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The pyramids of Giza: memories of a civilization of other worlds

by Alien UFO Sightings
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So many mysterious, symbols handed down and found in every civilization, written, constructions, objects, places, and many others, who left in the minds of our advanced technology and (ourworld) terrestrial civilization, a myriad of mysteries ever resolved or at least uncertain; among these we find the pyramids of Giza emblem of Majesty and refined and advanced building technology.

These monuments, eternal, that conventional the archeology already gives a period between 2500 b.c. to 2800 or unconventional that estimate along with Sphinx between 9000 and 11000 years BC! As you surely know there are conflicting theories as to their construction, on whom did, when he did, and why. Perhaps I should be a more orthodox researcher but want to follow those supporting more my fantasy?

Let’s say so, but I have always believed that they are the result of a non-terrestrial civilization that attempted to live beyond the time had throughout our planet but that didn’t make it to stay and survive on this planet. I would like to understand the reasons for their departure, as well as in Egypt, also in Central America, in South America , in Northern Europe; a because that definitely will not stay hidden for much longer. 

The pyramids of Egypt are among the most mysterious monuments and studied on Earth, with nothing short of incredible features that make our best experts shudder. The North facade is almost perfectly aligned with true North, the East Facade almost perfectly towards the East, South, Southwest and West.

The mean error is just in the order of 3 arc minutes (less than two on the North facade), incredible accuracy for any building of any time. An error of 3 arc minutes is an infinitesimal error less than 0.015 percent, construction experts to present the need for such precision is incomprehensible. Of course, the builders had to have imperative reasons for wanting to get an alignment with the cardinal points thus accurately, and denoting the extreme skill and experience as well as expertise and equipment for such operations.

For example, the sides of the base are almost exactly the same length, revealing error margins of far less than current buildings. The construction of the great pyramid of Cheops or Khufu this is the Greek name of Cheops brings us these data: its northern side measuring 230 m and 25.05 centimeters, that 230 x Western 35.65, the orient 230 x 230 x 39.05, that southern 45.35. This means that there was a difference of just eight inches between the shortest and the longest; an error of 0.1 percent, a trifle, as they had been able to achieve technical standards so high and because they were in charge of such high standard of accuracy. 

In order to work efficiently the builders of the pyramids had to possess steel nerves, agility, strength to work with monoliths weighing between ten and fifteen tons. How many workers are needed? Then, according to the general opinion of Egyptologists two decades and 100,000 workers. We see the working data were placed in hibernation period of crops due to flooding of the Nile and then three months, in addition to the blocks of ten to fifteen tons were the smaller chunks from 2.5 tons in the order of some tens of thousands who had to reach the work area. According to estimates by the pyramid of Cheops counts a total of 2,300,000 blocks. We make the case that the masons worked ten hours a day, 365 days a year, according to mathematics should lay thirty blocks per hour (about a block every two minutes) to finish the pyramid in twenty years.

Whereas the work were limited to three months the problems increased because of blocks if they put four minute! About sixty! We always present the period and the technical possibilities and equipment, as well as the incredible level of coordination that you had to keep between workers and flow from the quarries to ensure the blocks from the quarry to the pyramid.

The Egyptians had a unique method to lift great weights, namely by means of ramps of brick and Earth digradavano upward from ground level up to any desired height and this was enlarged opinion. Via the saliva pyramid ramp length and its width at the base were increased to maintain a constant slope (about one to ten) and prevent collapse.

In all likelihood ramps were placed against pyramid from all sides. To bring an inclined plane to the top of the great pyramid with a slope of 1:10 would have needed a long ramp 1460 meters and over three times more massive the same monument (with an estimated volume of eight million cubic metres, compared to two million six hundred thousand cubic meters of the pyramid).

By any normal means it would have been impossible to drag huge weights up a slope greater than this. With minor measures the ramp would have been more absurd and disproportionate. The problem is that the ramps were not of the same material used for the pyramids as they would have crumbled under their own weight!

