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A fish that looks exactly like the creature from alien (Video)

by Alien UFO Sightings
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Meet the Black Dragon Fish (Idiacanthus atlanticus).

As one of the most well known inhabitants of the deep sea, dragonfish became easily recognizable with its protruded jaw and giant, fang-like teeth. It can be found as deep as 5.000 ft (1.500 m) and despite the dreaded look, is not much of a threat to humans. With a size of mere 6 inches (15 cm), it can hardly harm larger animals, but nevertheless, fangtooth is a fierce hunter. It has to be in order to survive, as the environment it inhabits is harsh to say the least, with little or no food.

As a bonus I added a video with creepy fish of the deep 🙂

Black Dragonfish, image credit Peter Shearer






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