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Conspiracy Theorists Are Having a Field Day With Philae

by Alien UFO Sightings
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As is true with almost any spacefaring mission, conspiracy theorists are eager to deconstruct and point out the LIES! our government space agencies are telling us, and of course, the ESA’s recently successful Philae mission is no exception. But I’ve got to say, this conspiracy tale would make a great book.

As The Guardian reported earlier this week, conspiracy theorists have been hard at work trying to discover the “truth” behind Rosetta’s mission, unconvinced it was simply a stupid mission to possibly unlock answers to how life began on Earth. In an email sent to UFOSightingsDaily back in September, an “insider” from the ESA wrote in an email proving that “Comet 67P is NOT a Comet.” No, it’s a spaceship and the Philae lander is our handshake with an alien species. Let me just show you my favorite part:

Some 20 years ago, the NASA space agency began detecting radio bursts from an unknown origin out in space. It would later be known that these bursts had likely come from the direction of the now named comet67P. Once the technology progressed, it was confirmed that not only were these signals coming directly from the comet itself but that the comet had seemed to change trajectory at will, which to any scientist is an obvious impossibility for any rock confined to the physics of space.

It was at this time that the NASA space agency decided to plan out a mission to send a military backed reconnaissance mission to the object in hopes of discovering its true nature. Because of its nature and secrecy, the American space agency made a deal with European government insiders to publicly tout the mission as a search to simply get a close up of one of the millions of comets flying through space. It was the perfect cover and allowed the governments to go about the mission off the ground without the need to hide its launch.

Now, I say this all sounds like a great book because I’m pretty sure this is a thinly-veiled adaptation of Arthur C. Clark’s Rendezvous with Rama (which is a great book that I can’t recommend enough). So, now you know the truth. Convinced? The Guardian

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