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The Amazing Alien Artwork of Dennis Larkin

by Alien UFO Sightings
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Here you will find heaping portions of Dennis’ work in dimensional canvas paintings and prints.

Dennis Larkins is responsible for pioneering and refining a bold new approach to artistic expression.  His paintings literally jump off the canvas, his prints seem to pull you into a three-dimensional world.  His work combines clear traces of his varied and eclectic theatrical career, juxtaposed with the pop-surrealism of cultural images, with subjects ranging from edgy to darkly humorous to whimsically cosmic. 

The limitations of photography and the Internet prevent you, gentle surfer, from fully appreciating the topographical qualities of Dennis’ body of work. Fortunately, the power of the images hold up just fine in two-dimensions, so don’t hesitate to browse the pieces presented below and appreciate for yourself the many other levels that each painting presents. 

Or, to put it in Dennis’ own words, “Art is the point of contact between artist and viewer, idea and expression, cause and effect.  The result is a creative experience containing limitless potential for dialog and interpretation.”

How does he do it?” Dennis uses foams, rubber, and plastics to achieve a combination of low- and high-relief sculpture directly applied to the canvas or built up in layers.  Some paintings “pop” more than others, but even the most multi-layered works (“Unfinished Business”, for example) do not exceed five inches in depth.  But, thanks to Dennis’ skill, even a few inches of dimensionality can seem to create the illusion of a fully immersive scene.

For more shocking revelations and intimate details of Dennis’ past, be sure to visit the History page!

The New Normal

The Gentle Nudge of Circumstance

The Amazing Alien Artwork of Dennis Larkin - Alien UFO Sightings

Mind Meld

 Levitating at the Speed of Light


High Noon in Disturbia


The Man Who Awoke


Misguided Missile


Law of Unintended Consequences

Fearborne Pathogens

Escape to Planet Earth

Like There’s No Tomorrow


 A Paler Shade of Grey


Abduction of the Innocent

Hard Sell

Atomic Drive-In

Why They Can’t Go Back

Pretty Poison

Alien Diner

Artist’s Bio

A refugee of the Kansas Bible Belt, Dennis Larkins has lived life on the front lines of radical times, emerging from Grateful Dead artist to a chronicler of skewed and alternative realities. Using evocative retro images as universal archetypes brought into the context of the current era, he creates illusionistic, visceral narratives that seem to draw from other dimensions.

Pioneering and refining a bold new approach to artistic expression, Dennis works in a style forged from both traditional and space age ingredients as he paints sculpted relief on canvas, creating layered works of arresting depth and intense optical punch.

Growing up bathed in the glow of the Atomic Age is bound to scramble any thinking person’s circuits. Dennis has been turning to art to heal his radiation burns from the time America started planting its own mushroom forest out in the Nevada desert a few decades ago.

Ever since passing through the sieve of art school, he has painted against the grain-not as an attention-grabbing statement versus the art world, but simply because his personal vision, informed by such diverse sources as retro sci-fi and pulp symbolism, the mundane parody of everyday life and the humor and mystery of death and destruction, was immune to passing trends or commercial fads.

After four decades of persevering along a formative, solitary and expansive path of painting, practicing the theatrical trades of scenic art, set design and more recently designing for theme parks, he has been enjoying a sculpted-canvas renaissance. And in a great gestalt-millennial moment, he has found himself among the fellow revolutionaries who have come together, quite unintentionally, to form the pop-surrealist underground.

But even subcultures have their trends…and Dennis still paints his own road. He really doesn’t have a choice.

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