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The World as a Hologram

by Alien UFO Sightings
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The discovery of the Holographic Principle was based upon the physics within blackholes which gave us clues as to how matter could be described as a holograms projected from a 2D informational hologrid. I have included the video below by Dr. Susskind to explain the basic holographic principles in relationship to the natural world. This is a rare opportunity to hear Dr. Susskind explains in laymen terms this very technical subject. Most of the time he is teaching courses in String Theory and Quantum Particle Physics at Stanford University.

One of the most perplexing concepts Dr. Susskind explains in the video above is how matter in a black hole exist in a complementarity relationship. In other words, objects have a dual existence within a black hole by being in a form of holographic information on a 2D plane (hologrid) and simultaneously existing as a hologram inside the black hole at the sametime.


This relationship between matter and the hologrid is antithetical because how does a hologram attain mass. Since, matter is a form of energy (e=mc2), somehow the mass of particles are formed through what the standard model of physics call the Higgs Field. A type of vacuum energy which subatomic particles interact with to soak up the energy within the Higgs field and attain mass.

Science can measure mass but doesn’t understand how it is formed which is why the Hadron collider at CERN is looking for the Higgs Boson. The most common measurement of mass has to do with the weight of an object which is calculated by multiplying mass times its gravitation force. Another is using Newton Second Law which defines its inertia mass when in motion:

“The acceleration of a body is parallel and directly proportional to the net force F and inversely proportional to the mass m, i.e., F = ma.” (Wikipedia.org)

Neither does the work at CERN or the equations above do little to give a deeper understanding of what mass is. Maybe if we take a more holographic approach to its structural properties we could open up a new way of looking at matter in the universe.

(note: In the following explanation I will be using orders of magnitude (general estimates) of calculations used in Nassim Haramein presentation, see video below for actual numbers)

Nassim Haramein uses the Holographic Principle and General Relativity as a way to explain this underlining structure. Part of his thesis is that the universe is a black hole, with all matter reducing down to singularities which he theorizes is the source of all energy in the universe. If this is true, then matter is a hologram being projected from a 2D hologrid. Haramein uses the mechanics of holography where each of its parts contain the image of the whole hologram. He proposes that the proton which is the basic building block of matter contains all the holographic information of the universe. Haramein does this by using the planck length as a yardstick of the density of matter. He calculates the density volume of the proton by dividing it by the planck length which he calculates to be 10 e55 kg, which happens to be the mass of all matter in the universe. (see his paper). In order words, the full potential of all matter in the universe is within a single proton expressed within its quantum density.

Haramein proposes that if we live in a black hole, then all matter in the universe would follow the geometry of the Schwarzchild Radius which is a solution to Einstein General Relativity field equations which defined the effects of gravity on mass and predicted the formation of black holes (singularities).

“The Schwarzchild Radius is the distance from the center of an object such that, if all the mass of the object were compressed within that sphere, the escape speed from the surface would equal the speed of light.”


He graphed the frequency(energy) and the Schwarzschild Radius of objects in the universe based upon mass such as galaxies, stars, protons ect.. and found that these factors were interconnected as seen by the chart below.


When he applied the Holographic Principle to the proton by calculating the amount of planck lengths within its surface area he calculated its quantum density to be 10 e40 kg. Haramein tried different tiling techniques to cover the surface area and concluded that the flower of life tiling was a efficient use of packing the 2D surface and 3D space with these quantum planck lengths. Thus, it appears the 2D Flower of Life symbol is a 3D hologram of the fractal density of the universe.


When you look closely at the Flower of Life tiling you will notice a 3D square. The circle surrounding the square is the classic formation of the eastern mandala where the circle represents the infinite energy of the divine while the square represents the 3D material world. Just as the mandala is a holographic representation of the nature of reality, the Schzwarchild Radius of the Proton is telling this same story.

While Haramein was redefining the classical definition of the source of mass within matter, Dr. Hartmut was able to make similar discoveries how mass is distributed through the universe by using standard physics.

“Global Scaling Theory explains why structures and the processes of nature are fractal and the cause of logarithmic scale-invariance. …The energy of an oscillation is dependent on its amplitude as well as on its frequency (events per time unit)…The higher the frequency, the less the amplitude.” (2008 Global Scaling Research Institute)

In other words, there is a connection to the distribution of mass (protons) within matter which follows a fractal (logarithmic) distribution. Due to E=MC2, mass or energy exist in Dr. Muller theory as oscillating energy on the atomic level even when matter is at rest. These oscillations are logarithmic scale-invariance, meaning, the distribution of mass at the atomic level (protons) to the macro scale (matter) follows a fractal progression based upon its frequency and wavelength.

In the example above, the frequency is based on logarithmic 3 which is three times the previous level, thus level two is 3 and level three is 9. Global Scaling Theory describes the spectrum of Proton-Resonances within the atoms of matter. These oscillations follow a logarithmic scale invariance. In the picture below shows Dr. Muller calculates the distribution of the Proton-Resonances of light (see his paper) In his article, he gave an example by using the 540nm wavelength of light as a calibration point to feed his equations to predict its Global Scaling. In the picture below are colors and gaps above the numbers which describe each groups generic proton-resonance properties. Accordingly to Dr. Muller, these predicted characteristics correctly described the different properties of light based upon their wavelengths and frequency.

Dr. Muller has used this on many other natural phenomenon with similar results, thus mass appears as a type of resonance.

In this theory of mass resonance, a picture begins to appear of a infinite fractal spiral staircase moving from the quantum to the macro world where certain steps of resonance create a series of harmonic standing waves or a type of Higgs Field where matter or energy coalesces just like in the previous example with the Global Scaling of light was based upon mass, wavelength and frequency. Gravity appears to be created through these harmonics within the space-time by holding each mass together through these harmonic-resonance fields. This could explain why the electron is circling the atom or the planets moving around the sun.

