray Guardians as I call them, and also gives an account of the amazing contact and communication that went on in my co-author Helene’s family home. Helene is mom to 2 children who went through some very full-on experiences starting in the year 2,000 not long after the family was attuned to Reiki. I didn’t know the family back then, but was introduced through a mutual friend (our Reiki teacher), who knew I‘d had a lot of ET contact experiences, so he felt that I could assist the family through their extreme fear, which I was able to do. The then 7-year-old son, Ben, used to fall into strange sort of trance-states in which he’d communicate with an invisible presence in the room, and the most amazing messages used to come out of his mouth. The 12-year-old daughter, Kira, also started being contacted, and she could consciously see a tall Gray Teacher whom she came to know as Oris. This Teacher then went on to pass similar messages on to her as I’d been given, which provided wonderful confirmation for all of us, as I’d never discussed any of this with Kira. Previous to the contact starting up in 2,000, the family wasn’t into anything to do with ETs, UFOs or even New Age-oriented. The only reason why Helene initially learned Reiki was to help her children with their asthma problem, which was helped greatly by it.

I can’t say that it was THE Roswell crash that I died in, because a number of ET Discs have crashed, but I have some recall of such an event happening, and this has left me with problems driving. Funnily enough, Helene too has similar difficulties, and gets panic attacks behind the wheel of a car. Even as a child I was aware of another life going on below the surface of my normal day-to-day human life, and on several occasions I’ve retained very clear recall of being up on the Ship as a Gray, working alongside other Grays. This is what has given me such a clear insight into what they’re about and the whys and wherefores of their contact with people down here.

My other book, Human by Day, Zeta by Night has been marketed as “fiction”, or at least as a “docu-drama” based on The Zeta Message. The reason for this is that it’s very different, having been written from the Grays’ perspective, and it contains some pretty controversial information which some people may find a little confronting as fact. It’s also enabled me to bring a lifetime of varied experiences, understanding and knowledge together in a more coherent and condensed way for ease of reading, and has been a way to convey concepts that otherwise would lose much in the translation from Gray to Earth human reality. In a way it allows readers to step inside the Gray Mind.

8. In Human by Day, Zeta by Night the Grays aka the Zetas seem to be taking an intense interest in our planet. Why is that? What about their planet. What happened to it? Are they here because they destroyed it and are they here to save it through us?

The genuine Grays who are working down here have evolved past the need for physical form on a physical planet. They’re no longer a planetary species as such, but have evolved up through many various planetary cultures and are sort of “caretakers of energy” in the universe. Their job is to provide assistance with our evolution as a human species, and in some cases to push us through a sort of “Dark Night of the Soul” transformational-type experience to assist in the opening up of our awareness to deeper and more expanded levels of consciousness.

In some cases some of them have been through similar planetary problems to those we’re facing down here, and so are benefitting in that they were the ones who assisted in our evolution as humans in the first place, so some human genetic material is being “borrowed” back to help them rebalance their own genetics, but a fair exchange is going on in that they’re helping us to open up on the spiritual/soul level. Also, they are safeguarding Earth human genetics just in case we destroy ourselves as a species.

9. Many contactees like Thomas Reed and Travis Walton I have interviewed said if their human fear was gone during these experiences it would be mostly positive and a walk in the park to quote Thomas. Why do you feel so many people are reporting fearful experiences with the Grays?

It’s really a matter of working your way through the fear. Sometimes highly traumatic fear is the only incentive a human has to dig down deep to “find the God Source within”. To quote the words of one of the Gray Teachers: “It is only when fear and egoism are overcome that real spiritual progress can be made, and the only way to overcome fear and egoism (which is simply a facet of fear) is to face it head-on. A person needs to be pushed out of and beyond their “comfort-zone” if real growth and evolvement on the soul level is to be achieved.” The fear factor is part and parcel of our evolution, but it’s important to try to move past it rather than getting caught up in it. The way to do this is to learn as much as you can to gain deeper understanding, but it’s also very important to be discriminating in what you link into in the way of information, because there’s heaps of very negative and fear-oriented info out there especially meant to disempower you and throw your energy system out of balance. It’s important to be aware that there are many faked “alien abductions” being done to people, which are specifically designed to cause maximum fear.

