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UFO sightings 2013 and aliens: No truth in their existence says Cockell

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We have talked about them for decades, but a study says they are just rumors and nothing to do with reality. UFO sightings and aliens have no truth at all says Prof. Cockell in his 2013 study UFO have always fascinated the man across the world. 

For decades there has been talk of UFO sightings in one area of the world or in the other. In the last few years, the issue has become a hot topic of discussion not just among scientists but among common men also who want this mystery resolved. But the mystery instead of being resolved is becoming all the more complicated, with no conclusive evidence establishing its reality or conclusive proof against the existence of UFO.  

Another thing we really don’t have much information about, despite repeated bouts of rumors is aliens. Aliens too have attracted the same amount of public scrutiny over the years as UFO. Many people perceive that whenever UFOs are seen, these machines are flown by no one else, but aliens. So aliens and UFOs have gone together in the eyes of common people. So with the talk of increased sightings of UFO, there has been natural upsurge in discussion about aliens throughout the world.

But to be true there haven’t been any evidence of UFOs or aliens in the universe. We don’t have any conclusive evidence of a UFO being closely seen by a group of people in any industrial nation. Meanwhile a new study has proved that aliens actually never ever existed in our universe. Charles Cockell in a study says that he has proved beyond doubt that aliens ever existed in the whole universe. Charles Cockell, who is the director of the U.K. Center for Astrobiology at the University of Edinburgh, claimed in a statement that, “The pervasive nature of life on Earth is leading us to make this assumption. On our planet, carbon leaches into most habitat space and provides energy for microorganisms to live. There are only a few vacant habitats that may persist for any length of time on Earth, but we cannot assume that this is the case on other planets.”The astrobiology expert is of the opinion that we shouldn’t believe in aliens life in any form in the whole universe. Cockell said that, although there might be many habitable planets in the universe but that does not justify that they had Earth-like-life. “It is dangerous to assume life is common across the universe. It encourages people to think that not finding signs of life is a ‘failure,’ when in fact it would tell us a lot about the origins of life,” he added. A large number of “extrasolar” planets orbiting stars beyond Sun have been discovered since the 1990’s and with the new and advanced techniques in the recent time, astronomers are able to identify smaller, rocky planets within the “habitable” or “Goldilocks” zones of their parent stars.  

But there are people who are not going to agree with what Prof. Cockell says. “Professor Cockell explains that in coming decades, increasingly powerful telescopes and developments in spectroscopy may allow us to look for the signals of life on planets beyond our solar system,” the Royal Society, the United Kingdom’s national academy of science officials, claimed in a statement. “However, regardless of this, our view is still going to be heavily influenced by our knowledge of life on Earth”, says the Royal Society.  

On the other hand there have been experts who have tried to prove that aliens actually exist in our universe. Prof Chandra Wickramasinghe from the University of Buckingham said in January that algae found inside a meteorite in Sri Lanka confirmed that aliens do exist. “These finds are crushing evidence that human life started outside Earth,” Prof Chandra said.”The algae organisms are similar to ones found in Earth fossils but the rock also has other organisms we have not identified. “We are all aliens – we share a cosmic ancestry. Each time a new planetary system forms, a few surviving microbes find their way into comets. These then multiply and seed other planets,” he added. “These latest finds are just more evidence to point to the overwhelming fact that life on Earth began on other worlds.” To be true, the people who believe in UFOs and aliens will never really believe what Cockell says.


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