Many in the alternative energy field calls this Gravity Resonance such as Dan Davidson. He found that this resonance energy can be generated by what he calls “Shape Power” which frequency and wavelength but can also be seen as the shapes of nature just like the shape of a guitar can amplifying the resonance of vibrating strings.

In the video below by Dan Davidson, when he began working with shape power, he proposed that the vertex of these intersecting structures could be causing a magnetic gravity field. When he constructed a simple shape made out of chopsticks he was able to measure this field and detected a magnetic field at the vertex.
The following are my thoughts on the source of this resonance property, time and additional properties of the fifth dimension and related topics: Psychology (Hologdynamics).:

While Haramein defines the source of the energy/mass through quantum gravity, I am not convinced that our concepts of black holes are the source of energy/mass but are used more as one of many types of channels between the space-time and the fifth dimension (quantum). Black Holes appear to be two way channels (sending and receiving) information through the hologrid creating these resonance higgs fields. Whatever, is beyond the hologrid must contain some type of storage memory system of the cosmos which ultimately forms a type of singularity of information like a universal seed where time emerges from this dimension as pulses of multi-layered informational energy. This seed must be in a constant state of birth through it connection to the source. The hologrid converts these energy pulses of the universal seed into magnetic resonances (holographic information). At the level of space-time, they are grouped into five resonance levels, Ether (space/undefined), Fire (light), Air (gas), Water (liquid) and Earth (sound/resonance).

These higgs type of fields that emanate from black holes within the center of galaxies or any matter with high vacuum density act like intelligent fields of creation spreading out like the roots of a tree. At the earth level, these roots form the bases where each quanta beyond the atomic level in the 3rd dimension configure matter that has a unique resonance/shape that produces a type of self-referential signal. In other words, each hologram has it own exclusive pathway to its hyperdimensional self.

At the fifth dimensional level, these archetypes exists within there full potential like a wave function of a quantum particle. Each hologram only expresses a small part of its full potential.

Within the dynamic chaotic 4th dimension (time) each hologram has its own exclusive holographic magnetic resonance which we call the aura. Because this signal is unique it is self referential which allows us to differentiate from the resonances of the world around us. This allows us to be aware of ourselves or what is termed – qualia (feelings we are aware of). It is through processing the information from our senses on the left side of our brain and the development of language that a more complex awareness appears called consciousness. (see The Tao of Uncertainty from more information).


A pioneer in using David Bohm ideas of holographic principles and consciousness has been Dr. Vernon Woolf who developed a psychotherapy called Holodynamics.

“…views reality as a coherent dynamic, living holographic information system whose structure, for micro (smallness) to macro (bigness) is intimately connected with human consciousness. Consciousness is considered a prime condition of the holodynamic universe.” (Dr. Vernon Woolf)

At the heart of Holodynamics is the concept of our full potential self which exist within the 5th dimension. We are holograms which are “living holographic information systems” which are only reflecting part of our full potential. Every thought, idea and aspect of ourselves comes from this part of our local and collective unconsciousness. Within the fifth dimension all experiences, thoughts, feelings have reached there full potential. Thus, for the holodynamics practitioner every problem or obstacle we encounter in our lives already has reached its solution. It is only a matter of transforming the problem into its solution that already exists within the potential of the holodynes.

Dr. Woolf uses the word holodynes to describe our experiences as “living holographic information systems” that are a fractal network of quantum data stored within our bodies through the cytoskeleton structure of our cells called mictrotubles which are like hollow tubes which hold water. They are about 25 nanometers wide which is 3,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair. This concept was used by Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff theories on the human mind using quantum processing through the use of these microtubles.

Dr. Woolf proposed that not only does this network store our personal holodynes but the history of all our human experiences within our specific DNA set (from your parents) but also our past lives (reincarnation). This data structure emulates how information within a hologram is repeated within its parts. This could explain why people who receive implants start to take on the characteristics of its donors and how others have the abilities to remember there past lives.

Holodynamics teaches techniques in accessing these holodynes and transforming them by using the archetype of the hyperdimensional self. It sounds very new age but thousands of Dr Woolf patients and certified practitioners have successfully treated drug addicts, terminal ill patients and mental illness through this method since 1990′s. During the cold war, Dr. Woolf spent nine years in Russia teaching his therapy which is now are practiced in over 100 Russia cities and established The International Academy of Holodynamics.(See his interview on his website).

These techniques aren’t new to psychology, Carl Jung used a similar technique called Active Imagination which used dreams and holodynes to communicate to what Jung called archetypes of the collective unconscious (5th Dimension).

“”The suggestive influence of the picture reacts on the psychological system of the patient and induces the same effect which he put into the picture. That is the reason for idols, for the magic use of sacred images, of icons. They cast their magic into our system and put us right, provided we put ourselves into them. If you put yourself into the icon, the icon will speak to you. Take a lamaic mandala which has a Buddha in the centre, or a Shiva, and, to the extent that you can put yourself into it, it answers and comes into you. It has a magic effect. You begin by concentrating upon a starting point….”

—Carl Jung

Dr. Woolf concepts are effective but at the same time they can be limiting. For example, the use of the hyperdimensional self need only be a starting point. What lies beyond this point, reminds me of the ending of Stanley Kubrick 2001: A Space Odyssey when Bowman is transformed by the monolith into a star being. Kubrick was sending the message that our potential is far beyond our dreams.

Source thehologrid.wordpress.com

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