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Robots test their own world wide web, dubbed RoboEarth

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For the first time it has been seen that information is shared and learned from each other by a world wide web for robots. It has come to the news that scientist behind RoboEarth would look forward to put it at Eindhoven University through its paces in a mocked up hospital room. According to reports, the system would be able to complete a task that includes serving drinks to patients with the help of four robots.

This project has been funded by the European Union which happens to be a culmination of a four year project. The main aim behind this project is to enable both humans and robots in uploading information to the cloud based database. This would act as the type of machines with common brains. The system of common brains was developed by the Philips and five European universities by research scientists that include Eindhoven.

The RoboEarth project leader, Rene van de Molengraft, mentioned that it happens to be a world wide web for robots at its core and also sharing of information is possible with its database repository and a giant network. According to his speech in the BBC, it has been told that in order to test the system there has been a selection of four robots that would work collaboratively to help the patients.
It has come to the news that there would be an uploading of a map of the room by one robot while the others would find their way around it. There would be robots that would serve drinks to patients. According to the author James Barrat, it is very important to make sure that there are safeguards as he feels the dangers of robots that gain their own intelligence. So, let us see about the future of these robots in the days to come.
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