10. The Grays have become the face of aliens in our world what other types and kinds of beings are involved in our world and is there a group we should be worried about who do not have our best interests at heart?

There are many different groups, including the Grays/Zetas, who are all working together at this time to assist us down here. The only group we need to be wary of is the ones I call the Controllers. They’re human-type beings based right here on Earth, they do have very advanced technology, some of which has been taken from crashed Discs, and they are right into mind control, black magic practices, drugs, lower astral-type energy etc. A lot of the more negative “alien” or seemingly off-planet-type beings that are occasionally seen around the place are actually lower astral entities that this group have brought through into our third dimensional reality specifically to cause fear.

11. You seem to touch on the Earth being colonized in Human by Day Zeta by Night with your chapter about Genesis and Adam and Eve how do you feel about the Ancient Astronaut theory?

Yes, I go along with that entirely. My feeling is that back millennia ago a number of different ET groups were coming and going, trying to claim the planet as their own, some with good intentions and some with not so good intentions. One group who were right into world domination and control got caught up on the physical Earth Plane and haven’t been able to move on. It’s these ones that are referred to as the “fallen angels”, and they’re still here trying to keep everyone disempowered. The last thing they want is another off-world group coming in to try to wake people up, hence all the negative propaganda being put out about “evil Grays and Reptilians”.

12. Many contactees and those interested in the subject including myself are frustrated at our government specially the American goverment about denying alien contact in our world. I also get frustrated with the aliens as well because it seems like its always this puzzle game and I dont understand why their presence isnt shown in a more forceful manner to help us from the oblivion it seems like we are facing right now. Why are they tip toeing around? Will they ever be more of a forceful presense that no one can deny?

What people need to understand here is that there are certain protocols in place. The genuine Grays and other ETs are working in line with Cosmic Law, and they must abide by this, so cannot use force. We are a free will planet, and it’s through the avenue of free will that a human either evolves or not. The choice people need to make is between love and fear – positive and negative, and we create our own reality through the way we think, and no one can interfere with this. We and we alone must make this choice on an individual basis.

Planet Earth is in the process of stepping up or evolving to a higher vibrational frequency. This is a gradual change that has been ongoing for many years and will continue for some time yet. Humanity also needs to evolve to a higher frequency level to remain in harmony with the planet, so people are going through a lot of changes and upheavals as a result of this. Some are making the change easily, some are not. The ETs are here trying to gently assist the process by helping to balance and harmonize the energies of both planet and people, but people still need to make the free will choice between love and fear. Fear is expressed through such things as racism, divisiveness, religious intolerance, and all the lower emotions such as jealousy, greed, ego etc. Love is expressed through oneness and unity, acceptance, non-judgment, tolerance and respect towards others’ belief system, culture etc, empathy and compassion.

The other thing is human evolution is all about opening up to deeper and more expanded states of conscious awareness (higher dimensional frequencies). This is our whole focus at this time. Now sure, if the ETs turn up in full three dimensional reality on the lawn of the White House or wherever, then yes, the question as to whether or not they’re “real” would be answered for most (but not all) people, but it wouldn’t really do much to assist us to open up to higher dimensional frequencies. This is the reason why they don’t “come out in the open”. They’re trying to encourage us to “wake up”. This by the way is also why there’s so much difficulty in communication with the Grays. They operate on higher vibrational frequencies, and their communication is generally telepathic. Human brain waves need to be in at least alpha state to be able to pick up on this level, which is impossible when a person is in a state of fear.

