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The Atacama desert Alien; What does science say?

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In 2003, in the Atacama desert in the vicinity of an abandoned town called La Noria in Chile, Oscar Muñoz found the remains of what is considered to be the most bizarre humanoid on Earth. The tiny body measures only 15 centimeters and has a number of unique features that have since, puzzled the scientific community.

Muñoz sold the strange creäture to a bar owner who purchased it for 50$.

It is believed to be very old, but the rigorous dating showed that had lived and died somewhere within the last hundred years.

The most striking feature of Ata is, other than the size, the skull. It looks pretty human, but the long and disproportionate features has influenced ufologists and other researchers who have proposed, since its discovery, numbers theories suggesting that this creäture is of extraterrestrial origin.

Scientists rushed with theories trying to give rational explanations for the mysterious creäture. The first theory assumed that due to its size, Ata was a premature human fetus. Some anthropologists said it could also be the body of a young man suffering from an extreme case of progeria. Another theory is that Ata had a severe case of dwarfism.

These issues were set aside after an extensive analysis was carried out by leading scientists from Stanford University. After six months of study of the skeletal remains, they concluded that the Atacama Humanoid remains a profound mystery. But researchers wanted to find out more about this mysterious creäture. In order to test whether this creäture was of human origin, genetic analysis were conducted. Taking DNA samples from the ribs, researchers found put that Ata was “human” after all. According to researchers, mitochondrial DNA revealed that his mother was originally from South America. However, they found none of the genetic markers that indicate dwarfism, progeria, or oxycephaly. In other words, they found no answer to the extremely small size and elongated skull. Regardless of sex, race or size, humans have twelve pairs of ribs while Ata had only ten. Researchers have not found any human skeleton with only ten ribs. The skull vault is proportionally higher than that of normal humans. His bones are well-developed and even has fully developed teeth in the jaw, which eliminates the possibility that Ata is a deformed human fetus.

Researchers that conducted testing unanimously agreed that they could not give definitive answers to the questions posed by this small humanoid being. Adding to the mystery, or better said trying to explaining it,the locals say they have seen strange lights in the sky, UFOs and creatures that fit the description of little Ata. Unconfirmed reports speak of similar humanoids which remain alive and are studied in undisclosed locations.

Even though researchers were able to show a human connection to Ata, that does not rule out the possibility that he is an alien. There is also a discrepancy between the genetic material and appearance. The smallest human being ever recorded and confirmed is Chandra Bahadur Dangi having 54.64 centimeters high, which is still three times higher than Ata.

So many scientific details, yet so little information. Was Ata truly an otherworldly visitor? Is the mysterious shape of the skull evidence of extraterrestrial origin? Mainstream scientists are opposed to the idea of extraterrestrial life, especially existing on Earth, but maybe one day, we will truly understand what creatures like Ata really are, their origin, purpose and meaning. Perhaps, after all, we are not alone on Earth and in the Universe.


Source ewao.com

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