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Three More UFOs Spotted Outside the Space Station

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One reflection in the International Space Station window caused by a light? Believable. Two reflections? Possible. Three reflections? Those are UFOs. That’s the conclusion arrived at by many looking at a video taken this week from the ISS live camera which shows what appears to be three unidentified objects hovering outside the station.


UFO spotted during recent spacewalk.

The UFOs were spotted by a YouTubeuser named Streetcap1, who has posted a number of similar videos of anomalies seen through the window of the ISS. The video was taken on October 21 and shows two large flat lights and one small round one slowly approaching the station. It doesn’t appear that any residents of the ISS noticed the objects because no one zoomed the camera (or can be seen waving).

These sightings make October a banner month for UFO visitsto the ISS. A glowing orb was seen in the video feed on October 2nd and another appeared in a video of two astronauts on a spacewalk on October 7th. In October 2nd video, the camera cuts away and goes to blue shortly after the appearance of the UFO, a common phenomenon that many believe is NASA’s way of saying “Nothing to see here … move along.”

If you believe aliens operate on a different calendar than we do, you can throw in a sighting on September 15th of a moving white glowing ball and add it to a long list of sightings in about a 30 day period.

Why all of this UFO activity around the ISS in October? Is work there being monitored? Are aliens getting an early start on intergalactic Halloween trick-or-treating? If it’s reflections, why doesn’t NASA do something about them? If it’s space junk, wouldn’t this sudden increase in frequency be cause for concern? As always, more questions from us than answers from NASA.

Source mysteriousuniverse.org

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