13. How do you feel about Sasquatch aka Bigfoot and I have interviewed people like Kewaunee Lesperatis who has claimed to have contact with both aliens and bigfoot at the same time with a message of consciousness change for humanity? Do the grays speak about sasquatch any?

The Grays haven’t spoken to me personally about sasquatch, but as far as I understand, beings like sasquatch come through from other dimensions, as do the ETs, so it makes sense that they could potentially come through together. How interesting that the sasquatch also bring a message of a consciousness change for humanity, just as the Grays and other higher ETs are doing! We seem to be getting help from all directions. I love the way they all work in oneness!

I’d like to finish off with a message given to us by our Gray Teachers. What they’ve taught us is: To understand the universe in terms of oneness. To understand the universe in terms of energy. To understand ourselves in terms of oneness and energy, thus enabling us to choose love over fear.

Thank you for the great questions, Jeffery, and for giving me the opportunity to speak. If you have any further questions I’m happy to oblige.

Warmest regards,


About the Books

While SETI is busily searching for ET radio signals “out there,” ETs have been with us for millennia, monitoring and mentoring us. But they also live among us, reincarnating as humans and facilitating our development. What paradigm-shattering knowledge can they impart to our limited minds? Who are we? What is our real history? Enter into the two parallel worlds of Ali and Ashka as they discover their real identities and integrate their Earth Human lives as Australian women with their lives as Zetas reincarnated on Earth. As you enter their worlds, you enter the lives of the ETs with all of their humor, foibles and wisdom. Their purpose — to better understand us so they can help us and our Planet evolve spiritually. The purpose of this book? To expand your mind to the vastness of the Universe and the Oneness that is reality. Raise your frequency and start using all your enormous capacity as an evolved Human. Some true stories are so impactful that they just have to be presented as fiction. Human by Day, Zeta by Night is such a story.

The Zeta Message is a powerful non-fiction account of author Judy Carroll’s lifelong contact with the gray extraterrestrials known as “Zeta Reticulans”. Also written by Helene Kaye. It provides a detailed description of an average Australian family who, in the year 2000, suddenly found themselves caught up in full-on and seemingly frightening contact involving flashing lights, black-clad figures appearing in bedrooms in the middle of the night and children waking screaming in terror. Introduced by a mutual friend, Judy assisted this family to open up to deeper levels of understanding and conscious awareness as the fear barrier was gradually broken down to reveal incredible depths of love and wisdom. This book is excitingly different in that, for the first time, answers and explanations are given on the true meaning behind the alien “abduction” scenario, and its implications for the future of Planet Earth and her people.

A companion volume, Human by Day, Zeta by Night, dramatizes the events herein described in a fictional manner, and provides ground-breaking information as well as deeper teaching and knowledge on the UFO and abduction phenomenon.

Judy Carroll was born in Queensland,Australia, in 1952 into a family of Creole, English and Romany (Gypsy) heritage. A participant in ET contact since early childhood, Judy feels strongly that this unique blend of cultures helped her to assimilate ET encounters into her daily life. Judy left high school at 15 to pursue a career as a professional flamenco dancer, following in the footsteps of her grandmother. During a 1983 encounter with ETs, she was instructed to study Reiki. She spent several years as a practitioner before completing the master level, which qualified her to teach. She also teaches Qi Gong and Tai Chi.

Judy’s lifelong encounters with Greys, or Zetas, have given her deep insight into the field of ET/Human contact. At 30 she had a fully conscious daytime encounter in which she recognized the visitors as “family.” In 1995, during an encounter at a sacred site in England, the visitors asked Judy to write two books, one about her contact experience and the other about sharing the Zetas’ perspective of Earth human reality. Human by Day, Zeta by Night is the story of the Greys and their connection to us. In 2000 she “coincidentally” met Helene Kaye, with whom she co-authored The Zeta Message. Judy also wrote Looking Through Eyes of Love and Looking Through Eyes of Wisdom.

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