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Retired Air Force Colonel Donald Ware has claimed that a three star general revealed that “the new Lockheed-Martin space shuttle (National Space Plane) and the B-2 (stealth bomber) both have electro-gravitic systems on board” and that “this explains why our 21 Northrop B-2s cost about a billion dollars each.” (*)

(*) In reality this Colonel never said that publicly. It is only a claim by the infamous “Dr. Wolf” who said this Colonel told him that privately.

It is also worthy to note that the Selected Acquisition Report (with which United States lawmakers track the cost of major U.S. weapons projects) valued the B-2 program at $45 billion. With 21 aircraft built, that works out at $2.14 billion each, twice the cost as stated above.

After taking off conventionally, the B-2 has the option of switching to anti-gravity mode. It has been said that using its anti-gravitic technology, the B-2 can fly around the world without refueling.

The F-117 stealth fighter also has hybrid propulsion and lift technologies which may be electro-gravitic systems. Utilizing conventional thrust for public take-offs and landings, switching to anti-gravity mode would allow an extended cruising range, lightning fast maneouverability, and for shrouding the airframe in invisibility (by having its local counter-gravity field bend light around the airframe).

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How are anti-gravity systems controlled?

It has been known for sometime now by “Black World” technologists that the key to controlling gravity is Element 115 on the Periodic Table – Ununpentium. The most important attribute of this heavier, stable element is that the gravity A wave is so abundant that it actually extends past the perimeter of the atom. These heavier, stable elements literally have allegedly their own gravity A field around them, in addition to the gravity B field that is native to all matter. By controlling the gravity A wave, you can control gravity. By fuelling an aircraft reactor with ununpentium, you have an aircraft capable of using anti-gravity propulsion.

The cost:

Its unit cost is currently estimated to range between 800 and 1300 million dollars, depending on the sources. The unit cost indicated by the US Air Force is “approximately 1157 million dollars (tax 1998 base).”

However, it is highly inappropriate to discuss the unit cost for the B-2 because of the small number built. It is reasonable to debate on the unit costs of the F-104 (2536 built), of the F-16 (3779 built), for example, but for the B-2 there are only 21 built, and it simply does not make any sense to argue that the B-2 has “something more” to it because of this unit cost. Actually, it has “something less:” the number of B-2 actually built; this implies that the equipment, infrastructures, logistics, training material etc generate unusually high costs per unit. Also very expensive: the maintenance of its radar waves absorbing surface, and all the costs of its updates.

See this as you would consider unit costs comparison between a car produced in large series and a car for which you would produce only 20 units…

The high costs of B-2 is due obviously to certain new characteristics which have necessitated new research in new directions, but these innovations do not relate to magnetohydrodynamics: they are its system of electronic flight control, a necessity due to the aerodynamically odd features of the aircraft whose shape is not conceived for piloting rationale but for avoidance of radar waves, which impacts negatively the aerodynamic requirements. The high costs are also due to R & D for the stealth concept such as the special paints, special jet exhausts etc.

Lastly, the 1200 million dollars B-2 unit cost is not even that shockingly high. Remember that the strategic supersonic bomber B-1 “Lancer” of which the B-2 was supposed to be the successor has a unit cost 2831 million dollars. The XB-70 Walkyrie had reached the billion dollar for each one of its two specimens. Let’s not mention the SR-71, neither the CIA nor the US Air Force never dared to give the least indication about the spendings…

The cost of B-2 is not more exorbitant than that of other planes such as the B-1. It is expensive, but not so much so that that it necessarily implicates that it must benefit of a propulsion method other than that of other planes equally or more expensive and which are jets altogether.


In no case I do not support that a propulsion system acting directly by canceling the force of gravitation could not exist, or would be “forbidden by the laws of physics.” I submit that it is plain silly to imagine that it cannot exist simply because we have not yet carried out yet such aeronautical prowess in the mere 80 years of aeronautic development we have. Also presumptuous and contradicted by the history of human inventions is the idea that our incapacity at one time to reach out a certain goal has anything to do with “laws of physics” which would be established once and for all, immutable and final. The laws of physics are certainly immutable, but we have certainly not a complete knowledge of them, and nobody should be naive enough as to think we have now listed and understood everything there is to understand.

However, just because something is not impossible does not make it an existing achievement; here, the “explanations” provided to a B-2 with antigravity are only copies of same “explanations” given by others in connection with alleged captured UFOs at Area 51. These explanations started essentially with a story by Bob Lazar, who claime to have worked in a secret place on a recovered flying saucer. These explanations did not stand very well a close scrutiny by UFO researchers, and the least which one can say is that the story of Bob Lazar is far from having convinced the researchers who investigated on it.

It is not sufficient to say that element 115 is the secret of antigravitation; it is also not sufficient to say that this is “known since a certain time” by “technicians of the Black world.” Such vague statements hardly have any value. There seems to be no evidence at all, not even eyewitness testimony of the alleged B-2 gravity control.

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