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Are the Nebulae the Most Sublime Art Form in the Universe? (Photos)

by Alien UFO Sightings
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In recent years man has made listening to the far reaches of outer space through technological extension: the Hubble and other telescopes have somehow altered our consciousness, revealing the astral landscapes that humans had only been glimpsed in dreams or mystical visions. Profuse polychromatic fields, diamond light veils, fires reddened, loosely drawn figures with the help of pareidolia or through emerald mirror Hermes: “As above, so below.”
Are the Nebulae the Most Sublime Art Form in the Universe? (Photos)
Many cultures, including some of the brightest, as the Mayan, Greek and Indian-have fabric foundational stories, archetypes and myths in which gods and men somehow reach divinity, steal fire- are printed in the cosmos, they become the stars, constellations and galaxies as if eleveran his spirit to light. Tattooed on astral forms are eternally representing an archetypal story: chasing a woman, hunting an antelope or taking your animal guardian figure. These signs before we could see with the naked eye only, are now augmented by the depth of field that shows the matrices of the stars, the suppliers, which also seem to speak with color, form and light: A arcane language you write in the sky intuit our name, our code, our essence: everything is repeated with subtle variations, all is one, the other and the same.
Are the Nebulae the Most Sublime Art Form in the Universe? (Photos)
Among the images here collect anthropomorphic figures there are many, perhaps projections man makes in his search for meaning: God’s eye, butterfly, heart, crab and even a soccer ball made of dust and glowing gas. However, one might think, following the line of thought that Milton did say, “The God who hung the stars like lamps in the sky” – that these figures are not mere coincidences nebular, but manifestations of universal consciousness and as such , maintain harmony and order: we communicate and what they say are us. Space as a canvas on which emerges, rising from the sea, the spirit.

Are the result of the evolution advances or mind blindly in her heat materializes a role nebulae psychedelic artistic function that allows us to see ourselves reflected in the sky and feel part of the mystery.

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“Eagle Nebula”, also known as “The Pillars of Creation”, previously nominated the most beautiful body in the universe . The most famous pillar is known as “the Fairy”, a kind of angel rising.


“Crab Nebula”, crustacean electric high energy emitting rays in deep space.


“Gabriela Mistral Nebula”, another nebula that evokes a pareidolia, in this case the face of the Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral: madrigal mystery and light.


“The Cat’s Eye Nebula”, the diamond light feline pupil, also evokes the dance of atoms in its emission nuclear energy vortex.


The nebula NGC 6751: another eye cosmic fibrillar jewelry necklace.


“The Helix Nebula”, also known as the “Eye of God”, a majestic blue look where we spy divinity.


“The Soccer Ball Nebula” cosmic game between the gods and men.


“Cone Nebula”, the graceful silhouette of a cosmic being-between puma and angel, whose third eye shines in the center of a pineal gládnula helium.

“Cassiopeia Nebula”

“Thor’s Helmet Nebula” another pareidolia or a mirror of archetypes: the stories of the gods are recorded in the stars.

“The Butterfly Nebula” evokes the lines of Michelangelo in its representation of the connection between God and man.


Nebula NGC 4038

“The Orion Nebula”, one of the most beautiful in our nearby universe, the navel of creation according to Mayan culture.

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