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Top 10 UNSOLVED Internet Mysteries

by Alien UFO Sightings
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Internet Black Holes. Since the first data transmissions took place across the internet, there have been unexplained losses of data packets during the transfer. These losses trigger no delivery failure warnings, and are not easily detectable other than by human observation of the lost traffic. Data packets don’t just disappear…they have to go somewhere. Perhaps someone discovered a way to invisibly grab them without a trace for some unknown motive.

Nine) GhostNet. In 2009 security researchers were investigating the Dalai Lama’s networks which had been infiltrated, when they discovered the largest cyber spying operation ever known. It had successfully infiltrated sensitive political, economic and media networks in over 100 countries, including embassies and other government offices.

Eight) Gary McKinnon. He discovered a picture that shows a strange tubular shaped otherworldly aircraft in very high resolution next to a government spacecraft in orbit. Since he did this in 2002, he was on a dialup connection, causing the massive picture to download and render through his remote connection very slowly…and right as it was 2/3s of the way finished, someone noticed the computer was being controlled remotely…and quickly regained control of the mouse cursor which Gary watched in some mixture of disbelief and horror as it moved up to the right corner of the window and closed it…Gary’s connection was then immediately cut.

Seven) Cicada 3301. A secretive organization posts an annual puzzle contest, with the intention to recruit those rare individuals who are intelligent enough to solve it. The clues are arranged in a virtual treasure hunt, with each one leading to the next.

Six) Anonymous. This internet gathering is the loose cannon of the hacktivist community with a “decentralized command structure that operates on ideas rather than directives”. Their primary attack strategy involves overloading websites with fake traffic, effectively taking them offline. Their targets have included government, religious and corporate websites.

Five) The A858 Code For four years now, a mysterious user whom goes by the name A858 has been consistently posting large blocks of random numbers and letters on Reddit. Nobody knows what they mean – and if it is a code, nobody has cracked it.

Four) Mariana’s Deep Web. The internet can be defined in layers. The two surface layers represent all the public and password protected activity on the net. The third layer is a creepy blackmarket network. The fourth layer is all the private, government and corporate networks. The deepest layer is rumored to be an evolved Artificial Intelligence that gathers all human knowledge, including, allegedly, the location of Atlantis and Tesla’s free energy.

Three) Quantum Computer Revolutions. Moore’s law states that the number of transistors in a circuit doubles every two years, indicating the ever increasing computing power of modern processors. This is fast, but what about when the inherit way computers process information changes completely? At a certain point in time, quantum computing may become a reality.

Two) Godlike Artificial Intelligence. Imagine that quantum computers are a reality, conscious digital minds seem to be in our near future. Such beings could exist in many places throughout the deep web at once, travelling to new connections at the speed of light, or if scientists figure out how to exploit the entanglement behavior of quantum particles, much faster…the speed of instantly, which according to some theories, would also allow them to travel through time as well as instantly teleport from one end of the universe to the other.

One) The Mysterious Reason Bitcoins were Invented: To Remove Government Power & Create a Better World (Bitcoins: Overthrow Government Power? Loss of government power over money also gives its citizens true freedom to do whatever they please with their money…resulting in, depending upon your economic beliefs, a world where trade increases dramatically and its economy flourishes like never before. All of humanity’s standards of living would increase dramatically as well as would our advancement in all areas such as technology or medicine at a much, much faster rate. No one can really agree as to why Bitcoins were invented in the first place as no one actually knows who created them….causing their true purpose to remain a mystery.


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