But this did not happen because its construction is precise, the apex of the pyramid was located exactly over the center of the base, the slants and angles, each block was at the right place, each being placed on level, perfect symmetry. Applying mathematics of 2pr where the ratio between original height (146.729 meters) and perimeter (921.45) is equal to the ratio between the RADIUS and the circumference of a circle, i.e. 2pr. So if we take the height of the pyramid and multiply for 2pr, we can get an accurate reading of the perimeter of the monument (146, 729x2x3 .14 = 921.45 meters).

Alternatively, if the equation tips start from ground-level circumference, we obtain a reading of the height of the Summit (921.45 divided 2 3.14 = 146.729 divided meters!).

You will agree with me that it is inconceivable a random mathematical correlation so accurately. Other data of importance is the almost exact placement on the 30th parallel, at the latitude of 29° 51 and 58, once again you show topographic and geodetic techniques of the highest level.

The weight of six million tons and an area of 13.1 acres, at one time there was even a mirror-like finish of 22 acres formed according to calculations by one hundred fifteen thousand high-gloss stones each weighing ten tonnes, which originally covered all four facades. Part broke after a violent earthquake, the rest was removed for the construction of Cairo, but were enough at the base to be studied.

The study tells us to 0.2 mm tolerances and cemented joints so precise and carefully aligned, that between a rock and the other was unable to put a very thin bladel! Khufu, Khafre, Menkaure, the three names of the pyramids were tombs? To hear the Orthodox Egyptologists Yes, but again we come up with inconsistencies. The vast burial chamber of Chechen when opened in 1818 was completely bare and desolate, even the polished granite sarcophagus was empty, their gold and remains stolen in previous eras .

More or less the same fate should be touched to the smallest of the three: Menkaure.The first European to explore this monument was Colonel Howard Vyse, who joined the sepulchral Chamber in 1837, here found a basalt sarcophagus empty, a wooden cover, and some bones. The examination of the bones to understand that this was not a man but Menkaure of before the Christian era, which corroborated the hypothesis of purloining but once again presents oddities such as the narrowness of the tunnels and the impracticability of the pit to steal massive treasures ever found or also as the absolute absence of inscriptions, decorations within the immense network of galleries, corridors , passes and hotel rooms; in all these extraordinary monuments had not written a single word of praise for these Pharaohs, where graves had to be the symbol for the Egyptians because of veneration and worship, Holy, no monarch had never had similar treatment.
Because for these three pyramids and these three Pharaohs were done things differently? Or the purpose of the constructions was different? Or had been built long before the fourth dynasty perhaps from a previous civilization?

No hypothesis enjoys the favour of Egyptologists for obvious reasons and would continue to describe the myriad of technical aspects, angles, slants, celestial coordinates, Burrows, celestial reference points, celestial motions, so that another mystery of which maybe I can mention something and their arrangement in the three-star terrestrial map of the belt of Orion, in which they reported with accurate precision relative angles and even some indications of individual magnitudes; extending from North to South, including several buildings of the Giza plateau accurately.

To my suprise, I was reading what Bauval reports in his astronomical calculations “that certain aspects of the great pyramid were astronomically related to monuments of Giza were willing to provide an image of the sky (which change appearance over time due to precession of the equinoxes) not as it appeared under the fourth dynasty 2500 BC, but it had been just as it was around the year 10,450 BC. Another scholar from which I draw information on this thesis and scholar west denoting on buildings such as the Sphinx and the Giza Valley Temple and much further South The Osireion Of Abido.

He argues that these monuments are numerous desert and unmistakable signs of rain (water) action an erosive agent that could only be had during the last glaciation rain, around the 11th Millennium. Such theories were validated by the geologic opening a dispute, and you can fully understand the motivations and technical data to explain what you are reading only shall press a wonderful book called Fingerprints of the Gods by Graham Hancock. There are many beautiful things I’ve read about these magnificent monuments that I can no longer summarize; but that certainly (to me) not built just to bring a death cult to posterity, but certainly higher motives and technologically accurate and indicative of one who knows civilization daughter of the stars.

Source www.mysteryrangers.com

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